Schoolgirl Fantasies – BIZARRE

20 Oct


This would seem a spurious discard from KANE. maybe titled ‘The Flesh and the Fantasy,’  were it not for the presence of South African actress Minnie Champ, who made just a few films; once again, her theatrical eyes and bottom burn through the screen.

The story here involves some sort of ‘fantasy’ portrayal, where one of the early ageplay spankers from the George Harrison Marks era plays the headmaster, in silly academic robes. That would be his fetish costume; he cavorts with a washed-out blonde of no certain age who is loosely laced in her fetish choice, a B&D corset. He unlaces her partially and handspanks and uses a ruler, when there is a knock on the door.

Two silly blondes enter, dressed in mildly comic schoolgirl uniforms; one is Ms. Champ. He reads some offense they have committed from a piece of paper. There follows what surely is an ad lib: “It’s [the paper] upside down, sir.”  “You’ll be upside down in a minute.”

He takes Minnie’s compatriot OTK first and feigns shock at her scanty thong. Everyone on the set keeps up a comedic prattle, reminiscent of the general hilarity of the group scenes in Marks’  movies. After a brief spanking, he sends her to stand at the wall. It’s Minnie’s turn. Despite some giggles, he manages to get her OTK and rips off her thong, which amuses her even more. The emotion we are having is more global than amusement. After a brief spanking, she joins the lineup–three bare bottoms.

The silly girl in the lace-up is released; the other two blondes are going to get the cane. Skinny bends over first. Minnie counts them out, 6 crisp strokes, legs wide, she struggles to hold position. Nice. The camera inserts full screen shots of Minnie’s gorgeous face during this caning.

“”You can get into trouble for this, sir.” His reply: “What you want and what you get are two different things.” “Fuck you, sir.” Girls! Girls! Please.

Minnie’s turn. She takes position slowly. “Legs apart.” Six zingers. “You’re an animal, sir,” she murmurs as the film ends.


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