The Finishing School – MISS MARCHMONT

12 Sep

M/f; time: 32 minutes

A common title, because it delivers the perfect vehicle for CP. A familiar male character, who generally whips up a storm, and dressed in academic robes, has a pretty young lady (‘Claire’) standing in front of him. She must already be in trouble, because she wears only a blouse and white knickers. When he steps away for a phone call, she steals some candy from his coat pocket hanging on the door.

When he returns, he sees she is eating something. Down with the panties. There exists an interesting rule in this school–when your pants are down, your hands must be behind your back. It was Claire’s guardian on the phone; she is sent to speak to them in the next room, but must keep her bottom bare. Very humiliating and quite preparatory, both strengths at Miss Marchmont.

The don makes Claire bend over a wing chair, panties perfect at her thighs. Conventional spanking, except this nasty guy pries her buttocks apart so her can smack in the valley. Over a table for the strap, all conventional.

The cane comes next. “This will be your second caning this week.” About 15 moderate strokes; she jerks at his feints and wooshes. She is sent off.

Later in the evening, at bedtime, there is another call with the guardian. While Claire is on the line with them, no pants on, the don has his hands between her legs and is positively frigging her. She has to keep her composure.

She is sent into his study to bend over and wait while he concludes the call. Apparently the guardian has asked that she be strapped and caned. He caresses her already thoroughly marked bottom, his middle finger striking home a few times. About 15 concluding cane strokes, then nose to the wall, but first one more frig.

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