Screen Test #1 – NU WEST NWV-092

21 Oct


We were happy to discover this oldie, not even in the NUWEST catalogue that we could find. NW is using the old paddle-on-panties opening graphic. Producer Ed Lee got into the ‘screen test,’ ‘casting,’ or ‘audition’ game, giving him the same cinematic device employed by several of the the other CP film producers. Even though there is little of an inventive nature here, the film contains several humorous ad libs and observations of the CP industry typical of Lee.

Four girls will be interviewed, then handspanked  OTK, “by a male model,” as Lee described the young man. In various places we have read that this is “Dallas.”  The girls are interviewed, full head and shoulders in the shot, with an unfortunate glare from the windows behind, in the lobby of the industrial studio. The spankings then occur in the familiar barren blue sound stage. Lee will take a look at the girls’ bottoms as part of his interview, then the  girls are given appointment  times to shot a brief screen test. The girls are all European, which makes this production all the more erotic and illicit.

Jennifer is first, from Poland. A waitress, her ex-husband used to spank her, so she is confident she can do it when Lee explains what the process is. But first, the obvious realities of these auditions: “We’re going to have to see your tush.” In the bad backlighting, Jennifer stands and pulls her panties down. We swear we heard Lee gulp. “We won’t have any problem at all with that.”

The handspankings are filmed in a flat one-view setting. The camera does not wander as one would expect at NUWEST, and as became a colorful addition to such spankings in future production. Jennifer’s panties are worked down. She cries out slightly louder than the spanking merits.

Ingrid, a fluffy blonde from Sweden, and a governess. Ed likes to get girls talking about their spanking experiences. Ingrid’s first time was from a riding instructor, which fascinates Ed. When she raises her dress and drops her panties:  “Very good,” from Ed. Another conventional spanking in the studio, except Ingrid surges and jerks under the smacks.

Maria, a very pretty small brunette, is from Italy and works in a hotel. She was spanked by her boss bare bottom in Italy, a salacious thought Ed wants to hear more of. Lots of facials and some smiles from this lovely girl. Dress up, satin pants down. Good spanking.

Lourin is German-French. Fluffy big brunette hair. When she shows her bottom, Ed can’t hold it back. “Good, kind of small, but good.” Nothing unusual about her spanking except her yelling.

Stephanie from Monaco, very striking. “You look kind of young, Stephanie, I hope you are 18.” Stephanie tells him a girlfriend, “who likes to come here every week,” referred her, amusing Ed. She has been spanked “a lot.” Ed gets excited. “We’ve got a live one here….you’re very confident.” Good bottom, very cute kicking and struggling as she is spanked.

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