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Judicial Canings – PAIN4FEM

23 Oct

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 46 minutes

This expert production tweaks the fantasies of our genre, including our own list. An attractive blonde Meryl Streep lookalike, complete with studious glasses and hair in a bun, dressed Saturday-morning-at-home style, identified as Miss Sheron, receives an express letter telling her she has been summoned to the Justice Palace to be caned for some offense. Dialogue is barely audible German, with no subtitles, but it never mattered less. The willowy Miss Sheron cleverly plays being shocked, frightened, and panicked. But we have no sympathy and can’t help checking out the package in her blouse and jeans as she moves around her apartment, imagining what she is going to look like when she has her appointment.

A  friend stops by, an exotic Mediterranean-looking dark redhead, identified as Katty, is shown the summons, then proceeds to recount her own experience at the Palace, setting up a full flashback and giving us of course two spankings to watch in this video.

Sitting in Miss Sheron’s little kitchen, Katty starts her flashback, and the scene expertly transitions: Katty reports timidly to a female doctor’s office at the Palace. Exciting intimidation. The doctor is dour, in her white lab coat and medical equipment; canes are hanging in plain sight on the wall. Katty is directed to undress; she slowly hangs each garment on a clothes tree until she is nude.  She sits naked for a blood pressure check, then is required to pee in a commode while we watch.  She is lovely, every inch, and this is sweet humiliation.

She then climbs up and lays face down on a table, almost like a gas chamber gurney, with arms spread out at 90 degress, except on this gurney her legs are spread wide, providing detailed views. Velcro attaches her arms, legs, and lower back. The doctor elevates her bottom–high, hard, firm, and open, with a carefully placed folded blanket. The doctor snaps on latex gloves with that fearful anticipation of what they might be used for. She sensuously spreads oil on the brunette’s bottom. We’ve been taught a caning is more painful on  wet skin. Exquisite preparation. The girl waits in fear–glimpses of her apprehensive face, as the doctor picks up the phone to announce the girl is ready for the male disciplinarian. When will this start, the bound girl’s face reads?

A white-smocked Peter Schober enters, contemplates this startling sight of the naked brunette strapped on the table, bottom-up, in position. He takes a cane off a hook and measures his distance. He lays on the first 10 strokes–all the canings in this video are moderate in strength. The occasional angled strokes seem to match the pattern of marks, so we are not obsessed with determining the authenticity. It is very exciting to watch. The female doctor inspects after 10, then after 20 more strokes. Katty cries out with each stroke. She certainly seems to be getting aroused, from the intimate vantage point we have. Blood pressure check–sensuous unfastening and fastening–then another 10 strokes, a bottom check/fondle from the doctor, then another final 10. The male caner leaves; the doctor spreads on cold cream–torturously erotic, and the brunette’s ordeal at the Justice Palace concludes.

Back to the present, the brunette wishes Miss Sheron luck and leaves. We eagerly anticipate her appointment. Next, we see her walking on eggshells into the doctor’s office. She must first strip to the waist; we can admire her breasts and wait for more while she is given a chest exam. To increase the tension, she sits topless, jeans still in place, for  blood pressure. Time to hand over the jeans and thong. Breathtaking lady, standing there in just her boots and glasses. She also must pee while we watch, anf then hand over her glasses–total surrender. Up onto the gurney, strapped down, bottom elevated. Her bottom cheeks are further apart; her anus and labia are totally open;  the camera zooms in to the point of blurriness. Another careful oiling, including the intimate exposed places. Ready.

Phone call to the caning doctor. Hard to imagine how he keeps his sanity, walking into such scenes. 10 strokes, check by the female doctor, 10 more strokes, including some nasties on the thighs, blood pressure check, 10 more; Miss Sheron has begun to wiggle her bottom at this point and has been screeching after every stroke; 10 more after the final doctor check. Wonderful shots of her anguished face listening to the sound of the swishing cane. Another even more sensual spreading of cold cream.

