Girls Boarding School #4

11 Sep

More wonderful episodes from  this erotic website:

‘Keagen’s Punishment Day’ (M/f; 15 minutes): The least imaginative we have seen so far; the American actress may have set limitations. Keagen lies lengthwise on  a chair-bench, in red polka dot shorts and a T-top. “Keagen, punishment day again, the last day of the month.” A master will strap her and work her shorts down while she reads aloud her list of offenses, one of which is to trick new girls into thinkingt these punishment days are “optional.”

We have here a vehicle for GBS to spank each of its girls on their designated day. There is no problem at this place finding offenses committed.

‘A Matter of Taste’ (M/f’; 18 minutes): One of the longest we have found. A master naps and has a beer poolside in a domestic setting. When he uses a phone inside, Lisa, a rail-skinny, lithe little brunette, sneaks over and drinks half of his beer.

He discovers it, tracks her down, rejects her denials, smells her breath, and we’re set for another spanking, well into the film. Lisa wears a cut-off shirt which never rides up quite far enough, and little demin short-shorts. She must take the shorts off and shows us pink panties.

Sent inside to a familiar fireplace, panties off, OTK, hard smacks on her small perfect buttocks at the top of long legs. Varied angles on this spanking. She is mantelpiec’d to wait, then a short stiff strap which really bites. Cornered for closeup, conclusion.

My First Day‘ (M/f; 13 minutes): ‘Christine,’ later called ‘Kailee’ in a long CP career, a tall, exotically pretty brunette, narrates this episode, in her school jumper, in front of the fireplace. She got spanked three times on her first day. In the first session, she is over the master’s knee, skirt up, tight white panties covering one of those bottoms born for this work. She has violated rule #1, punctuality. When she feels the master’s fingers in the elastic band of her panties, “What are you doing?”

After more narration, the second spanking–a big leather paddle, she is mantelpiec’d, panties down. The leather paddle cracks loudly on this memorable target. She must rattle off a little apology after each stroke.

She describes the cane as “the worst thing ever,” all this on Day #1. The master lays on 15 strokes. Christine bends over, hands locked behind her knees, a painful and vulnerable pose. Hands-on-head, cornered, closeups, intimate parts.

In a concluding narration, she admits she couldn’t sit down for three days.

New Resident Lisa Part 2‘ (M/f; 8 minutes): ‘Lisa’ stuns with her blue-eyed, brunette pigtailed beauty and innocence. How did she get to GBS? She crouches fully dressed in the corner of a bare room, awaiting punishment from the master. The master arrives, shows her his strap, knows she was involved with ‘Gina.’ “Too late for sorry’s now.”

He escorts her out the door and has her bend over a railing in the hall, a great posture which will frame her bottom in the doorway and provide angles from downstairs up to her face. The master wants her cries heard downstairs to other students, and she obliges, squealing at the first belt shot on her jeans. She follows orders and drops her jeans and panties. Facials from below  also catch a bit of fuzz between her legs.

The master shifts to a much larger floppy leather strap, one of the largest we have seen and which covers most of both cheeks. These whacks bring tears. To the corner, hands-on-head, “for the next few hours.”

New Resident Dana‘ (M/f; 19 minutes): Another long segment; Dana runs around the grounds of the school, trying to escape, and hooks up with a friend. Both lovely girls are coffee-colored mulattos. The master watches these machinations and corrals them when they can’t open the big iron front gate to the drive.

Back to the house, for everybody-knows-what. He takes the very tall Dana OTK, still fully clothed. The second girl watches. Dana drops her pants to display a little red thong. Her companion is ordered to remove her own pants and panties and stand facing the wall.

After this first handspanking session, the master gets his cane. Dana takes about a dozen strokes, hands-on-couch, then a dozen more, touching toes. She is so tall, the latter position puts her bottom waist-high for the master. To the wall, rubbing, consoling, and surely sequels.

New Resident Natascha‘ (M/f; 5 minutes): A demure dark blonde in gray pinafore school uniform, seems to hide behind a language barrier and won’t speak. The master has her file–19 years old, referred here for “major crimes,” and “Oh my God, Russian.”

