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The Finishing School – MISS MARCHMONT

12 Sep

M/f; time: 32 minutes

A common title, because it delivers the perfect vehicle for CP. A familiar male character, who generally whips up a storm, and dressed in academic robes, has a pretty young lady (‘Claire’) standing in front of him. She must already be in trouble, because she wears only a blouse and white knickers. When he steps away for a phone call, she steals some candy from his coat pocket hanging on the door.

When he returns, he sees she is eating something. Down with the panties. There exists an interesting rule in this school–when your pants are down, your hands must be behind your back. It was Claire’s guardian on the phone; she is sent to speak to them in the next room, but must keep her bottom bare. Very humiliating and quite preparatory, both strengths at Miss Marchmont.

The don makes Claire bend over a wing chair, panties perfect at her thighs. Conventional spanking, except this nasty guy pries her buttocks apart so her can smack in the valley. Over a table for the strap, all conventional.

The cane comes next. “This will be your second caning this week.” About 15 moderate strokes; she jerks at his feints and wooshes. She is sent off.

Later in the evening, at bedtime, there is another call with the guardian. While Claire is on the line with them, no pants on, the don has his hands between her legs and is positively frigging her. She has to keep her composure.

She is sent into his study to bend over and wait while he concludes the call. Apparently the guardian has asked that she be strapped and caned. He caresses her already thoroughly marked bottom, his middle finger striking home a few times. About 15 concluding cane strokes, then nose to the wall, but first one more frig.

Girls Boarding School #4

11 Sep

More wonderful episodes from  this erotic website:

‘Keagen’s Punishment Day’ (M/f; 15 minutes): The least imaginative we have seen so far; the American actress may have set limitations. Keagen lies lengthwise on  a chair-bench, in red polka dot shorts and a T-top. “Keagen, punishment day again, the last day of the month.” A master will strap her and work her shorts down while she reads aloud her list of offenses, one of which is to trick new girls into thinkingt these punishment days are “optional.”

We have here a vehicle for GBS to spank each of its girls on their designated day. There is no problem at this place finding offenses committed.

‘A Matter of Taste’ (M/f’; 18 minutes): One of the longest we have found. A master naps and has a beer poolside in a domestic setting. When he uses a phone inside, Lisa, a rail-skinny, lithe little brunette, sneaks over and drinks half of his beer.

He discovers it, tracks her down, rejects her denials, smells her breath, and we’re set for another spanking, well into the film. Lisa wears a cut-off shirt which never rides up quite far enough, and little demin short-shorts. She must take the shorts off and shows us pink panties.

Sent inside to a familiar fireplace, panties off, OTK, hard smacks on her small perfect buttocks at the top of long legs. Varied angles on this spanking. She is mantelpiec’d to wait, then a short stiff strap which really bites. Cornered for closeup, conclusion.

My First Day‘ (M/f; 13 minutes): ‘Christine,’ later called ‘Kailee’ in a long CP career, a tall, exotically pretty brunette, narrates this episode, in her school jumper, in front of the fireplace. She got spanked three times on her first day. In the first session, she is over the master’s knee, skirt up, tight white panties covering one of those bottoms born for this work. She has violated rule #1, punctuality. When she feels the master’s fingers in the elastic band of her panties, “What are you doing?”

After more narration, the second spanking–a big leather paddle, she is mantelpiec’d, panties down. The leather paddle cracks loudly on this memorable target. She must rattle off a little apology after each stroke.

She describes the cane as “the worst thing ever,” all this on Day #1. The master lays on 15 strokes. Christine bends over, hands locked behind her knees, a painful and vulnerable pose. Hands-on-head, cornered, closeups, intimate parts.

In a concluding narration, she admits she couldn’t sit down for three days.

New Resident Lisa Part 2‘ (M/f; 8 minutes): ‘Lisa’ stuns with her blue-eyed, brunette pigtailed beauty and innocence. How did she get to GBS? She crouches fully dressed in the corner of a bare room, awaiting punishment from the master. The master arrives, shows her his strap, knows she was involved with ‘Gina.’ “Too late for sorry’s now.”

He escorts her out the door and has her bend over a railing in the hall, a great posture which will frame her bottom in the doorway and provide angles from downstairs up to her face. The master wants her cries heard downstairs to other students, and she obliges, squealing at the first belt shot on her jeans. She follows orders and drops her jeans and panties. Facials from below  also catch a bit of fuzz between her legs.