A more horizontal camera angle detects that the redlines and marks we watched developed from above are in fact wheals and welts. We are convinced Miss Sheron is not a happy camper. When she is released, she moves stiffly and painfully, gloriously naked, but subdued, back to her clothes, the way you would expect. She carefully puts on nifty white panties in lieu of her thong, a treat to see in itself. Highest praise we can muster for this production.

Judicial Punishment – MOOD PICTURES

23 Oct

2F/4f; time: 43 minutes

Serial whippings, as Mood does so effectively. Four girls have agreed to accept corporal punishment in lieu of jail time. Two familiar Mood actresses, resourceful and terrifying dommes, set up a rectangular aluminum frame for the whipping. On domme measures and practices wicked strokes.

The four girls sit with evident apprehension in the “pre-punishment examination room,” an infirmary setting, in their T-shirts and pants. Per Mood standards, the girls are glamorous and theatrical–regally tall, thin, carefully coiffed and made up;  the nurses attending them are interchangably attractive. Long-haired brunette Renata will go first. The nurse routinely bares her breasts for the stethoscope, she is deemd fit, signs the consent form to accept the punishment alternative, and is taken to the frame, topless and pants half down. Her hair is pinned up to keep her back bare–very erotic. She is fastened in a bizarre manner worth a few words to describe–on her knees, ankles attached and legs open, arms pulled wide and high overhead, then odd lightweight spreader bars extended horizontally from the side support and joined with velcro connections at the neck and waist, effecively freezing her naked back in the center of the frame for whipping. Her pants have been inched down, teasing us with just a bit of her bottom.

Renata gets 10 strokes of the whip and screams from the outset. The whip rings against the metal frame as it glances off her smooth pale back. She marks instantly. Too bad those pants remain in place. She is released and panifully moved to a treatment room, where her wheals are slowly salved.

Yana, a blonde more endowed than Ranata, is next. She reluctantly hands over her T-shirt, signs the consent, and is taken to the frame and attached. Lovely tension. Her petty theft conviction is commuted for 10 strokes. She is more stoic than Renata, except for a few strokes which wrap around and nip a breast. Now two bare backs side-by-side being treated.

Christina has been convicted for prostitution and this is not to be her best day. She is a lovely thin blonde with a boyish figure. Her hair is pinned up to expose her back. 50 lashes! Big welts, back and front, some wrap-around shots. Her hair shakes loose and has to be repinned. Very hot stuff. She, like all the girls, gasps for air during the ordeal. “I feel sick,” she says. No wonder. She has to be supported to be walked to the treatment room.

And redhead Sarah, an impossible 150 lashes! She looks miserable but stoic. The punishment is ugly and brutal, beyond what we wish to see. She screams through it. At least we see her half-masted pants fall down under the onslaught. There is some erotic tension in watching the four naked backs being treated. We are more rewarded by the ceremony, fastening, and waiting, than the actual delivery of the blows.


Amelia Jane Rutherford -FIRMHAND and CPENTERTAINMENT

22 Oct

This statuesque British subject could have selected many career paths;  she chose CP films to augment fashion modelling. We surmised someone recognized a particular asset of hers and suggested how she could exploit it. She has combined her naughty sense of adventure with acting talent to make films for several producers. We look at attractive series at FIRMHAND, ‘Marriage Guidance’  and ‘A Definitive Guide to Corporal Punishment,” and several others, elsewhere. Here are a few from CHELSEAPFEIFFERENTERTAINMENT. Enjoy this sampling and spend some money to see this actress. First, an interview.

FIRMHAND Interview (year:2006; time:10 minutes) ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ sits curled up on a couch with a cup of tea, circa 2006, partway through her CP film career. Among other things, the actress describes picking this screen name for a way to project character traits she wanted to develop. She poses here in an adolescent style, in keeping with persona.

