Room 2D – ROUE

8 Oct

2M/f; time: 21 minutes

An oldie, and several reviewers have called it one of the very best CP films ever made. We have betrayed our preference for vintage schoolgirl themes with story lines, and this film captures all the nuances. The character ‘Lucy Palmer,’ who has some naughty roles in other ROUE   films, portrays a schoolgirl who has run afoul of the choir director by spilling a pile of treasured hymnals. It would be difficult to suggest an actress to compete with Lucy’s perfect schoolgirl vulnerability.

Lucy is a curly-blonde, with big blue eyes, wearing a necktie, blouse, cardigan sweater, blue skirt, and white knee socks. She has been summoned to the ‘punishment room,’ and from her pouting and ashamed look, she knows exactly what is about to happen.

Mr. Harris, a yound teacher whose job it is to prepare Lucy, enters the room, consults the punishment book, and directs Lucy to raise her skirt and display full white panties. Her baleful, desperate facial expressions contribute much to the suspense. As she faces him, Harris slowly pulls down her knickers to her thighs, displaying a full tawny patch of pubic hair. Lucy endures this indignity without a twitch as Harris takes in the sight.

Leisurely, she is assisted to lay bare-bottom over the desk, grasping the edges, frightened blue eyes, buttocks high. A  full screen oblique depicts just what a magnificent bottom she brings to the film. Harris can’t resist smacking that target a few times as he perfects her posture and leaves her to await the disciplinarian.

Mr. Clark enters, delighted with Lucy’s presentation. After some scolding, he begins a handspanking. Exquisite closeups, gasps, facials. This film came from an era when a bottom needed to be warmed before the cane. Clark gets his cane and lays on 12 increasingly severe strokes. Some are filmed from her suffering face, her bottom rising in the background. He circles the desk–Lucy desperately tries to follow his movements to anticipatee the next stroke.

“Stand up. I want you to pull your knickers down one more inch.” Clark begins a long, slow caning. Lucy wipes tears from her moon eyes. “Keep that pretty little bottom of yours up in the air…bottom up!” He fondles.

These men are just having their fun with this helpless delectable morsel of a student. To make matters worse for Lucy, “I hear through the grapevine that it’s your birthday today….take your skirt off!” He leaves to fetch the headmaster, for what seems a school tradition, and Lucy is ready in position for it.

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