The master shifts to a much larger floppy leather strap, one of the largest we have seen and which covers most of both cheeks. These whacks bring tears. To the corner, hands-on-head, “for the next few hours.”

New Resident Dana‘ (M/f; 19 minutes): Another long segment; Dana runs around the grounds of the school, trying to escape, and hooks up with a friend. Both lovely girls are coffee-colored mulattos. The master watches these machinations and corrals them when they can’t open the big iron front gate to the drive.

Back to the house, for everybody-knows-what. He takes the very tall Dana OTK, still fully clothed. The second girl watches. Dana drops her pants to display a little red thong. Her companion is ordered to remove her own pants and panties and stand facing the wall.

After this first handspanking session, the master gets his cane. Dana takes about a dozen strokes, hands-on-couch, then a dozen more, touching toes. She is so tall, the latter position puts her bottom waist-high for the master. To the wall, rubbing, consoling, and surely sequels.

New Resident Natascha‘ (M/f; 5 minutes): A demure dark blonde in gray pinafore school uniform, seems to hide behind a language barrier and won’t speak. The master has her file–19 years old, referred here for “major crimes,” and “Oh my God, Russian.”

He calls in another girl, ‘Dana,’ who demonstrates dog-like obedience reponses to his commands, so Natascha can see how it’s done. We’ll see her knickers elsewhere in the GBS film library.

‘New Resident Paulina’ (M/f; 15 minutes): Much of this longer episode is devoted to talk. Newbie Paulina (model ‘Pandora Blake’ at the beginning of her still ongoing CP career) has run up a big cell phone bill calling a boy in Australia, giving the master the excuse he needs. Tall, redheaded Paulina ran up  a $1438 bill and sweetly retrieves all she has, $150.  “You want to pay with your bare bottom?”

She clears furniture. “Trousers down, panties down!” The master wonders “how many strokes” this bill is worth. One look at  Paulina, we wanted to shout ‘one-for-one.’ She bends naked, rare perfect gluteal dimples, 12 strokes. Viva pale Irish skin! 6 with a second cane. She keeps her hair off her face for us.

Then an erotic twist we love, she must call her boyfriend, who listens to her squealing under more cane strokes that she won’t  be calling any more. Another naughty posture to conclude, kneeling on a low armchair, bent far over, head to the floor, bottom highest. 2 more crackers.

‘New Resident Taylor’ (M/f; 23 minutes): The longest and most interesting film we have selected; the master calls his friend ‘Luigi’ for a pizza, but it is delivered late, cold, and with the wrong toppings. The sullen but sultry delivery  girl, whose tight jeans are made obvious to us, returns with a replacement, is observed spitting into it, and will be dealt with.

The master calls Luigi and gets the clearance he needs. He grabs her OTK. “What are you doing?” After a brief an ineffective attempt to escape: “Get off your trousers.”  Taylor works off the tight jeans, taking a bit of time. She struggles through more OTK.

Hands-on-chair, irrelevant thong down, a lovely little white un-sunburned triangle at the top of of her cheeks and thin white strips next to her mohawk show that she sunbathes in next to nothing at all. 4 with the cane here, then 4 more hands-on-knees, then 5 touching toes and hands locked behind knees. GBS uses more camera angles here than usual–facial, obliques, rear, ceiling. Lovely, her bottom a combination of spanking and sunburn.

Her aprez-punishment posture is one of the more harsh–she kneels on a bench and must bend her head to nearly touch the floor and hold.

“Not Mine’ (M/f): Brunette Beverly knocks on the master’s door. To enter, you have to be naked from the waist down, so she quickly peels off her slacks and thong. She shows the master a vibrator she claims to have found in Abi’s bag.

Abi, another tall and stunning bunette, is summoned; Beverly listens to her being spanked, despite her protestations of innocence.

Abi challenges Beverly, who admits it was a trick; the girls go to the master, pants off again in the hall first, a nice little requirement. So Beverly will now get a spanking, and Abi persuades that she be allowed to do it. Over a table, 20 with a huge floppy leather paddle, on her jeans.

Beverly must apologize and ask permission to bare her bottom for the final 5. Face to the wall, she must stand hands-on-head for THREE HOURS. If she moves, the paddling is repeated.