Her first series at FIRMHAND was ‘Haughty Ballerina,’ directed by Samantha Woodley. We have wondered, as we also work through Ms. Woodley’s oeuvre, if these two girls every compared each other’s bottoms in some secluded moment? We wouldn’t want to choose, but we’d study it.

Ms. Rutherford describes working a full day on ‘Ballerina,’ as the intensity of the spanking implements accelerated to a huge paddle, which she declares was new to her. We’ve wondered how they handle reddening buttocks vs. story timeline from one episode to the next.

Wonderful facials of this glamorous star, as she describes the paddle and the cane as instruments of pain, and nudity on the set. In ‘Diva Discipline,’ she explains she was invited to insert some of her own content. More series cam later, and more are in distribution at this moment in 2015.

And a few words about ‘Dallas,’ of DALLASSPANKSHARD. She confirms other models’ opinions–he is the hardest handspanker and made her cry. But the implements at FIRMHAND were more difficult.

‘Diva Fix’ (FIRMHAND; M/f; 2006; 8 minutes): Tall blond Amelia plays a dancer and is accused of having an affair with the troupe choreographer. Because of her ‘and what if I  did’  attitude, the Director will use company procedure.

“Turn around, hands on the table.” “Oh no, you’re not going to spank me? Why does it always have to be spanking?” He takes her pants down–there’s that marvelous feminine tush, dimples of Venus and all, which makes Ms. Rutherford one of the industry divas. The Director uses a thin little strap, excellent angles–obliques, facials, full-bottom, zooms from overhead.

Amelia the actress–she kicks her feet and thrashes in her puddled knickers, when she bends she keeps her knees locked to thrust her hips high. She accuses the Director of having fun, then stomps off, in this short film.

‘A Realtor Spanking’ (CHELSEA PFEIFFER ENTERTAINMENT; Year: 2008; 12 minutes): Chelsea Pfeiffer plays a realtor showing client Amelia some office space. They argue–it seems Ms. Rutherford is just impossible. Chelsea will spank her right here in the empty space–this may not earn her a commission but it is fun.

A lot of yelling and struggling, “Oh how could you?” etc. but Amelia’s white lace panties find their way to the floor. Long handspanking, glimpses of Amelia Jane’s trimmed mohawk, and somebody had a hairbrush, which comes in handy. Wall mirrors help with Amelia’s striking face.

‘Indecorous Behavior’ (CHELSEA PFEIFFER ENTERTAINMENT;F/f; 10 minutes): We thought the selection of this title befit Mis. Rutherford’s classiness. Same office setting as above. Chelsea and Amelia argue over some business issue. Chelsea gets Amelia over a table, handspanks her on black panties, then sits on her, straddling her back, bottom bare, for a round with her belt. cute and pro-forma.

‘Bare Ass Paddling’ (FirmHand; M/f; year: 2008): Miss Rutherford has flooded the yard with a hose from the pool; and she must pay for it in the way she is best at. She will get that bikini’d bottom spanked. It is already red, understandable if you look at her 2008 credits, much of which we have been able to cover. Over a bar in the pool cabana for the wood paddle; repeats from different angles. “That definitely made me cry.”

Slaves of Rome – MOOD PICTURES

22 Oct

MF/7f; time: 39 minutes

A dynamic and exploitative film if you like naked slave girls like we do. A  traveling slave broker shows seven “new girls from Hispania” to nobleman Marcus, displaying them, like carpet samples, in hopes of a sale.

The broker strings up the seven girls, cuts away scraps of their burlap covering to display their bodies, and manhandles them like a horse auction. All the men in the room agree that one redhead is “born to be fucked.” The broker chooses the seventh, a blonde–“my favorite one,” he says, to be whipped. He bares her back and lays on 50 strokes, reducing her to convulsive tears. He also reduces her sale value, we thought.

The nobleman picks three girls and the deal is done. At his home, ‘Mercedes’ plays his wife and questions why he needs three Hispania girls. Not that it answers the question, but he got three for the price of two. He isn’t the first man to bring home more melons from the market than they need.

