Triangle of Pain – CALSTAR

8 Oct

F/f; M/3f; time: 54 minutes

Two separate half-length stories alternated in segments. We’ll comment on each one in its entirety. The ‘triangle’ reference, the first part, refers to a tarty employee messing with a lady’s husband; the second part has three bare bottoms.

Part 1: “Amy,’ a small blonde, calls at a house where she is employed by both the husband and wife in an administrative business capacity. The wife receives her. She is a statuesque buxom blonde, who as an actress has surely shinnied on more than one stripper’s pole. Amy is late, lazy, and cavalier. The husband permits it, because somewthing is going on. The Blonde confronts her. About her husband, Amy says, “We have a….well…a rapport.” No doubt what that means. The spanking starts.

Amy is taken OTK and laughs about it. The scene is the kitchen and adjoining dining room where CalStar has turned up many bare tushes. Tights down, leopard knickers, Amy keeps her hair off her face. Panties down, the Blonde is going to spank her until she admits the affair with her husband. And she hits hard—somebody will be talking soon.

Amy admits she has been having sex with the husband–for just a few months. Not good enough–over the dining room table for CalStar’s oval paddle. “You’re going to beat it out of me, aren’t you?” We assume so, but hopefully not too soon. The crackling echoes disguise a lot of ad lib dialogue.

Cornered, bare bottom, in the kitchen. “Face me…what does he see in you…what do you do for my husband?” Long frontal look, the Blonde handles Amy’s breasts and inspects her charms. Amy brags that she pleases the husband in all the ways his wife won’t. You do have to wondwr what the magic is–this Blonde is enough for two men. Out comes a bigger paddle and a bigger reaction from Amy. No more little smirks.

The Blonde applies the palm-crop. Ouch, but still Amy won’t talk. Then the cane, and things go quiet on the set. Almost 40 strokes are shown, repeats, etc. Amy breaks down and agrees to let the Blonde into her husband’s computer.

Second story: A little sleazy for CalStar. After a street scene in what might be ‘Chinatown’ in London, actor Michael Dawes confronts three diminuitive Thai girls. He runs an escort service–the girls have been stealing from and disrpeecting clients. He will spank all three. The set looks like a hotel suite.

The girls speak a few lines, and what we hear is broken English at best, so the actresses probably are working Thai girls. “Thai girls never steal.” They seem a bit uncertain on the procedures of a CP video and are mildly amused by Dawes’  somewhat corny pretensions. In this film, he never spanks hard enough to cause the actresses to face reality.

In turn, the small brown Asian girls step forward, drop their jeans or shorts, and are spanked bare-bottom by Dawes OTK on the edge of the bed. Each is cute and cunning. Your are hoping the spankings can be intensified. Occasionally there are lapses in the acting; someone says something funny, there is laughter then glances at the camera to see if we should continue. “Quiet, no talking while I am spanking,” says Dawes, saving the scene. His line itself elicits more snickers.

With one girl, Dawes reaches bwtween her legs for a tweaking frig, but she slaps his hand away dismissivly, as if this were not a part of the deal.

As Dawes usually does, he makes the girls face the wall and keep their spanked buttocks in the shot until all three are dealt with, then they are sent back to work.


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