Headmistress of Briar Hill – MISS MARCHMONT

18 Oct

F/2f; time: 25 minutes

Experienced CP actresses make a conventional schoolgirl discipline film. At Briar Hill, Friday nights are reserved for punishment. The girls line up outside the headmistress’s office. Actress ‘Eve Harper’ plays the Head and can barely withhold her enthusiasm for this night of the week.

The film opens with a crisp handspanking underway. Blond actress Nina Birch is OTK, in school uniform. The scene is the Head’s office. Nina’s cries mingle with the strains of a female opera aria, which Harper properly plays on Friday nights to mask the anguish. Harper takes her shorts down, bunches her panties, and switches to a ‘slipper,’ a nasty-looking thick leather sole cut by a craftsman who must have wished he could witness the testing. Harper then threatens with a cane, but Nina will not get it this time. “Next!”

Actress ‘Susan Fox,’ a short brunette in pigtails, looking close to not-legal, enters. She’s been caught smoking. “Let’s get on with it…there are people out there waiting to be punished.” OTK, handspanking, black bikini panties don’t cover much, but no matter, they are down.

Susan kneels on a tufted chair for a mild slippering and a little more fondling than would seem necessary, especially if there are customers waiting. “I’m enjoying seeing this bottom every week.” Next a thin rigid strap. “Keep that bottom sticking out!”

For the cane, Susan stands, hands on the arm of the chair. It is more like a thick stick. She jumps and gulps at the pain. “You know what the last stroke is?” “The hardest, Miss.” Harper fingers and soothes again–these Friday nights! “Lovely lines coming up on this bottom.”

“Pull up your panties….slowly..slowly. Next time the senior cane.”  What was that cane we just saw?  if there is a bigger one, that will be something. “Next!”

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