Debra’s Comeuppance – NU WEST NWV-327

10 Sep

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Humiliating office spankings, a format NuWest worked in a number of ways. Fantasy fulfillment, to be sure. ‘Debra,’  a NUWEST tall blond actress with very much the proper credentials, is called into the office by her boss, played by another male in the NW cast, not Ed Lee. Even though Debra’s the sophisticated CFO of the company, “I know about your boyfriend….what your priorities are.”

He is going to maneuver her; she has been reporteed by another female employee, ‘Tasha,’ who is in the room watching this degradation. The boss wants a confession from Debra, or a resignation, but “Will you submit to a spanking or is this to be your last day?” Debra struggles with this choice and the embarrassment of Tasha as snitch and witness. Both Debra and the boss take off their jackets; her body is difficult to disguise.

We have edited this post when we discovered this film’s prequel, “Tasha’s Bad Day,” where Tasha certainly looks to us to be the actress Niki Flynn, this film most likely made before she became a luminary in the CP world. Niki is the featured bottom in that film.

She goes over the boss’ lap in a dramatic surrender. Hard, loud handspanking on her skirt. Skirt up, black panties; she struggles when the boss drags them down. She squawks and begs, not such an executive now, reduced to survival. She is cornered, skirt up, bottom on display for the young secretary. Since she still won’t talk, the paddle comes out of the desk.

In a tussle, she goes over the desk, a thick black pubic fuzz showing; the boss will give Tasha a go at her bottom. The boss holds her still. Tasha does better than we expected, getting an “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry” out of Debra.

After some paddling OTK, the boss produces some documents implicating Debra in embezzlement and conspiracy, criminal acts which open up all the horizon the boss needs. He gets out a cane and lays on 24 solid strokes, hitting about as hard as the thin rattan could probably tolerate. The usual camera angles NW uses; very nice.

The capper: Debra will report to the boss every Friday afternoon at 5 PM.

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