Caned Sales Girls – CALSTAR

28 Sep

M/2f; year: 2011; time: 52 minutes

This film is likely not recent, given the set furniture and the girls’ ‘hairstyles.’ Two ‘Avon’ girls make a house call with their samples. A tough-looking housewife lets them in, gets them water, then immediately begins a lengthy complaint about a terrible rash she developed from another company product from different salesgirls. She wants restitution, but the girls can’t do it. The lady calls her husband–and who walks in, none other than adult actor Jack Uppitt! The girls might not know how much trouble they are in, but happily, we do.

Jack explains, in his insidious, slightly smarmy way, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way…you’re not going until I have compensation of some sort.” The girls will be reported to the authorities, the cosmetics company will be sanctioned, and the girls will be fired. “But we have no cash.” Jack: “There are other ways.” Oh, yes, if you have seen his films.

Jack explains the therapeutic effects of a “jolly good spanking.” The girls are amazed but soon agree. Megan, a black girl, will go OTK first. Scarlet must kneel in close and watch. Skirt up, Megan wears zebra-striped knickers. Uppitt likes to tease and torment his young prey. Scarlet is spanked on her dark knickers next.

Megan returns OTK and gasps when Jack tugs her knickers down. Scarlet looks at the camera. She is soon bare-bottom OTK. Jack informs the girls they must return “every week” until he is satisfied.

Matters escalate. To Megan: “Take off your skirt.” “Please, sir, I’m really scared.” Hands-on-couch., “legs apart,” as he orders all spankees, shirt rucked up, no bra, Jack slashes full swing forehand-backhand with the familiar oval paddle, loud and poignant. His wife surely hears the ruckus.

Both girls bend together, flashing fuzzy frontals. Jack alternates bottoms. “This is the way it will be for a while….next time you come you will call me’ sir.’ Jack gets his cane. Scarlet is caned first, 6 strokes. She breaks a few times. “Oh, my God!” “You’re finished until next Tuesday at 2 PM.”

Megan gets more lecturing before her caning. A lot a preparatory swooshing. “Oh, God, oh, God.” She takes much more, 15 strokes. The actress Scarlet checks the camera during the caning to see if the director is happy with the intensity.

The girls are released and dress to go, acting more stiff and sore than most actresses do in such concluding scenes.

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