Spanking Big Enema – CALSTAR

19 Oct

M/2f; time: 49 minutes

Sir Nik in an American production, with its special brand of kinks. Our high hopes for a rousing enema are usually dashed, as they will be here. Nik is a ‘therapist’ who practices “hydro-therapy,” which he explains to his first patient Diane, a pretty long-haired brunette, means “spanking.” He disciplines employees as a corporate consultant.

Diane is suitably distressed. “Do I have to do this to keep my job?” Nik rearranges the office furniture and takes Diane OTK, stroking her covered bottom. Hard lefty handspanking, skirt up, black panties, a lot of shuffling of positions.

Fade to black: Diane is bent over the desk; Nik unfastens her skirt and lowers her panties. Her humiliation is part of the company punishment. Over a hassock, she is spanked with a variety of paddles, a large wooden spoon which should be used in moderation, and a double-tongue strap. Nike removes his heavy studded biker’s belt for a few whacks.

Diane now stands, hands-on-hassock, knees locked, red bottom high, for the cane. About 10 strokes, counted aloud. Closeups of her fully engulfed buttocks, little heat-rash type welts and bumps and bruises, filmed from various angles and below. When she dresses, she flashes her mohawk.

The second patient is a redhead, and this is apparently a return visit, not a good thing, if you reflect on the title of the film. She wears a yellow blouse and blue skirt. “You know the drill.” OTK. Skirt off, white panties–he reaches to pull her top off and unsnap her bra while she is still stretched across his lap. Things are going downhill fast. He takes the panties down.

Hands-on-desk; paddles; tramp stamp and other tattoos; blotchy bottom after a bit, with maybe a knick of broken skin. She sits on his lap, bends forward for the straddling spanking position, over-the-shoulder camera. Some brief caning kneeling on a chair before we begin the anticipated bathroom scene.

The bathroom is a scuzzy affair, like a roadside service station. Cheap fixtures, dirty tile. The redhead kneels on the floor, knees wide, head down. Nik prepares an enema bag, tubing and nozzle in the sink. The room is too small to film the proper action.  The lubed nozzle approaches her anus, but we don’t see the penetration, just an unhappy face. US legal issues, surely.

“Do I have your attention?” “yes…yes.” He frigs and spanks as she marinates. He finishes and will leave her, naked in this little chamber. “You have some unfinished business to take care of.”

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