Mercedes inspects the girls, is very curious which of them will be providing sex to her husband. To houseman/privileged slave Titus, “Take them out to the stable, tie them up and wait for me.” She arrives with the cane, very activated. “Which one of you has my husband picked out?”

The first girl is chained in the diaper position, ankles fastened over her head, legs pulled wide, showing us stuff her mooma never saw. Mercedes lays on 50 cane strokes. The girl is desperate after a half-dozen. To prove her heritage, Mercedes demands she count the strokes in Latin. She is turned to toasted cheese. She won’t be fucking Marcus for a while.

The remaining two girls are given severe canings also, actually worse. As Titus handles them and gets them naked in turn, it is clear he has some privileges coming his way in this house.


22 Oct

2M/3f; year: 2008; time: 30 minutes

The vehicle of depicting a B&D/CP brothel in Prague provides Lupus the plot mechanism to roll out a variety of fetish activities. The film contains actual opening credits and shows a man arriving at the airport in Prague. We surmise he is a paying client at the hostel. Actor JanZlatousty meets him.

In another scene,  Jan is seen dragging a brunette into a shabby remote house, then he and an associate pick off a young blonde drinking booze under a tree. We deduce without subtitles that the men stock their brothel with unfortunate girls they rescue from worse fates.

Jan and the traveler enter the brothel, which is decorated like a high school Haunted House party. The visitor is amaed to see naked girls in cages.

The first entertainment for the visitor and another German guest will be a spanking enactment in a faux classroom. Jan will perform in don’s cap and gown with his cane. One of the girls, in full schoolgirl kit, melodramatically begs for mercy on her knees, but is ordered to strip naked. After she stands naked at the blackboard, trying to cover herself, she is strapped to a trestle. She screams through a caning worthy of Jan’s resume, her pigtails flying. The German admires her wheals at very close range. “Wunderbar.” He and an attendant drag her off–we assume he has some private time with her; her screams are heard in the distance.

The Prague client fidgets. What has he gotten involved with? Jan fetches a naked brunette out of a dog’s cage. Another attendant helps her buckle on a pony-girl criss-cross harness, bit in the mouth, leather crotch, collar, etc. She assists, because she is here to perform. She puts her own butt plug/tail in with no help. She prances in a circle, knees high, urged on by a buggy whip. Very nice.

The same girl continues in another scene, naked now, harness removed. She is strung up, really stretched. Jan flogs her back and botttom. She cries out in Czech, “Ow, ow, yo, yo, yo.” the visitor begs Jan to relent and caresses the girl’s bottom.

In the next scenario at hostel/brothel the boozing blonde is dressed as a French maid and serves tea, for a Spanking-the-Maid fetish. The visitor gets her OTK, takes her frilly knickers down, spanks hard and accept the donut-headed wood paddle, one of Lupus’ nastiest tools, from Jan. The blonde struggles and squirms, for good reason. She strips naked.

In the next scene, the man from Prague is still at it. the naked blonde is fastened head and wrists in an old-fashioned stock, her legs are spread about 3′ wide, her back flat at 90 degrees from the frame. The visitor, aroused now beyond control, canes the daylights out of her twisting and dodging bottom. She screeches too. “Yeoww, yeoww.” Great facials, full pussy, quivering. He fondles and kisses her striped tush.

An assistant enters and starts a gasoline-operated chain saw, as if to decapitate the blonde whose head is at hand in the stocks, causing the Prague guy to run off in horror. This is how you frighten off an overly randy client when his time is up and you have his money. The guy vomits outside when he sees heavy garbage bags being dragged from the house. To the airport posthaste.

A closing scene depicts Jan, his assistants, and the three brothel girls enjoying a good laugh and counting fistsful of money.