He calls in another girl, ‘Dana,’ who demonstrates dog-like obedience reponses to his commands, so Natascha can see how it’s done. We’ll see her knickers elsewhere in the GBS film library.

‘New Resident Paulina’ (M/f; 15 minutes): Much of this longer episode is devoted to talk. Newbie Paulina (model ‘Pandora Blake’ at the beginning of her still ongoing CP career) has run up a big cell phone bill calling a boy in Australia, giving the master the excuse he needs. Tall, redheaded Paulina ran up  a $1438 bill and sweetly retrieves all she has, $150.  “You want to pay with your bare bottom?”

She clears furniture. “Trousers down, panties down!” The master wonders “how many strokes” this bill is worth. One look at  Paulina, we wanted to shout ‘one-for-one.’ She bends naked, rare perfect gluteal dimples, 12 strokes. Viva pale Irish skin! 6 with a second cane. She keeps her hair off her face for us.

Then an erotic twist we love, she must call her boyfriend, who listens to her squealing under more cane strokes that she won’t  be calling any more. Another naughty posture to conclude, kneeling on a low armchair, bent far over, head to the floor, bottom highest. 2 more crackers.

‘New Resident Taylor’ (M/f; 23 minutes): The longest and most interesting film we have selected; the master calls his friend ‘Luigi’ for a pizza, but it is delivered late, cold, and with the wrong toppings. The sullen but sultry delivery  girl, whose tight jeans are made obvious to us, returns with a replacement, is observed spitting into it, and will be dealt with.

The master calls Luigi and gets the clearance he needs. He grabs her OTK. “What are you doing?” After a brief an ineffective attempt to escape: “Get off your trousers.”  Taylor works off the tight jeans, taking a bit of time. She struggles through more OTK.

Hands-on-chair, irrelevant thong down, a lovely little white un-sunburned triangle at the top of of her cheeks and thin white strips next to her mohawk show that she sunbathes in next to nothing at all. 4 with the cane here, then 4 more hands-on-knees, then 5 touching toes and hands locked behind knees. GBS uses more camera angles here than usual–facial, obliques, rear, ceiling. Lovely, her bottom a combination of spanking and sunburn.

Her aprez-punishment posture is one of the more harsh–she kneels on a bench and must bend her head to nearly touch the floor and hold.

“Not Mine’ (M/f): Brunette Beverly knocks on the master’s door. To enter, you have to be naked from the waist down, so she quickly peels off her slacks and thong. She shows the master a vibrator she claims to have found in Abi’s bag.

Abi, another tall and stunning bunette, is summoned; Beverly listens to her being spanked, despite her protestations of innocence.

Abi challenges Beverly, who admits it was a trick; the girls go to the master, pants off again in the hall first, a nice little requirement. So Beverly will now get a spanking, and Abi persuades that she be allowed to do it. Over a table, 20 with a huge floppy leather paddle, on her jeans.

Beverly must apologize and ask permission to bare her bottom for the final 5. Face to the wall, she must stand hands-on-head for THREE HOURS. If she moves, the paddling is repeated.

‘No More Warnings’ (M/f; 5 minutes): a familiar brunette has misbehaved for the final time and is dragged to the barren basement room, stumbling down the stairs with him, her pants already off. In a dusty corner, she takes up the ‘frisk’ position against the wall, the most extreme, her legs spread and her back at a 90 degree angle, for ringing shots from the wooden holed paddle. Her bottom, already marked, shows more misery after this.

‘No Permission’ (2M/2f; 9 minutes): Two girls dance to loud music in the lounge, during school hours. They claim to a master that they have permission from the headmaster. When he appears–game over, both girls will be caned.

Brunette Lisa and a redhead are bent over ends of a table, holding hands in the middle. The master walks from end to end, caning Lisa on her jeans and the redhead on her little skirt. Not a lot of action in this one; both bare bottoms are displayed at the conclusion, with faint marks.

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