Dark Room 1 & 2 – MOOD PICTURES

28 Sep

2F/3f; year: 2007; time: 37 minutes; 34 minutes

Mood Pictures occupies the darker side of the CP genre, harsh whippings rather than handspankings, heavy markings, occasionally intricate sets, showgirl-type actresses in repeat performances, beautiful and flawless production values, but a distinct absence of any sardonic self-deprecation. Some producers can find some humor in the presentation of a girl’s bare bottom to others.

We have left commentary on Mood mostly to others. This story, however, plumbs a distinct  voyeuristic fetish of ours–girls being presented for bare-bottom punishment for paying customers. We recall short stories in JANUS and BLUSHES on this, and found other erotic variations of aroused spectators, where slave girls circulate and service the rampant witnesses as they observe the punishments. George Harrison Marks made playful films of female volunteers being spanked in front of cheering nightclub audiences; there are the paying noblemen watching whippings in ‘Nell in Bridewell’ and bribing for bare skin; here, naked girls are strapped to a frame and whipped or caned before an observation  window in a darkened room.

A pretty brunette arranges with a police detective to be planted into Pennington Prison on a bogus sentence to trace her incarcerated sister. One look at this actress–‘Mallory King’ plays ‘Katie,’ and we’re on the edge of our chair.

A  scene opens on a dormitory-like room in the prison. Languid showgirl-type actresses, in prison smocks, chained to beds or seated. This is a holding room for girls who have been selected to be punished in front of VIP’s of the Elite Club. The girls await this horrible fate, from which some girls apparently don’t return.

A wardess enters and selects a tall blonde for the next performance. She is stripped naked, her hair and makeup perfected by the other girls, in “fifteen minutes.” Under the watchful eyes of the wardess, the girls oil her body, “everywhere,….open your legs.” A clear, clean, shaved white body. She is handcuffed and holds her arms over her head–sexy stuff. She is led off to the chamber.

In another scene, we see Katie, the new prisoner being presented to the wardess, who shares our admiration of her and sends her directly to the Elite Club’s holding room. “You will be seventh.”

Later, in the dorm, Katie is now in her shorty prison smock, which barely disguises her dynamic figure. The condemned girls explain what happpens. “They say you get caned in a dark room….and tortured in front of a crowd of people…some of them wear cassocks like monks.” Katie’s sister may have been here, but never returned from her trip to the dark room. The blonde is dragged back in, bloody and smeared from her session. Two of the prisoners jump the guards in anger, are subdued, and taken away. We will watch their punishment.

The first rebellious girl, stark naked, has been fastened to a platform which advances the art of punishment racks to new heights for us, challenging many demonic and creative devices by other producers. The victim stands erect, feet shackled 18″ apart, arms spread and strapped at ninety degree angles on a crucifix-like 2×4 bar, her muscular back and bottom well-lit and fully available. It is a huge structure with a wide base, too big even for a playroom at ShadowLane.

Two female guards will do the punishment, 100 strokes of the cane. The first guard lays on 50 fearsome strokes–the prisoner is soon screaming, gasping, and reflexively quivering–excellent oblique facials as we watch the full-swing slashes.

The top two feet of the half-H frame rack is hinged. When the hinges are sprung, the upper part of the rack swings over, bending the prisoner over with it from her standing posture and forcing her buttocks into an even more vulnerable prominence. Her neck is fastened with a strap to the bar so she will stay bent over. The second guard lays on about 50 more strokes.

The second naked prisoner, a redhead with tattoos and body jewelry, get the same, while the first girl is made to kneel erect, hands-on-wall, in the shadows. The redhead screams, “I can’t stand it…I can’t stand it.” The wardess urges on the guard, “Stronger…stronger.” The wardess herself finishes off the last 25, heavy on the thighs.

The two punished prisoners are taken back to the dorm and tended by the other girls. Katie has seen enough, becomes more concerned about her own behind than her sister’s and wants out.

In part 2, we see the first VIP show in the Dark Room. A naked redhead is fastened to the same frame. The rules are explained beforehand–it’s OK to scream. It might help. Don’t hold it in. The spectators are in shadow. “Fifty strokes of the cane.” The guards change every 10 strokes. You could charge real money to see this.

“Next Morning”: Katie gets to see the warden, explains her fraud, and wants to get out now. The wardess meets with a monk-character, who orchestrates the VIP viewings. The wardess warns these whippings are getting harder to conceal, as is the cover-up of the “executed” girls. But the wardess is ordered to push on–her past can be used against her.

There will be one more triumphant VIP session, 3 girls, to include Katie. A prison guard is sent to the police detective to retrieve Katie’s fake record, and she kills the detective, right in his office! Don’t agonize over the plot.

Evening comes, Dark Room time. Katie is fastened in place, stark naked, her hard little buxom body on full display. We regret Mood couldn’t have allocated 30 seconds to a scene of her removing her clothes and being taken to the rack. She gets the same hard caning–her breasts jiggle as she struggles in desperation. the guards turn her face so it can be seen by the spectators.

A second girl is caned. The guards also hold her head for us to see her face because she is not tall enough to have her neck strapped to the bar.

A third naked girl is fastened. 70 strokes, most on her back.

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