Martial Law 2 – MOOD PICTURES

8 Oct

3F/4f;  45 minutes

A fairly standard, though typically harsh, Mood production, which we found entertaining because of a few twists.

Four female prisoners and 2 female and 1 male guard in a prison yard. The girls are taken to a cell area. “Take off your clothes.” The girls must have heard about this place, because they hurry to comply. The four girls–a blonde in corn rows, a short haired brunette, a short haired blonde, and a redhead, are taken in turn, fastened to cell bars, and given 25 strokes of the strap on bare buttocks. The attendant guards are enjoying themselves. The girls are dressed in orange coveralls, no undies, and locked up.

The male commanding officer likes the look of the short haired blonde and she will have to put on a lesbian display, “the usual show,” with one of the female guards. The guard goes to work on her on the CO’s desk,pulling down a thong which she found and put on somewhere along the way. When the blond prisoner is turned on her stomach, the CO sees the strap marks.

In one of the scenes which rung our bell, the girls scream as they are being sprayed with a power washing device in the shower, by the same blond guard who performed for the CO.

The blond guard is suddently apprehended and stands before the CO, now in her own yellow coveralls. The strapping of the prisoners and maybe the power wash were not authorized. She herself will receive 100  strokes of the cane, in the formal setting used previously in this series.

She escorted in front of an aluminum frame. She strips naked and climbs on. “You are familiar with this.” She kneels up on a platform, leans forward over a bar at her waist. Her wrists are  fastened; knees spread, ankles fastened. Bare bottom centered and stationary. Staff observes.

The caning is slow and colorful. The thin cane tends to wrap around the far side, leaving welts down her flank all the way to her knees. She resists fainting on one occasion and manages to complete her punishment; she is taken for treatment by a matron.

We thought: the pay must be very good and the discipline air-tight if this is what happens to staff management.

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