‘No More Warnings’ (M/f; 5 minutes): a familiar brunette has misbehaved for the final time and is dragged to the barren basement room, stumbling down the stairs with him, her pants already off. In a dusty corner, she takes up the ‘frisk’ position against the wall, the most extreme, her legs spread and her back at a 90 degree angle, for ringing shots from the wooden holed paddle. Her bottom, already marked, shows more misery after this.

‘No Permission’ (2M/2f; 9 minutes): Two girls dance to loud music in the lounge, during school hours. They claim to a master that they have permission from the headmaster. When he appears–game over, both girls will be caned.

Brunette Lisa and a redhead are bent over ends of a table, holding hands in the middle. The master walks from end to end, caning Lisa on her jeans and the redhead on her little skirt. Not a lot of action in this one; both bare bottoms are displayed at the conclusion, with faint marks.

Curse of Sir Frederick – LUPUS RIGID EAST

10 Sep

2MF/3f;  time: 32 minutes

Screen script informs us the setting is Colonial India in 1852. Lord Frederick’s palatial hill station mansion. An Edwardian dandy smokes and drinks from cut glass. A male servant delivers to him a cane with an ornate handle, carried in a velvet-lined box, as one would imagine dueling pistols to be displayed.

Lord Frederick practices swooshing strokes in preparatrion for someone, surely a guile-less member of his household. The male servant soon delivers a servant girl, shrinking in terror. She begs; he scolds; a whipping bench is positioned; she strips naked; the male attendant slowly fastens her to the bench. The caning is fierce, 25 strokes to start–we saw no breaks, then fully 15 more. Frederick has become demonically possessed. The servant must stop him before he cuts the girl in two. The cane is cursed and inhabits its user. Frederick seems to collapse and die.

We move to “Prague, 1928”: the cursed cane. Army offiicer Vilejs has it now; when he handles it, the ghost of Lord Frederick appears. We can accept this corny theater because we’re assured another bare bottom will be along any minute. In fact, Vilejs jumps his clumsy maid, who has soon lost her pantaloons and is draped over the arm of a wing chair. 40 impressive strokes–she manages to run off, the ghost possesses  Vilejs.
To the present: ‘St. August’s Boarding School, Prague’: the actress Alexandra Wolf plays a headmistress, she is possessed by the cane spell; two lovely schoolgirls quiver in terror. She will deal with the thin blonde first, skirt up, red knickers down, 20 wild strokes. The girl wiggles her bottom hysterically as Ms. Wolf canes with abandon, visions of Frederick. And 2o more, wild high and low.

The second girl is in process of cutting her wrists over a boyfriend when Wolf intercepts her. When she gets the cane ready for this young lady, the cane vaporizes.

We don’t suggest you don’t try to decipher this plot, just enjoy the spankings and Lupus’ attempt at a costume drama.

Rebecca’s Caning – CALSTAR

10 Sep

M/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Rebecca Hamilton’ receives a punishment notice at ‘Grangerthorpe Finishing School For Girls.’ It’s to be a ‘caning’ for gross insubordination.

Rebecca wears a light, airy, short summer dress and clunky shoes. She reports to a master, none other than adult actor Jack Uppitt, who sits at a piano in silly cap-and-gown. Jack must have the envialbe task of fulfilling these punishment slips.

Rebecca cannot negotiate. After the briefest discussion she is OTK, skirt up, a hard spanking on regulation knickers. Jack grabs her hair to pull her head up to speak to her as he smacks aways. He is one of the great bottom-fanciers among the actors.

Things deteriorate quickly for Ms. Hamilton. She stands and drops her knickers, returns OTK for a hard session with a leather paddle. Uppitt cracks selectively, looking for pale gaps. Closeups.

Rebecca stands,  removes her dress and bra. Uppitt takes a long frontal stare at the helpless girl as he always does. OTK again, naked, spanking filmed  over-the-shoulder. The actress has charming dimples-of-Venus.

This is warmup to comply with the sentence of caning. Rebecca leans on the piano, bottom out, knees locked, for the first twenty strokes of the cane. The first stroke is wild-low on her thighs and ripens quickly. The severity moderates a bit, as if there were a conversation after the errant start. Uppitt keeps handling and repositioning her hips.

