Well Thrashed – MOONGLOW

9 Sep

M/2f; time: 35 minutes

A flashback storyline, a MOONGLOW staple, which gives the producer a chance to mix short vignettes together and does not challenge the scriptwriting department. The film opens with a jolt, a bare bottom is bent-over full screen and there is the sound of a caning in progress, although no action on the screen.

In the first ‘interview,’ brunette actress ‘Karen.’ or ‘Jenny Close,’ converses with a faceless male, discusses her secret interest in being spanked in school and how the masters loved doing it. This takes us to our first reminiscence: Karen and actress Alison Payne sit up in their twin beds reading, wearing light pajamas. A  faceless male enters their room–they have been caught smoking.  To Karen: “I’ll do you first…get out of bed.”

He takes Karen OTK, flicks up her shorty top, bunches her red panties and give a mild handspanking. Alison watches, half turning away, because she is next. Using a small sole from his pocket, the spanking brings Karen  to a uniform pink.

Alison next, in sky-blue shorty pajamas. Steady handspanking; when he pulls her panties down, she raises her hips to assist. The camera holds full-screen, for us, one of the best bottoms in the trade, as we have said. In this film, Alison is as young and thin, almost guant (except for the above) as we’ve seen her. She becomes far more provocative later in her career.

In more of the interview: “Did they use the cane as well?” A scene is created where the girls are caught  returning from the club. “You’re going to be caned in your fancy disco outfits.” Each girl takes 12 legitimate shots across her skirt.

Interview–Karen describes a job she took as a French maid. We guess her employer had the fetish and couldn’t resist a crack at that bottom. “You’re a disgrace. Bend over.” Alison is also spanked in such a uniform, over a stool, lacy panties, the martinet, knickers down, full-screen hold again.

And in the final reminiscence, Karen’s boyfriend has her dressed in a leather harness outfit, othewise naked. Straps at the waist, thighs, through the crotch, hooks and eyes, a leather bib covers her crotch, high heels. “Your bottom’s bare?” Yes. She is caned and fondled over a stool.

A flashback for Alison–a brief bare bottom caning in the punishment room for cheating.

Alison joins the interview. The male spanker seeks to recreate “days at college,” and so will spank both girls. Alison bends over the back of a chair, filling out her fashionable white knit pants for a colorful caning on the cloth; Jenny next–low shots on her thighs will be masked by the jeans. Jenny takes some on the bare, and, thank you, Alison shimmies down her tight slacks for a half dozen on the bare. Both girls display themselves for the pervert-interviewer.

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