Late Date – CALSTAR

21 Oct

M/f; time: 23 minutes

A  suggestion on how to deal with a spouse or girlfriend who can’t gst dressed on time. The scene is filmed in one room. A guy is going to spank his girlfriend because she is late and can’t get a move on.

The girl is a tall spankable brunette; when her friend makes her kneel on the couch for a handspanking, she makes the mistake of saying, “I don’t know how this is going to help.” She gets to rub, but not much has happened yet–her pattern panties survive. She doesn’t object to bending over the arm of the couch, although now “It stings a little.”

“Take off your skirt….don’t take an hour.” He helps her finish–assists with the blouse, bra, panties, and garter belt. We’d guess he has decided they’re doing other things tonight. Handspanking over the couch, then a silly use of a fly swatter.

She’s got her panties back on and kneels on the floor for more handsmacks and smacks with a magazine. Nothing really daunting, but not as fun as going to a party.

He’ll give her another chance. She is told to dress, but when this again takes too long, he takes her into the bedroom, maybe for a stiffer lesson, becuase she is so slow.



21 Oct

F2M/3f; time: 30 minutes

Two school girls perch on the back of a park bench, knees open, flashing panty, very unladylike, while two older women watch them disapprovingly. (We may struggle with this plot a bit, lacking subtitles, but we’re here for the visuals.) A school caretaker brings the girls to the headmaster, the fat actor Lars Mobius, whose fascination with the female buttocks is established in our files.

The HM must deal with these two girls. In the middle of an interview with job applicant Alexendra Wolf, he replaces his putter in his umbrella stand and withdraws his cane, a swordsman. The two naughty girls are brought in, Alexandra is sent to wait outside; the first, blond Lucie Novatna, is quickly put over the desk. She takes her own knickers down and the HM delivers a wild and fast caning. Alexandra hears the unmistakable commotion. The poor girl must wear a “Under Detention” sign around her neck. Actress Vera Kresadlova cowers in anticipaion.

Another male teacher joins Alexandra for an interview as brunette pigtailed Vera faces the HM inside. She gets the same wild whipping and is escorted out, shaking and crying. The applicants heard the tumult and what goes on at this school.

The male applicant is interviewed next. He sees a discarded pair of panties on the floor. Wte see the HM is one of those men with a souvenir drawer of knickers in his desk.

A  third girl, Michaela, is brought to the HM by the caretaker; she is already naked. The male visitor is overly fascinated as he watches this girl receive her harsh caning over the desk, low, hard, and wild. She goes out with the sign around her neck also. Closeups suggest this was the most severe punishment so far.

At this school, the caretaker also has his crack at the girls, in the ‘detention room.’ He canes Lucie first. The HM stops by to observe. She is naked and lies up along a bench and is belted down on what looks like a lobster trap turned into a spanking trestle and not so comfortable when you’re not wearing a stitch. She gets huge bruises from the small-holed paddle. Brunette Vera awaits her turn, comes in, and gets her bottom turned into a rocky road. The HM can probably arrange more severe punishments down here, away from his office.

It would appear the male applicant was overcome by the harsh discipline and leaves, but Ms. Alexandra Wolf seems to have breathed in the elixir, because the film closes with Alexandra, stripped down to bra and skirt, in privacy somewhere, in the process of paddling the stuffing out of Michaela over a trestle, very naked, and showing us all her charms.






Niki Flynn – Collected Shorts #1

21 Oct
  • More cunning little appearances from this willing and resourceful actress. Search her out everywhere you can.

PAIN4FEM; (4 minutes-2 segments): Actress Niki Flynn gets her ticket pushed at Pain4Fem, filming two very brief episodes employing some of the apparatus famous here, and with none other than Peter Schober to preside at the ceremonies at the controls. The first setting is a ‘barn,’ not much more than straw strewn in the studio corner.