Oblique shots show clear welts up and down her round cheeks, and in very tight closeups. Apparently Ms. Hamilton is not sufficiently contrite. “Do Idetect a bit of defiance in you. girl?” No, sir.” To make sure, 10 more zingers are added. He signs her punishment slip and she is off. No extra-cirriculars from the randy Uppitt this time.

Debra’s Comeuppance – NU WEST NWV-327

10 Sep

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Humiliating office spankings, a format NuWest worked in a number of ways. Fantasy fulfillment, to be sure. ‘Debra,’  a NUWEST tall blond actress with very much the proper credentials, is called into the office by her boss, played by another male in the NW cast, not Ed Lee. Even though Debra’s the sophisticated CFO of the company, “I know about your boyfriend….what your priorities are.”

He is going to maneuver her; she has been reporteed by another female employee, ‘Tasha,’ who is in the room watching this degradation. The boss wants a confession from Debra, or a resignation, but “Will you submit to a spanking or is this to be your last day?” Debra struggles with this choice and the embarrassment of Tasha as snitch and witness. Both Debra and the boss take off their jackets; her body is difficult to disguise.

We have edited this post when we discovered this film’s prequel, “Tasha’s Bad Day,” where Tasha certainly looks to us to be the actress Niki Flynn, this film most likely made before she became a luminary in the CP world. Niki is the featured bottom in that film.

She goes over the boss’ lap in a dramatic surrender. Hard, loud handspanking on her skirt. Skirt up, black panties; she struggles when the boss drags them down. She squawks and begs, not such an executive now, reduced to survival. She is cornered, skirt up, bottom on display for the young secretary. Since she still won’t talk, the paddle comes out of the desk.

In a tussle, she goes over the desk, a thick black pubic fuzz showing; the boss will give Tasha a go at her bottom. The boss holds her still. Tasha does better than we expected, getting an “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry” out of Debra.

After some paddling OTK, the boss produces some documents implicating Debra in embezzlement and conspiracy, criminal acts which open up all the horizon the boss needs. He gets out a cane and lays on 24 solid strokes, hitting about as hard as the thin rattan could probably tolerate. The usual camera angles NW uses; very nice.

The capper: Debra will report to the boss every Friday afternoon at 5 PM.

Severity School – CAVERN

10 Sep

5M/3f; time: 41 minutes

This film, although distributed by CAVERN, feels like a MOONGLOW product from the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. The actors come from that era. The film itself is almost a continuous string of out-takes. It contains flubbed dialogue, misplaced laughter, noises on the set, errant camera angles, simplistic and ineffective blocking, out-of-character ad libs, and more. Yet, we highly recommend this cheerful farce; it feeds our vintage tastes, and we will illustrate why.

The film features spanking impresario Ivor Gold and three of the sweetest bottoms in the industry at the time, that of Alison Payne and two other models seen in the genre. The girls are being punished in the presence of 5 men–Ivor, a younger man, and three others whose faces are never shown. All will participate in a rousing spanking, strapping, paddling, and caning of the three girls. A circus. The mystery men are given chances to fondle, feel, and explore the girls. We have suggested elsewhere that this may have been an off-the-record form of school fund-raising.

The girls wear spiffy white blouses, pristine red pleated skirts, white knee socks, and in this school, white knickers. The film celebrates bare bottoms–there is no frontal nudity but for an accidental flash, no boobs, and these ‘dirty old men/perverts’  do not undress the girls, much as we were hoping they would try.

The film opens with the girls lined up in front of the unseen men. Ivor pulls up their skirts to expose the white knickers, and in Alison Payne’s case, fishes out Ford car keys front the front of her panties. Her mock surprise at the invasion of his hand matches many moments of entertaining acting from her. Everyone fights mirthful laughter, at the ad lib lines, the story, the circumstance.

The three girls will be spanked in turn, for various infractions irrelevant to our review. ‘Gillian,’ a dramatic starlet-like brunette, posed for nude photos, which Ivor passes around to the very interested men. The men take turns spanking Gillian OTK; her pants come down to stay in the process. Some spank harder than others, and some spankers get in some fondling. One aggressive spanker elicits an obscenity from her, which generates hoots and guffaws from all. Breathtaking closeups of her reddening bottom.

