A Strapping Good Time – DALLAS SPANKS HARD

19 Oct

M/f; time: 23 minutes

A prolific producer of spanking films for subscription download. DSH may be our favorite producer to depict cowering and halpless naked young ladies forced by circumstances to endure the embarrassment of a spanking. The ‘good time’ here will be had by us, certainly not the young lady whose bottom is the evening’s entertainment.

A short pretty blonde is being spanked full power as the film opens. Dallas tells her: “You know what to expect. It’s going to be a long evening.”

Hands-on-knees, pants and panties at her knees, she gets the strap. Her bottom is fully rouged and beginning to blotch. She kneels up a couch for a thin wide strap. Silly crying, but increasing blotching and bruising.

The blonde lies flat on the couch. This actress has one of those soaring hard bottoms, rising from her thighs, which makes your fingers tingle. More strapping. “Are we starting to have an undertanding?” “Yes, sir.” Dallas gets this magnificent specimen full-screen.

Next she must face a wood paddle with holes drilled through, an American phenomenon, fearfully painful. Watch the movie ‘Mandingo’ for a grotesque demonstration. She must stand erect and grasp a cabinet attached to the back of a door. “Hold on tight.”

“Are you trying to break the paddle on my ass,” she says, flashing him a smile.  “15 more good ones,” is his reply. She counts–they are hard ones, and only 10 are shown. She does a good old-fashioned bend-over to present her bottom and her ladyhood, very nice.

She kneels erect on a bench at the wall. “Kneel for one hour then go back to school.” Closeup-fade.

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