Niki wears Victorian peasant garb. Peter makes her strip naked to the waist. This is one CP actress who eagerly thrusts out her breasts at the slightest provocation–justly proud she is and they are. Niki is strung up, her muscular arms stretched. If you like naked and helpless arms, armpits, and shoulders in this predicament, visit here. Peter paddles her bare back with a short leather padded instrument, an odd technique made colorful by Niki’s begging and squirming. Amendment: this episode is an excerpt from “The Spy,” which we have now reviewed separately on this site. One of Niki’s best, we thought, although not of the LUPUS  intensity.

The second 4-minute episode employs that treacherous gurney used in ‘Judicial Canings.’ Niki wears a tight red knit dress, a costume she frequently used to display her musculed femininity  even before she undresses. He fastens her to the device–straps at her ankles, knees, back, and wrists. Dress up, panties down, anxious face, her spread legs provide that window to her ladyhood. And lastly, a bolster under her hips to raise her bottom. Peter, in his judicial uniform, straps this stationary tush. Niki lets out her typical little screams and cries.

“I Must Try Harder‘ (SPANKEDCUTIE; F/f; 15 minutes): Another find on the shelves from the complete works of Niki Flynn. Here she sports her short dark hair in  classroom-schoolgirl melodrama with a British domme actress, either ‘Hastings-Gore’ or ‘Gillian-Lancer.’ Niki wears a charcoal gray school uniform, a color she must prefer, because it pops up in many of her schoolgirl performances.

She is going to be given some strong encouragement to do better in school. She stands in front of a five-level work vaulting platform;  we know in a CP film what those will be used for. After a rather long scolding for such a short film, Gillian takes her OTK, skirt up, full white panties down quickly. “Oh, no!” with her patented little yelps. The big bruise we’ve been charting on her left buttock has disappeared. After Gillian takes Niki’s panties all the way off, she stands to face the vaulting horse. She is allowed to rub while Gillian fetches her slipper. Back OTK for more; the film concludes with more rubbing. A ride on the horse may occur in a sequel.

Daydreams of Discipline‘;  M/f;  SOUNDPUNISHMENT; 14 minutes Niki made numerous short films, where she often took terrific and colorful spankings without repeats or plot diversions. Here we find yet another office fantasy, when Niki daydreams about being punished by her boss.

As a P.A., she is shown typing errors, returns to her desk, and daydreams of her boss taking sterner measures. The American film ‘The Secretary’ has spawned several CP films,where spanking is shown as it was intended to be. Her first chatisement dream: “Get over my knee, girl!” Her male boss spanks hard. Great facials and theatrical squawks from Niki. Skirt up, she shows black panties, garters, and stockings. “Disgusting knickers. You should not be wearing these to the office.” We can’t figure out why he should be concerned. He tugs them down.

In the next scene, back to reality, the boss wakes Niki daydreaming the above, and gives her more work. She daydreams the second spanking scenario. More mistakes, back over his knee on the same couch in the office. Knickers down again. The daydream continues: “I thought this morning’s spanking would have taught you a lesson…top off!” “What?” she puzzles. Jersey off, down to bra and garter belt, panties on the floor. Niki flashes a little fuzz. Hands-on-couch for a sharp spanking with a square leather paddle which covers a lot of real estate.

At the conclusion, she faces us tearfully, more fuzz. Back to reality at the boss’ desk, he explains to Niki that in the old days girls got spanked for such mistakes.

English School’ (FIRMHAND) 26 episodes with Samantha Woodley reviewed elsewhere.

‘Hot Seat’ feature length from SHADOWLANE reviewed elsewhere.

‘Music Lesson’ (Northern Spanking; F/f; time: 12 minutes) Niki in her charcoal grey schoolgirl outfit, goofing off when she should be practicing her recorder. ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ enters the room and will correct matters immediately with a paddle. Niki hangs her head like she always does at the prospect of an impending spanking.

Gillian Lancer takes her OTK for a straightforward handspanking, full white panties. Nothing special, except for the two legendary CP actors. G-L spanks precisely and crisply, as always. Some paddle added. She’s doing some damage, we will see.