The men move Gillian over a school desk for a sampling of paddles, straps, and tawses, including a little “guessing game” of which is which. A stroke occasionally nicks a thigh and she reminds the spanker to be careful. At the conclusion of her session, Gillian must parade her bottom off-screen to each man for a careful exmamination. Ivor takes her over the desk again to top her off with three concluding tawse strokes. The men applaud Gillian. She announces she must leave, a taxi awaits her to take her to a “modeling job.” Such extraneous ad libbing makes this film a curious oddity.

Alison’s turn (she ‘borrowed’ that Ford from someone at school) comes next, and in a rough cut which misses what we enjoy very mch about Ms. Payne, her knickers are already at her knees and she is bent over the spanking trestle. She counts out four sets of 12 strokes from the men; some she takes in stride, others bring gasps and she needs a moment to recover. Some welts and bruises on this bottom, a National Treasure. The third girl, blond ‘Amanda,’ seeing this toe-curling caning, elicits hoots of horsy male laughter from the men when she announces a taxi is waiting for HER.

Alison is cornered, where her buttocks will remain in the shot for most of the rest of the film. Blond Amanda goes next, over a school desk, “head and shoulders right down, please”  for a succession of handspanking and the implement collection we have seen. She too protests when a thigh gets winged. Alison waddles on and off-set a few times, panties at her knees. Has to get where, to the bathroom? More unscripted informality to add to the free-form performance.

When Alison turns into an oblique profile in the background, you will see the reason for the length  of the  film credits after her name on the ‘Watch the Moonglow Girls’ site. Her plucky adventurousness helps.

Amanda’s turn for the cane. “Gentlemen, avoid the legs.” She takes 12 from each man. The cane is left in her buttocks crack at one point. A loud boom-box bass thump invades the sound track to laughter. Ivor acknowledges the caning cannot keep pace with its rhythms. He gives Amanda a respite, a “RE-SPITE” he calls it, twice. Amanda stomps and jiggles her cheeks maddeningly. A floor mirror picks up a few facials, an angle mostly omitted in this film.

Since Gillian caught her taxi and is probably standing naked at her next job by now, only Alison and Amanda are available for a final memorable bare-bottom lineup. The men gather for a final feel.

Whipping At Table Mountain – NU WEST

10 Sep

M/3f; time: 26 minutes

The same format used in several films; Ed Lee strips, strings up, and whips girls on a wind-swept, fenced-in, gravel work site, complete with construction trailer. Their offenses we don’t learn, but no one argues with the Master.

The first girl is marched in and strips quickly. Lee reminds her to keep her shoes on (a good idea on this broken rock). “I’m going to whip your ass, not your feet…..this time.” When she is naked, he manacles her wrists, fastens them to a chain, then winches her into a tip-toe stretch on a gibbet-like I-beam apparatus. He flogs her with a soft cat-o-nine tails, leaving marks from thighs to shoulders. She spins around to avoid the whip, providing 360 degree  glimpses. Her whimpers disappear in the wind. An 8 minute segment.

The second girl, a hefty redhead, strips like a professional, presents big breasts and a full thatch. She jumps at the whip, as if surprised by it. Ed: “I love these fair-skinned wenches.” He leaves her bottom alone for this session (should we assume he has another film coming with her?). “I’m going to whip your tits and ass next time.” Genteel and always entertaining, Mr. Lee. We know he is capable of  that. He needs to take a breather during this session. 9 minutes

The last girl, a brunette, has a sad face, which is not going to be improved by  being whipped on Table Mountain. She is stripped and fastened like the others. Not a sound out of her. The winching-up we like. Ed attacks her bottom first thing. “We’re going to whip the little brat with the Navy cat.” 9 minutes

Mood Castings #1 – MOOD PICTURES

9 Sep

Numerous producers have made short films on the theme of auditioning a model to see if she can take the intensity of a spanking production. As you would expect, no one does this better or more severely than Mood.

Girls were interviewed, invited to reveal some very intimate details about their sexual activities and predilections, and then requested to strip naked for a spanking, whipping, paddling, or caning, or sexual torment, as only Mood can do it. Some girls break, while others motor through. We found depictions of girls describing blowjobs with their boyfriends, followed by stripping and spanking, all the eroticisim we needed.

ALICE (13 minutes): Alice is a very thin 26 year-old brunette from Budapest. Staffer Betty does the interview and will do the damage. This will play out as a little story for the film.

