Highland Sting – CALSTAR

20 Oct

M/2f; time: 49 minutes

What seems a conventional CALSTAR simple format, one-room flat set, just 3 actors, turns out to be one of our all-time favorites we would submit for any list, this because a Scottish actress redefines how to react to a good caning.

Mr. Davis performs as the school disciplinarian. Girls are sent to his classroom with punishment slips and he fills the prescription. The classic storyline, leading to serial action. The first girl he will see today is a pretty brunette, in conventional white blouse, School tie, blue skirt, we will see full blue knickers, and a garter belt and stockings. She was caught stealing a bicycle and does not seem at all concerned about it. Davis will try to make an impression.

The girls know what happens with Davis. He tells her: “You’re going to get a good old fashioned handspanking.” OTK. The knickers don’t survive a second. Stands crisp handspanking. She is OK with this so long as her parents are not informed.

When the next girl comes in, Davis must do a good job of not keeling over in a faint. A tall, light-skinned, pale light-brunette pigtailed beauty stands there, quite disheveled, saucy, and a tad disrespectful. We didn’t catch her offense, but it doesn’t matter. No appeals in this room.

Davis takes her OTK, flips up her skirt, and begins on her blue knickers. He makes her stand and take off her crisp white blouse, which she struggles to unbutton, like so many British CP models. She wears no bra and covers her some breasts. She’s got this Davis guy figured out: “You can’t wait to get my clothes off…this isn’t quite corporal punishment.” And he can do this any day.

The Scottish lass stands there in just the full blue knickers, pulling them up even more, as if she were trying to disappear inside them, increasing our desire to see them come down. Davis notices she’s got the pants on backwards. Much adlib chatter.

OTK again, Davis takes the pants down. She struggles just enough. Now for the Scottish tawse, since you are of Scottish descent. Over a stool, she has hiked her knickers back in place, but down they come. She jumps around between tawse smacks offering frontals and a charming naughty face.

She stands naked, in just bobby socks and shoes, on full display. Davis torments her with a display of his cane. Hands-on-knees, Davis begins a slow hard caning. The girl screams, covers her bottom, and jumps around after each stroke, each time regaining composure and getting back in position. She cries, collapses in a heap, and slaps her palms on the floor in anguish, begs, covers, and rubs her bottom. When she is position again she jerks and twitches in anticipation of the stroke, and Davis exploits this anxiety with taunting feints, swishes, and taps. It is one of the most erotic canings we can recall, effectively severe yet playful, and one of those for which we turn the volume down. Reflexive response reminding us of models in other films clearly surprised by the severity.

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