Gillian Lancer directs Niki to lean over the back of a chair. Note two tiny bloodstains on her full white panties, which come down–there are the skin pops. One of the harder handspankings in our catalogue. Niki kneels on the school cloakroom bench at the conclusion to display her bottom.

Bad Evaluation‘  SPANKEDCUTIES  (MF/f; 24 minutes) Producer David Pierson and a British woman, ‘Sabbathia,’ discuss what in the world they are going to do about Niki Flynn. “Fetch her in.” Niki enters in her world-traveled gray school kit, short reddish hair, and does her predicable face when she hears she is going to be spanked.

To add to her predicament, she has to skinny down her panties and hand them over. Pierson takes her OTK, a nice little struggle. She is already banged up from another time. Sabbathia takes over and spanks harder, then suggests the cane. After a scene break and a long lecture, Niki leans her elbows on the couch arm and takes almost thirty strokes of the cane, surely repeats from different angles. But the welts and wheals are real. Hugs all around.  (We have seen this film called ‘UK Discipline’ and distributed by XEROTICS.)

The Peacock Lady – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

21 Oct

M/f; year: 2002; time: 30 minutes

Pavel Stastny in his headmaster role, at his desk, with all those naughty things in its drawers. He unwraps a nasty whip he has received and puts it in a cupboard.

‘Miss Von Schroll’ enters his office. She is an older woman, at least by the schoolgirl standards of those who pass through these portals, and is dressed in nobility clothingnot blouse and skirt, and a silly flower headdress. Still, she seems to be a student (maybe ‘Continuing Education’?); the HM is disappointed by her school performance and her failure to set an example for the other girls. Although we have only subtitles on our film, it looks like Von Schroll qualifies for corporal punishment like the other students.

She begs for clemency, but he sentences her to 25 cane strokes, plus 5 for falsifying her heritage. When she protests, it is 10 extras, then 15. She goes behind the screen the HM has in his office, which provides some privacy from everything but the camera. Von Schroll pulls up her voluminous skirts and underlayments to get to pantaloons, then helps to select the cane the HM will use.

Over the trestlle, strapped down, ankles, wrists, and small-of-back, the HM adjusts her clothing so her bare cheeks are centered, and he begins his work. She screams from the first stroke. The first 25 are completed, slowly, the big welts ripen. He releases her at this point–this caning was probably more severe than they expected.

She rehangs the cane on the wall rack, then kneels on the washboard under the crucifix. The HM insists she puts her hands on her head to improve her posture (and of course increase the discomfort by putting more weight on her knees).

When she arises, she washes the tears off her face, adjusts her clothing, and issues a rather breathy “Au revoir, headmaster,” as if this might be repeated soon. He requires her to wear a silly dunce’s cap, to take the ‘peacock’ metaphor to the extreme.

Christmas Spanking – GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL

21 Oct

M/2f; time: 27 minutes

A long-format film from GBS and thus deserving a normal review from us. The presentation follows the GBS norm, except the punishments are longer.

Blond Linda and brunette Sophie in pajamas sneak into one of GBS’ set rooms to look through some Christmas gifts. They find a decorative bottle of liquor and, in a predictably silly sequence, proceed to share chugs from the bottle until it is empty. They loll about, drunk, wearing Santa party hats. The master enters, scopes it all out, and will now of course collect his own Christmas presents.

He sends Linda off to get his canes. Sophie drops her pj bottoms to be spanked first. OTK. GBS enhances the shot by having Linda drop her pants in the background. Sophie is caned first, about 15 white lines on a suntanned bottom.

The master will alternate with the cane on both girls. Linda gets six, then over 20 more for Sophie, followed by a dozen for Linda. The  master puts both bottoms side by side on the couch and then moves from one to the other. Both touch toes for more, then hands-to-the-wall for the typical long fadeout.

Conventional caning scenes and postures; GBS keeps the screen filled with bare bottoms.