Caning for Cash – CALSTAR

28 Sep

F/f; time: 60 minutes

Mostly junk, an American production. Two sleazy girls dicsuss an offer made by a bar hustler–the brunette can take $500 and make a spanking video. She is given a sample video and a collection of trial implements. [a phone rings off-set–our first warning]

The girls discuss kinky things and decide to try spanking each other. To release you to watch other films, we’ll condense the action.

The girls gradually undress and play with each other, experimenting with the paddle, crop, strap, and finally the cane in a variety of traditional CP positions. The brunette actress takes most of the spanking and shows us pretty much all there is to see, in some mildly lewd poses. We’re told her boyfriend is going to like her red bottom.

The caning is of the tap-tap-tap variety, entertaining in a male-female pre-coital context, but you will have a mildly primeval ache for more action at this point. The first hard stroke must have hurt, because we can actually hear the director say “Cut,” and when we resume, there is a vivd cane mark, possibly courtesy¬† of the makeup depatment.

We want to reward anyone willing to be spanked on-camera, but you don’t need this one.

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