Alice strips naked and is portrayed as ‘caught masturbating.’ Betty will cane her, first come 30 strokes while she kneels on the couch. There is not much meat on her bottom to absorb this and there are a lot more strokes to come. The diaper position on the couch, the striking angle does not permit full reach across her buttocks–15 strokes on film. Then grab the ankles, feet wide spread, 2o more strokes.

This variety of poses creates wild ski trails across her bottom and thighs. Alice remains stoic and brave, despite her desperate little cries after each crack.

ANGIE (9 minutes): Very provocative; Angie is a 35 year old local who needs the money and is not afraid to take her clothes off. She quickly strips off her striped jersey, jeans, bra and thong. Already, we are hoping–hire her! Angie kneels on the couch, spreads her knees to display a clean-shaven pussy, and proceeds to take 50 fearsome cane strokes from the female interviewer. Horrendous marks and wheals, almost a shame for such a gorgeous girl.

SANDRA YOUNG (8 minutes): A 21 year old brunette, who admits to having a 4 year old daughter, will take a terrific beating and get the job. As her clothes come off, the female interviewer is quite impressed with her tan. She wears an almost superfluous little black dress and striped panties.

The rule here at Mood is that the audition should consist of 50 cane strokes, which would not seem to work if you expect a girl to work soon thereafter. She kneels on the couch for sets of 10 or 5 until we get to fifty. Congrats! She’s got the job!

SUZANE CONNER (9 minutes): One of the shortest; Suzane is a pretty 21 year old brunette from Budapest. She seeks the excitement and wants the money. After the little interview, she strips off her purple slacks, white bra, and purple thong to display a sensational body.

Suzane kneels on a bed, displays everything, and takes a hard, fast, and wild caning. The female interviewer canes her thighs and the whippy rattan wraps her flanks. After a little break, she declares: “Oh, you’re very brutal,” and quits the assignment, which, if this acting is real, explains the duration. But see it, rent it, please.

YASMINE TAYLOR (8 minutes): A  32 year-old brunette; she saw the ad on the Internet and seeks the excitement and the money. Staffer Kyra will do the caning, ands she does many harsh canings in the Mood catalogue.

Yasmine strips naked and kneels on the couch. Kyra makes it clear 50 strokes are required in the audition. She objects after the first stroke and tries to cover up. After strarts and stops, the caning terminates after just 8 strokes.

Well Thrashed – MOONGLOW

9 Sep

M/2f; time: 35 minutes

A flashback storyline, a Moonglow staple, which gives the producer a chance to mix short vignettes together and does not challenge the scriptwriting department. The film opens with a jolt, bare bottom is bent-over full screen and there is the sound of a caning in progress, although no action on the screen.

In the first ‘interview,’ brunette actress ‘Karen.’ or ‘Jenny Close,’ converses with a faceless male, discusses her secret interest in being spanked in school and how the masters loved doing it. This takes us to our first reminiscence: Karen and actress Alison Payne sit up in their twin beds reading, wearing light pajamas. A  faceless male enters their room–they have been caught smoking.  To Karen: “I’ll do you first…get out of bed.”

He takes Karen OTK, flicks up her shorty top, bunches her red panties and give a mild handspanking. Alison watches, half turning away, because she is next. Using a small sole from his pocket, the spanking brings Karen  to a uniform pink.

Alison next, in sky-blue shorty pajamas. Steady handspanking; when he pulls her panties down, she raises her hips to assist. The camera holds full-screen, for us, one of the best bottoms in the trade, as we have said. In this film, Alison is as young and thin, almost guant (except for the above) as we’ve seen her. She becomes far more provocative later in her career.

In more of the interview: “Did they use the cane as well?” A scene is created where the girls are caught  returning from the club. “You’re going to be caned in your fancy disco outfits.” Each girl takes 12 legitimate shots across her skirt.

Interview–Karen describes a job she took as a French maid. We guess her employer had the fetish and couldn’t resist a crack at that bottom. “You’re a disgrace. Bend over.” Alison is also spanked in such a uniform, over a stool, lacy panties, the martinet, knickers down, full-screen hold again.

