Whipping At Table Mountain – NU WEST

10 Sep

M/3f; time: 26 minutes

The same format used in several films; Ed Lee strips, strings up, and whips girls on a wind-swept, fenced-in, gravel work site, complete with construction trailer. Their offenses we don’t learn, but no one argues with the Master.

The first girl is marched in and strips quickly. Lee reminds her to keep her shoes on (a good idea on this broken rock). “I’m going to whip your ass, not your feet…..this time.” When she is naked, he manacles her wrists, fastens them to a chain, then winches her into a tip-toe stretch on a gibbet-like I-beam apparatus. He flogs her with a soft cat-o-nine tails, leaving marks from thighs to shoulders. She spins around to avoid the whip, providing 360 degree  glimpses. Her whimpers disappear in the wind. An 8 minute segment.

The second girl, a hefty redhead, strips like a professional, presents big breasts and a full thatch. She jumps at the whip, as if surprised by it. Ed: “I love these fair-skinned wenches.” He leaves her bottom alone for this session (should we assume he has another film coming with her?). “I’m going to whip your tits and ass next time.” Genteel and always entertaining, Mr. Lee. We know he is capable of  that. He needs to take a breather during this session. 9 minutes

The last girl, a brunette, has a sad face, which is not going to be improved by  being whipped on Table Mountain. She is stripped and fastened like the others. Not a sound out of her. The winching-up we like. Ed attacks her bottom first thing. “We’re going to whip the little brat with the Navy cat.” 9 minutes

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