Her First Caning – CALSTAR

27 Sep

F/f; time: 24 minutes

The much used CalStar studio–the white sectional, guitar trophy on the wall, obsolete electronic equipment stacked in the corner, pretty much the scene from the mid-1990’s. Two lesbian girls are preparing to go out for the evening. A Nordic-looking blonde, actress ‘Kate,’ wears only a black bra and black lace boy shorts. She picks through her partner’s clothes, trying to persuade her to lend this item or that for the party.

‘Laura,’  the more mature partner, wearing glasses and her hair in a bun to depict the more adult domme in this relationship, discovers Kate has already been borrowing clothes and she sees she can turn this little situation into an event. She begins to scold and intimidate Kate, who begins to beg and plead. “Please.” “Please, what?….show me you’re sorry.”  Kate gets on her knees and and licks Laura’s fashionable knee-boots.

Kate is gently coaxed over Laura’s lap. Right here, here please, she encourages. A nice slow handspanking begins, excellent camera work, especially over the shoulder. Laura bunches her panties, and suggests maybe we need a “little bit more.” “What do you mean?”

Panties down; in a rough edit, Kate has knelt up on the couch and is bent ovr the back, quite naked. Kate kisses her bottom and probes between her thighs. She steps away and returns with the CalStar soft oval paddle, which must have been in the property room–the director forgot to get it ready. She blindfolds a willing and docile Kate with a sexy black cloth strip.

Kate urges her thighs apart with the paddle for a slow and sexy spanking, some frigs with wet fingers, and increased views of an aroused Kate. Squishy.

After another blackout, Laura returns in the classic doome bustier, garters and stockings, brandishing a cane. Kate takes off her blindfold, comes around the back of the couch and bends over its high back, very much the willing soldier, into very much one of the best caning postures. Blindfold back on, 12 strokes of the cane are shown. Repeats are betrayed by squeals she couldn’t withhold. Excellent closeups of an admirable and eager bottom actually shows red marks the shape of the paddle. The caning concludes abruptly when one stroke lands high on her lower back and she jumps up.

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