Mood Castings #2 – MOOD PRODUCTIONS

28 Sep

More spanking auditions from this high-voltage company.

‘Andrea Hoffman’ (F/f; 12 minutes): An attractive 26 year-old brunette, with two children, goes through the normal interview about her sex life, learns about the caning audition, and strips off her clothes. Grey top, no bra, little skirt off, thong whisked down.

She kneels up on a white sectional couch and the caning begins. A thin, small body, not a lot of bottom on which to distribute the intended 50 strokes. She begins a colorful moaning from the beginning. The caner takes her time and asks several times if she wants to quit. Try as she might, she does give up at 35 strokes.

‘Angela Rick’ (F/f; 11 minutes): An older, more experienced-looking blonde with tattoos. It should be said that experience doesn’t always help when the action starts on the couch.

She pulls off her dress, drops her thong. and doesn’t hesitate to climb onto a chair, knees wide, full charms on display. A slow 50 strokes, great facials, some wild ones on her thighs. From the look of her bottom, she won’t be working for a while.

‘Anie Lawton’ (F/f; 10 minutes): A glamorous, almost spectacularly beautiful 25 year-old brunette, being interviewed by ‘Betty.’

After they discuss her personal life and that this is to be a caning audition to assess pain tolerance, Anie takes off her clothes and kneels on the couch. Betty lays on about 50 strokes in a steady rhythm, giving Anie an occasional moment to compose. Welts, bruises, blood flecks, and maybe some help from the makeup department, but she got through it.

‘Aranka’ (F/f; 8 minutes): Mood staffer Sonja interviews 20 year-old Aranka, a petite brunette in jeans and T-shirt. After the conventional discussion about her sex life, and that here at Mood the films are all about severe corporal punishment, it is time for Aranka to take her clothes off to show her body.

Jeans and T-shirt off, no bra, thong slipped down, Sonja has to urge her to speed up a bit. Aranka kneels completely naked on the set couch, knees apart. Sonja is a wicked caner–after 38 strokes, which produce purple and white welts and bruises, they shift off the couch to the bend-over touch-toes posture for about 15 strokes, with a brief rest period.

Diminuative Aranka survives the audition, a brave girl with a small bottom to accept 50 cane strokes.

‘Bella Strong’ (F/f; 12 minutes): 25 year-olds Bella is from Budapest, and is a bit butch on the screen, short brunette hair and tattoos. An unusually long discussion about her sexual exploits; she strips to display a solid biker-girl body.

The caning begins, Bella kneels on a couch, pussy rings in evidence. The caner breaks her cane at 14; Bella keeps asking for breaks. This is not a session which will end when a class bell rings. Bell surrenders at 27;  huge welts.

‘Bridget’ (F/f; 12 minutes): A tall frosted blonde, in a shorft flower-print dress, plenty of cleavage, plenty of body, goes through her interview. She claims some adult film-making, not hard to imagine from where we sit, including some ‘auditions ‘ like this one.

Clothes off, a bubble-butt, large boobs, rock thighs and legs, and one of those S-curve postures usually associated with the photogenic attributes of big porches and butts. Naked, hands on a stool, the caning begins. At a break after 10 strokes, the marks look excessively angry; at 20 the bruising is severe. At 34 she quits, apologizing that despite her experience, she couldn’t finish.

‘Gina Montana’ (F/f; 13 minutes):  An average-looking 26 year-old bartender. She admits to light S&M with her boyfriend. Dress over her head–she is not wearing another stitch.

She kneels on her chair, spreads her knees, and guts through the entire 50 strokes. Big marks and bruises at 20; the slight air of frivolity disappears. She bears through. Despite editing jumps, we thought we observed 50 strokes.

‘Gina Williams’ (F’/f; 12 minutes): Kyra interviews a thin brunette, in yellow top and jeans. When she is asked to undress, she does so sitting down, and odd variant to the usual semi-striptease that is part of the act in this series. When she kneels on the cahir, we see we were deprived of  some real entertainment in her slim, white, curvy body.

She will take her 50, but she talks a lot to Kyra, asking her to slow down, not my thighs, more to the right, more to the left, etc. At the conclusion, she struggles, quivers, and tries to keep back the tears. Marks all over the place, because Kyra canes wildly and hard.

‘Minacco’ (F/f; 10 minutes): A very sexy nineteen year-old tall redhead has a good, erotic talk with Kyra. She looks adventurous.

Time for her clothes to come off–top off, no bra, trousers, thong off. There is a sexy delay while she struggles to unfasten her shoe straps. She kneels naked on a chair, a pale, clear bottom.

She too does not take well to the cane. After only five strokes she argues with Kyra to be able to take a break. (There are no caning breaks in Mood films, other than editing.) She only takes 20 strokes before she quits, uttering “This is worse than surgery.”

‘Suzie’ (F/f; 10 minutes): Kyra from Mood will put 24 year-old redhead Suzie through the drill. They enact a little prearranged scenario, Suzi is a naughty cousin. She takes off her clothes and kneels naked on a bed. She takes 23 strokes in this position–the marks seem a bit enhanced to us.

It is not going well and she needs a rest. She rolls into the diaper position and takes only 12 more before she quits, dresses, and leaves.

‘Tina Bergen’ (F/f; 11 minutes): Kyra interviews a pretty 23 year-old blonde, who works as an aupair. She seeks adventure and money. After the standard chat and explanation, she undresses–black top and pants, black boots, black bra and thong, all soon in a pile.

Tina kneels on the couch and has difficulty with the cane from the first stroke. Kyra must cane in small groups and give Tina a rest–after 8, after 14, 19, and 21. On the 23rd stroke, viciously hard from Kyra, who knows how to do it, Tina quits.

‘Vivien’ (F’f; 10 minutes): Mood staffer Kyra interviews Vivien, a tall glamorous blonde, who claims to have four children and needs the money. After the normal introductions, assurances, and explanation that this audition consists of a 50-stroke caning, Vivien strips naked. While she might not have the most glamorous body we’ve seen in this series, she may be the most brave contestant.

Kyra always canes very hard, with full swings, no pulled punches, often transferring her weight to increase the intensity. And she likes thighs. Vivien kneels up on the bench/table we’ve seen in a few movies, with the inverted-U frame in the middle to keep the victim’s back arched and buttocks in position. Vivien takes 50 strokes, virtually impossible, we thought. We wrote down the words ‘grilled cheese.’

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