19 Oct

Mf/2f; year: 2007; time: 28 minutes

We don’t think George Bernard Shaw contemplated the use of a rattan cane to train a young lady when he created
Pygmalion,’ but given the suggestion  that he probably had at least a mild case of the British Vice himself, we bet he fantasized about it.

Two girls, ‘flower girls,’ a blonde and a redhead, shivering and adrift, are enticed into a mansion by several men, one of whom is Lupus-regular Jan Zlatousty, one of the great disciplinarians. It seems the girls have been pickpocketing. Their unique re-education will begin now. Jan gets his cane and directs the first girl, a buxom blonde, to take her clothes off. She is quite an eyeful in the nude, and matter-of-fact about getting naked in front of these men.

The police arrive with the actor ‘Lars’  and identify these girls as pickpockets and burglars. They find tools and wallets in the possession of Jan and his friend. (The girls work for them?)

Lars seems to convince the police to let him take the redhead away with him. She’ll be getting Lupus’ version of Pgymalion-style elocution lessons for sure, probably working on her scream. Lars turns the redhead over to his maid, actress ‘Helena,’ who is contemptuous about this new pussy cat in the house.

The redhead, actress ‘Ester,’ is given a bath, and the maid attempts to exercise her authority by giving her a wet-b0ttom spanking for her first domestic transgressions. Lars breaks this up, Helena fetches a tawse for him to complete the punishment after the bath.

Ester strips naked–we would like to repeat that redheads make just about the best spanking subjects in our opinion. Helena and Lars both slash her with the tawse.

There is another spanking scene, before the film concludes with Ester and Lars strolling on the grounds. Her lessons are taking effect, but is she wearing panties?

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