28 Sep

M/3f; time: 1:10

A rather long and not so elevating interpretation of the routine schoolgirl discipline theme. Where is ‘Miss Brown’  when we need her? Two girls face the headmaster on a decorated set we’ve seen many times, actress ‘Monica’ and another blonde. The Head makes the girls raise their skirts and drop their panties, for a few views of their charms.

He spanks Monica first, handspanking over his knee, resting up on a chair seat, then a paddle, several straps, and 6 strokes of a cane while she grabs her ankles. He likes his girls, works her thighs, and makes sure there is nothing about Monica we don’t see. She is released.

As he is spanking the blonde, a third girl, a long-haired blonde who is identified as the Head Girl, is brought in by another male teacher. She is telling lies. “Lift up your gymslips.” Cute white non-regulation knickers soon down. The Head smacks her thighs with straps, then OTK, very intrusive stuff but not harsh.

The Head turns his attention to the first two girls with various spankings not worth detailing. Well into the film, the Head will now cane these two girls. Both bend over the desk, and he will alternate sets on their bare bottoms. About 30 strokes in total each, slashed forehand and backhand.

And finally, that other male, who is the “deputy head,” brings in two birch bundles. “But…but..sir, we’ve just been caned.” The birches are manufactured wrapped bundles. The two men birch the girls, about 50 strokes each, to a chorus of steady moaning and crying.

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