Curse of Sir Frederick – LUPUS RIGID EAST

10 Sep

2MF/3f;  time: 32 minutes

Screen script informs us the setting is Colonial India in 1852. Lord Frederick’s palatial hill station mansion. An Edwardian dandy smokes and drinks from cut glass. A male servant delivers to him a cane with an ornate handle, carried in a velvet-lined box, as one would imagine dueling pistols to be displayed.

Lord Frederick practices swooshing strokes in preparatrion for someone, surely a guile-less member of his household. The male servant soon delivers a servant girl, shrinking in terror. She begs; he scolds; a whipping bench is positioned; she strips naked; the male attendant slowly fastens her to the bench. The caning is fierce, 25 strokes to start–we saw no breaks, then fully 15 more. Frederick has become demonically possessed. The servant must stop him before he cuts the girl in two. The cane is cursed and inhabits its user. Frederick seems to collapse and die.

We move to “Prague, 1928”: the cursed cane. Army offiicer Vilejs has it now; when he handles it, the ghost of Lord Frederick appears. We can accept this corny theater because we’re assured another bare bottom will be along any minute. In fact, Vilejs jumps his clumsy maid, who has soon lost her pantaloons and is draped over the arm of a wing chair. 40 impressive strokes–she manages to run off, the ghost possesses  Vilejs.
To the present: ‘St. August’s Boarding School, Prague’: the actress Alexandra Wolf plays a headmistress, she is possessed by the cane spell; two lovely schoolgirls quiver in terror. She will deal with the thin blonde first, skirt up, red knickers down, 20 wild strokes. The girl wiggles her bottom hysterically as Ms. Wolf canes with abandon, visions of Frederick. And 2o more, wild high and low.

The second girl is in process of cutting her wrists over a boyfriend when Wolf intercepts her. When she gets the cane ready for this young lady, the cane vaporizes.

We don’t suggest you don’t try to decipher this plot, just enjoy the spankings and Lupus’ attempt at a costume drama.

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