Katie Birched, Whipped, and Strapped – NUWEST NWV-280

8 Oct

M/f; time: 24 minutes

Producer Ed Lee has always loved outdoor punishment scenes–patio whippings, gravel pits, scub growth and sandy/dirt roads, barnyards. It must be cheaper–no set design, lighting, and since the costumes tend to come off, they don’t matter. NUWEST  has been challenged though, by wind and sun glare on occasion. But most of all, there is something naughty and exotic about a completely naked girl being pursued in the wild. One finds many versions of this throughout adult film literature.

Little blond ‘Katie,’ forever the ingenue and post-teenager, and surely one of Lee’s favorites, plays his niece. Her step-mother sent her to Uncle Ed for some discipline. She pulls up to his house in a white SUV, wearing a little leather jacket, skirt, top, and pantyhose. She enters the house with that great little sullen look on her face which has been spanked away in so many films.

“You’re going to take off all your clothes and go to the whipping post.” “Yes, Uncle Ed.” First, she is sent outside to cut swtiches. Ed wraps them in a bundle in his workshop. “These buggers sting like mad.”

We see Katie, she has gotten herself completely naked, standing at attention in the middle of the room. She retains a perfect little body, neat proportional buttocks just pronounced enough for a lady, and natural un-enhanced breasts. Despite her resume, she remains a credible amateur.

He marches her bare-ass down a scrubby road, the kind of desolate landscape where you’d be looking for snakes sunning themselves. The ‘whipping post’ is a log T-bar he has installed in a clearing. Lee has explained in one of his ‘instructional’ videos that the T-bar is a dangerous device, in that the bent-over victim grabbing the low handles presents tight skin and hugely vulnerable body parts.

The log surface is meant to be lain over. Katie presents all-bottom and screams maybe a bit too much under the birches, but we loved every second of this. She is led stumbling in the ruts of the road back to the house for the next phase. The shaky hand-held camera picks up the flayed birch patterns on her buttocks.

Katie seems to be staying over with Uncle Ed. She has dressed in different clothes, blond hair pinned up. Ed is not pleased with her outfit. Katie does a bend-over to show her panties, then it’s outside and down the sandy road to the T-bar clearing, keeping her clothes on for the moment. Ed has warned her this session would be with the Australian dog whip.

This time Katie sits straddling the log bar and lies forward along its length. He flips her skirt up and whips what of her bottom he can access. The camera angle doesn’t work well this time–except for her sweet face. Back to the house.

In the next scene, Katie wears a breezy summer frock. After a long scoldiing session, Ed gets his strap from the garage .Katie draps herself over the kichen table, skirt up, pantyhose soon down, a hard and entertaining strapping on the bottom of an actress who knows how to be spanked in the kitchen. She runs off in a snit at the end.

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