Spanking Tails 1 – BandD PLEASURES

28 Sep

M/f; year: 1993; time: 1:06

There is a series of ‘Spanking Tails,’ collections of short spanking vignettes, with some light bondage mixed in. We focussed on this one because two of the segments feature Tanya Foxx, made in the early 1990’s.

#1 Cute redhead actress ‘Tina,’ having mishandled a thoroughbred horse on a farm where she works, gets a spanking in a faux straw-covered barn room. She wears cutoff jeans and bustier. The master of the farm handspanks her over a straight chair which happens to be in the barn, then removes her shorts for a fast moderate caning on her bare bottom, only a G-string showing. Tina is a seducive wiggler and poseur, with a large and provocative filmgraphy extant. This was mild stuff–she can use her bottom tomorrow.

#2 Actresses Tanya Foxx and Angela Faith fight over a potential common boyfriend in their apartment. Actor Bill Huston arrives ; he has one extra ticket to a rock concert and will settle their bickering by taking the girl who accepts the hardest spanking. This will not be one of the better spanking competitions we would recommend, except for the callipygian showcase.

Ms. Foxx is in the short black pageboy period of a career. She wears a short white jersey dress and appears to be all-bottom. Ms. Faith, a flashy blonde with some CP credits, wears a shiny blue cocktail dress which should be worn only by those who do not expect to bend over.

Bill: “We’ll start with Tanya first.” Hands-on-table for mild handspanks on her dress. Same for Angela. The girls say they can take more. 10 more for each. The girls step into their bedroom and return with a huge armload of spanking implements.

Angela gets the crop–she hikes her dress up herself. Same for Tanya–up comes the white knit dress–white panties on that spectacular tush. After another round with the crop, Bill swtiches to a long strap. The girls are starting to squeal.

Bare bottom time–Bill pulls Tanya’s panties down and smacks both cheeks with two hands, then he uses the big ameba-shaped paddle, but gently. It could loosen a few teeth at full power. Faith is next; because she wears a G-string, there is nothng to pull down.

Side by side, Bill alternates. A bit corny, but glamorous. An oblique closeup is worth printing out. He snaps both bottoms with a buggy whip, the first time the girls cannot disguise a little bit of discomfort. Tanya has opened her legs and stretched her lace panties between her knees. She knows the CP film drill.

Some cane taps for Angela. Tanya has tossed off her knickers with elan and flashes her trimmed beaver when she takes her place on the table. Bill blindfolds her with a scarf. “Ooh,” she coos. You can see every freckle she has in a similar scene in ‘The Taming of Veronica Allen.’ After both are mildly caned, Angela seems to quit and Tanya leaves with Bill for the concert. Bill asks her to leave her panties behind. “Toodle-oo,” she taunts over her shoulder. We’d like to be around at the end of the evening.

#3 Tina plays a wife who earns a spanking because of sexy provocative clothing she wears. Tina’s bottom squirms OTK in tight flower-print panties. Bare-bottom, Tina must kiss a heavy double leather strap before she feels it on her buttocks and thighs.

#4 Another Tanya episode, this time where she portrays a slightly playful domme, a role found in her repertoire from this era. In one of those faux dungeons where the walls seem painted for a high school musical, actress Angela Faith reports in bra, panties, and heels. Tanya: “Don’t try to con your mistress…you agreed to this.” Angela is handspanked over a chair and questioned about her orgasms. Tanya is not pleased about Angela “cumming without me.”

A hard round paddle–buttocks and thighs. “Stick that bottom out for me.” Panties rolled down sexily, bra off, hairbrush OTK, both the bristles and the flat side, some nipple sucking. Tanya is catching up for whatever she missed. The bigger ameba paddle, fingernails rake Angela’s buttocks. They walk to a spanking bench….

“Panties down,” because Angela snuck them up. Naked, she lies lengthwise on a padded sawhorse-style bench. “Spread your legs.” Several paddles–a wooden fraternity paddle used is the hardest yet, bottom and thighs. Tanya is ambidextrous. Session concluded, Tanya gropes between her legs just because she can. Angela is directed to take a shower “then wait for me.”

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