The Music Lesson – REDSTRIPE

18 Oct

M/f; time: 34 minutes

A  brunette actress credited as ‘Clare Weller’ plays ‘Simpson,’ runs into a rather unpleasant substitute music instructor. When she has to confess she left her recorder wind instrument at home, she will be headed over the instructor’s desk. “Time to face the music, Simpson.”

The scene is a stripped-down room, with a few school props. Simpson faces his desk; the instructor smacks her skirt as he scolds, then clears off his tabletop and selects a cane from the cache seen in the corner. Simpson lifts her skirt and displays full white panties. The instructor begins the caning without warmup–the first dozen strokes on her knickers, some with the facial angle.

The instructor switches to a hairbrush and smacks hard, and very loud, thanks to a microphone which must have been soundchecked. “Pull down your knickers…all the way down…step out of them.” She hands them over and he drapes the bright white bundle over a giraffe figure on his desk. He smacks so hard he splits the hairbrush.

The instructor turns to the cane again, this time the bottom is bare. Another dozen hard and loud strokes. Then a short session with the slipper.

Not satisfied, the instructor has Simpson bend and grab her ankles for another 15 strokes, 10 of which are filmed as facials. It would be plausible at this juncture that some strokes be repeats. How much can a girl take?

But more. “Take off your skirt.” Simpson kneels on a padded bench, bends to touch palms to the floor, which elevates her bottom. 14 fast cane strokes, making Simpson struggle to hold position. She strives to keep her thighs closed. The instructor breaks the cane tip. The second cane is much thicker, and fortunately for Simpson, the video is almost over. About 10 more strokes, before Simpson gathers her clothes and leaves, flashing us a brief frontal. The camera scans the broken implements on the floor, battle wea;pons.

Three minutes of repeats are accompanied by Mozart’s Requiem. “Dies Irae. Salve Mei.”

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