Christmas Spanking – GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL

21 Oct

M/2f; time: 27 minutes

A long-format film from GBS and thus deserving a normal review from us. The presentation follows the GBS norm, except the punishments are longer.

Blond Linda and brunette Sophie in pajamas sneak into one of GBS’ set rooms to look through some Christmas gifts. They find a decorative bottle of liquor and, in a predictably silly sequence, proceed to share chugs from the bottle until it is empty. They loll about, drunk, wearing Santa party hats. The master enters, scopes it all out, and will now of course collect his own Christmas presents.

He sends Linda off to get his canes. Sophie drops her pj bottoms to be spanked first. OTK. GBS enhances the shot by having Linda drop her pants in the background. Sophie is caned first, about 15 white lines on a suntanned bottom.

The master will alternate with the cane on both girls. Linda gets six, then over 20 more for Sophie, followed by a dozen for Linda. The  master puts both bottoms side by side on the couch and then moves from one to the other. Both touch toes for more, then hands-to-the-wall for the typical long fadeout.

Conventional caning scenes and postures; GBS keeps the screen filled with bare bottoms.


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