And in the final reminiscence, Karen’s boyfriend has her dressed in a leather harness outfit, othewise naked. Straps at the waist, thighs, through the crotch, hooks and eyes, a leather bib covers her crotch, high heels. “Your bottom’s bare?” Yes. She is caned and fondled over a stool.

A flashback for Alison–a brief bare bottom caning in the punishment room for cheating.

Alison joins the interview. The male spanker seeks to recreate “days at college,” and so will spank both girls. Alison bends over the back of a chair, filling out her fashionable white knit pants for a colorful caning on the cloth; Jenny next–low shots on her thighs will be masked by the jeans. Jenny takes some on the bare, and, thank you, Alison shimmies down her tight slacks for a half dozen on the bare. Both girls display themselves for the pervert-interviewer.


9 Sep

MF/2f; year: 2007; time: 56 minutes

Sequel to ‘Double or Quits’; a spanking romp, with a maturing Dublin O’Brien playing ‘Karen,’ an inveterate gambler, willing to flip  a coin and bet her bottom to resolve any dispute. She and her roommate ‘Penny” (actress Sam Johnson) can’t pay the rent. Karen has already given her share to Penny, who squandered it. Karen spanks Penny, a hairbrush, a kitchen spoon, and short paddle with large holes. Some opening scenes review the first video in this series.

Terry, a Strictly English regular, is the landlord, on the scene for his rent. He jumps at the chance to flip a coin for Karen. If Karen wins, she will take a spanking and be off the rent. She does win and is soon OTK, pants down. Ms. O’Brien is not the svelte little actress she once was. Her bottom is larger, still quite perfect and unblemished, actually more exciting then ever, and now a bit of a greater challenge for her spanker.

Terry will spank Penny (San Jonhson) now, using the hairbrush, kitchen spoon, and a small wooden paddle with holes. The sction is mild and playful. Ms. Johnson  has a small, tidy, and trim little figure. Her perfectly crafted bottom is not quite the lapful Karen’s is.

Karen finds a cane in Penny’s room, which Penny claims to keep for kinky costume balls at her “school disco.” Penny and Terry turn on Karen again; she squeals as she goes OTK. “Double or quits, I’ll take the cane.” She loses (or wins, we have to guess), but the caning sequence was cut for some reason.

Karen returns the cane and finds bills Penny paid with Karen’s rent share. She and Terry are going to deal with Penny properly. Terry wants to see Penny’s kinky uniform. There follows a five-minute undressing and dressing scene, where Mr. Johnson’s attributes are reaffirmed. She strips to partial nudity, puts on a school uniform, slowly–blouse, necktie, full white knickers, pleated skirt, knee socks, and open strapped heels, in a sequence as erotic as any of the spankings here.

When she returns, Terry catches his breath. “Oh, yes!” Karen is excited too. “It’s my turn to punish Penny.” Karen takes her OTK, spanking on the white knickers, then bare, some giggling ands Irish brogue chatter. They observe: “Lovely color.” Karen uses the hairbrush, the “stingey” spoon, and the paddle. Penny is released to get the cane again, the camera following her white-knckered bottom.

Back to the couch, Terry and Karen pull her panties down together. Karen lays on about a dozen silly cane taps (we know Ms. O’Brien knows how to cane), but the scene is saved by the twisting bare hips of Ms. Johnson. Terry and Karen carefully examine the marks she has made (which, frankly, we can’t detect).

We move to the ultimate phase. The girls conspire and gambler-Karen makes the offer, an odd one it is. If it’ s Heads, both girls are caned and rent is forgiven; if it’s Tails, caning, but the girls must pay their rent.

Heads, Karen goes first, pulling up her shirt and pink panties down herself. About 12 strokes, Terry canes hardest so far. One never tires of Ms. O’Brien in bend-over postures. Terry rubs. She steps out of her panties but characteristically protects her frontal modesty. Penny takes her twelve.

Side by side, bare bottoms. the comparison is always entertaining. 12 more for Karen, and still harder–she takes care to keep her pink knickers at her thighs. Lots of brogue ad lib. “Time to change over.” 12 for Penny, including a wild one. “You’re not supposed to cane my legs, Terry.”

That’s enough for today. “See you next month, girl!” The girls whisper; the coin has one face–Karen could always get what she chose. She likes her bottom smacked.

There are some out-takes, including Dublin walking around the set without pants. Closeup frontal nudity, a rare glimpse of her, added for gratuity.