Real Tears – CALSTAR

12 Sep

M/2f; time: 51 minutes

Another familiar schoolgirl story, played out in a classroom set CALSTAR  doesn’t take too many pains to vary. Here we find memorable action and an unusual amount of entertaining ad lib dialogue. A familiar pony-tailed male actor plays ‘Mr. Hodges,’ a teacher to whom girls are being sent to be punished. One can conjure the sound of their little knuckles rapping hesitantly on his door.

Mrs. Gray has sent a cute curly haired brunette to Hodges. She has stolen a bicycle and doesn’t seem too remorseful. She knows what his assignment is but does not want to be spanked. “I don’t want you to touch my bottom, please, sir.” Silly girl.

No matter, Hodges re-arranges desks, takes her OTK, and starts a preliminary smacking. Sniffles. “What? Tears already? I haven’t even started.” “No more, sir.” Hodges happily says: “You know what hurts the most? The humiliation!” He lifts her skirt and shares our surprise–her cheeks are bare. He is shocked at a skimpy red thong. “Take them off.” He gives her a pair of regulation knickers he has on hand. Doesn’t every teacher’s bottom desk drawer have knickers in it?

“Back over,” he orders. Pants down (“That’s better!”), hard breathing, more sniffles. she kicks her heels. Good facials, over-the -shoulder perspective. “It hurts so much, sir.” “No pain, no gain,” he intones. She is released, but Hodges collects his knickers back. This was a light sentence and just a 15 minute film segment.

The next candidate for Hodges is “Lee,” a charming, light-haired, pigtailed, thin, sweetly disheveled, very schoolgirl-like waif. She is late reporting to him, and after we see what will happen to her, we can see why she was in no hurry. The actress laughs at her lines and keeps seeking reassurance from the director.

OTK on a stool, skirt up, she squawks sweetly. Hodges makes Lee stand and strip. “I don’t think that is quite corporal punishment, sir.” Blouse and skirt off, Lee doesn’t need a bra. Just regulation knickers remain which she pulls up tight and high over her stomach in a reflexive juvenile gesture to reduce her embarrassment. Cute, and she is wearing them backwards.

OTK again, Hodges takes the knickers down to her thighs. She has begun crying a bit now. As she wiggles her bottom on his lap, he gradually turns her cheeks a uniform red and pulls the knickers to her ankles. In cunning Scottish: “I’ve heard you are harder than Mr. Davis.” Lee manages to call him “pervert” a few times. “I think you are enjoying this.” On his lap, maybe she can tell whether he is harder than Mr. Davis. But she cries and begs. “I’m going to get you back for this.”

When Lee says she is going to tell her mother, Hodges recalls her naughty mum from when he was in school and suggests she come around for a spanking too.

After this brief spanking, Lee is allowed to stand and she quickly restores her knickers. She must bend over a high stool, and can’t resist a laugh and giggle. Pants down yet again. Hodges uses a very heavy leather tawse, which he suggests a Scottiah girl should be familiar with. Lee yelps and runs off-screen but slinks back for more. She can’t hold position and doubles-up in pain after each crack, providing ample full frontal presentation. Hodges makes her stand “at attention,” quivering, hands at sides, facing us for a full show, while he gets the cane.

Lee will bend “right over,” hands -on-knees, naked but for bobby socks and shoes. There are 12 solid snappy cane strokes. Lee jumps around the room after each, sometimes off-screen, crying, fussing, covering herself, twisting to avoid the swooshing cane, fully displaying her youthful assets. “The more you jump around the longer it is going to take.” Tear-streaked facials. She collapses on her haunches on the floor, sweetly naked, no longer concerned with modesty. There are dialogue exchanges we can’t hear, and some laughter mixed with tears. She acts very much like we behave when we hit our thumb with a hammer. The hands-on-knees posture facilitated all this excitement.

“I want to go home. I’m never coming back to this school!” She is released and hurriedly dresses. On of the better acting jobs on what the cane must really feel like. An actress worth seeking it. Very high marks from us.

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