Debra’s Humiliation – NU WEST NWV-286

12 Sep

F/f; time: 26 minutes

For new readers, we’d like to summarize our amateur observations on this prolific, enterprising, and trailblazing producer of CP films. Production values always lagged the competition (except for the Russians) and the acting has been inconsistent.  But, oh, the girls, the inventive ideas, the development of every little naughty thought you ever conjured!

Some of the films are about making the films. ‘Debra,’ one of NW’s dynamic, showgirl types, has earned a ‘humiliation’ session in the NuWest studios, at the hands of ‘Karen,’ in a presentation which rolls out many of NuWest’s methods. If founder Ed Lee fashions a plot on humiliation, we have a wild ride ahead. Debra is marched through the studio to the filming room. Karen is already naked from the waist down. NW is well aware of how erotic it is for the camera to follow a beautiful naked bottom when the model wears heels.

The scene opens in the blue studio. Debra, another statuesque model, short blond hair, is bening spanked OTK, hard, in just a silk slip and heels. “I’m going to warm your ass good tonight.” NW’s models rarely exhibit ladylike vocabulary–we are in Southern California. Up with the slip, no panties, the lacy tops of her stockings frame her hard bottom.

“I want you to go and get the hairbursh, now!” OTK for a long-handled hairbrush which may be the tool Lee told us was rare and cherished in the spanking community. This segment FADES as the girls embrace.

Next scene, Debra is naked, fastened onto an inverted-V frame, bottom-high and centered on the apex, straps at her knees, back, and wrists. Karen shows us everything she’s got as she circles with a whip. Camera views from overhead, facial, rear, and up between Debra’s legs.

Next scene, Debra is strapped down on her back on a low table. Karen squats naked over her face and Debra does the work. Shots from front and rear, Debra’s mouth hard at work.

Another scene: Debra, naked, strung up and fastened to a spreader bar. Karen, naked but for a leather BDSM harness, circles and works on Debra with a martinet.

The last scene: the most explicit–Karen menaces, wearing a strap-on dildo. Debra is fastened to a T-shaped platform, her bottom just in the right spot for Karen, legs fastened wide, her body pulled over and her wrists fastened low. A pad holds her pelvis stationary. Karen enters from the rear–closeups verify there is no fakery here. It takes the girls a moment to get it going. The rogering is vigorous, in fact humorous too, because the frame squeaks and takes on a bedsprings rhythm as both girls get the hang of the thing and increase the intensity.

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