The Peacock Lady – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

21 Oct

M/f; year: 2002; time: 30 minutes

Pavel Stastny in his headmaster role, at his desk, with all those naughty things in its drawers. He unwraps a nasty whip he has received and puts it in a cupboard.

‘Miss Von Schroll’ enters his office. She is an older woman, at least by the schoolgirl standards of those who pass through these portals, and is dressed in nobility clothingnot blouse and skirt, and a silly flower headdress. Still, she seems to be a student (maybe ‘Continuing Education’?); the HM is disappointed by her school performance and her failure to set an example for the other girls. Although we have only subtitles on our film, it looks like Von Schroll qualifies for corporal punishment like the other students.

She begs for clemency, but he sentences her to 25 cane strokes, plus 5 for falsifying her heritage. When she protests, it is 10 extras, then 15. She goes behind the screen the HM has in his office, which provides some privacy from everything but the camera. Von Schroll pulls up her voluminous skirts and underlayments to get to pantaloons, then helps to select the cane the HM will use.

Over the trestlle, strapped down, ankles, wrists, and small-of-back, the HM adjusts her clothing so her bare cheeks are centered, and he begins his work. She screams from the first stroke. The first 25 are completed, slowly, the big welts ripen. He releases her at this point–this caning was probably more severe than they expected.

She rehangs the cane on the wall rack, then kneels on the washboard under the crucifix. The HM insists she puts her hands on her head to improve her posture (and of course increase the discomfort by putting more weight on her knees).

When she arises, she washes the tears off her face, adjusts her clothing, and issues a rather breathy “Au revoir, headmaster,” as if this might be repeated soon. He requires her to wear a silly dunce’s cap, to take the ‘peacock’ metaphor to the extreme.

One Response to “The Peacock Lady – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST”

  1. sixofthebeet July 26, 2015 at 12:51 pm #

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. One of the most sexually and erotic corporal punishment videos I have seen, Each of the two stars plays their roles superb. The actual caning given to her is perfect.

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