Paddling Classified – CALSTAR

20 Oct

M/2f; 25 minutes

Another oldie, naughty and imaginative, under the logo of ‘SpankingForPleasure’ (SfP), which we have always hopefully guessed suggests the presence of CP Queen Sophie Fennington in management. The male actor here may be John North.

North places classified ads offering to spank girls for money. The film opens with him on the phone; incredibly, someone is interested. “Yes, the beatings will be quite severe.” He seems to have bagged a client, because he gives out his address as “10 Acaccia Ave,” an address which appears on the facade of buildings in other CALSTAR  films.

Two girls amble along a residential street, looking for the address. One is the breathtaking South African actress Minnie Champ, who made four or five top-flight CP films (all on our favorites list) and a few other adult films in a short career. She wears her hair here in a light brown shag, before she went for the brassy blonde look. Brunette ‘Harriet’ accompanies her. The girls need each other to muster the courage for this adventure. It isn’t every day you visit a stranger to get a spanking.

North admits the girls, and he does not waste any time. He directs Minnie to strip to panties and stand at the wall and Harriet to go downstairs, talk all her clothes off, and wait for him. Minnie removes her top, slacks, and bra, and stands there in just white knickers, a glorious sight. Down in the familiar CALSTAR dining room set, Harriet undresses, but understandably can’t quite bring herself to drop her panties.

North takes Minnie OTK;  her buttocks rise on his lap like foothills; he cannot disguise his glee, and we imagine Minnie could feel it too. He coaches her to say: “Please punish me, sir.”  He teases down her white silk panties to her sexy little struggle, and notices (we all see) a large bruise on her right cheek, almost a hickey. “I demand virginal white bottoms,” he mutters, as North often does in adlib dialogue. With this particular bottom, we’d recommend he compromise.

After a crisp handspanking, Minnie is sent naked to the wall again. Her adult-film, showgirl body is one of the highlights of our CP film library.

Harriet’s turn; North goes downstairs, keeps her bent  her over the dining room table for handspanking and paddling on gauzy knickers, which he then teases down with exquisite slowness. Naked Minnie enters the room and stands in the background, full fuzzy frontal. She didn’t even bring a towel when she came downstairs.

North positions the two bottoms side by side over the table for a leather paddle, another glorious sight from these two well-endowed girls. The girls dress and North plucks some bills out of their bras, the comic reverse of a guy tipping a nightclub stripper. There is some discussion about a return visit.

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