Tiffany Gets A Spanking – PACIFIC FORCE

12 Sep


We’ve never been especially entertained by PF products. ‘Miss Jacqueline’ is making a cake when her sister Tiffany ambles in, late and lazy. Tiffany is living off Jacqueline. They argue. “Your trust fund is not going to last forever, you know.”  Huffy Tiffany stubs out a cigarette in J’s cake, earning herself a spanking, something big sister J. has the power to do.

After a short OTK, Tiffany stands and strips down. She is rail-thin, but with a heavy-duty bra at work and a round eye-catching bottom. Jacqueline: “You have no respect for me.” Slow uneventful spanking on beige panties, then on the bare. Good wiggling.

“A quick spanking for a bratty little girl is enough for now.” Tiffany on her haunches on the floor for more scolding and to hear: “Tomorrow night, 10 PM, in your bedroom, for a discipline session, in position, in your spanking outfit, ” like their mom used to do it.

FADE to the bedroom scene: Tiffany kneels on the bed in bra and flowered panties, waiting. We won’t quibble that her bottom is still red from the earlier scene. Jacqueline enters carrying a doubled leather strap. Panties down to the top of her thighs. She lies on the bed, bottom elevated by pillows. Jacqueline is cornered at the conclusion; the director should have kept her pants down.


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