Amelia Jane Rutherford -FIRMHAND and CPENTERTAINMENT

22 Oct

This statuesque British subject could have selected many career paths;  she chose CP films to augment fashion modelling. We surmised someone recognized a particular asset of hers and suggested how she could exploit it. She has combined her naughty sense of adventure with acting talent to make films for several producers. We look at attractive series at FIRMHAND, ‘Marriage Guidance’  and ‘A Definitive Guide to Corporal Punishment,” and several others, elsewhere. Here are a few from CHELSEAPFEIFFERENTERTAINMENT. Enjoy this sampling and spend some money to see this actress. First, an interview.

FIRMHAND Interview (year:2006; time:10 minutes) ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ sits curled up on a couch with a cup of tea, circa 2006, partway through her CP film career. Among other things, the actress describes picking this screen name for a way to project character traits she wanted to develop. She poses here in an adolescent style, in keeping with persona.

Her first series at FIRMHAND was ‘Haughty Ballerina,’ directed by Samantha Woodley. We have wondered, as we also work through Ms. Woodley’s oeuvre, if these two girls every compared each other’s bottoms in some secluded moment? We wouldn’t want to choose, but we’d study it.

Ms. Rutherford describes working a full day on ‘Ballerina,’ as the intensity of the spanking implements accelerated to a huge paddle, which she declares was new to her. We’ve wondered how they handle reddening buttocks vs. story timeline from one episode to the next.

Wonderful facials of this glamorous star, as she describes the paddle and the cane as instruments of pain, and nudity on the set. In ‘Diva Discipline,’ she explains she was invited to insert some of her own content. More series cam later, and more are in distribution at this moment in 2015.

And a few words about ‘Dallas,’ of DALLASSPANKSHARD. She confirms other models’ opinions–he is the hardest handspanker and made her cry. But the implements at FIRMHAND were more difficult.

‘Diva Fix’ (FIRMHAND; M/f; 2006; 8 minutes): Tall blond Amelia plays a dancer and is accused of having an affair with the troupe choreographer. Because of her ‘and what if I  did’  attitude, the Director will use company procedure.

“Turn around, hands on the table.” “Oh no, you’re not going to spank me? Why does it always have to be spanking?” He takes her pants down–there’s that marvelous feminine tush, dimples of Venus and all, which makes Ms. Rutherford one of the industry divas. The Director uses a thin little strap, excellent angles–obliques, facials, full-bottom, zooms from overhead.

Amelia the actress–she kicks her feet and thrashes in her puddled knickers, when she bends she keeps her knees locked to thrust her hips high. She accuses the Director of having fun, then stomps off, in this short film.

‘A Realtor Spanking’ (CHELSEA PFEIFFER ENTERTAINMENT; Year: 2008; 12 minutes): Chelsea Pfeiffer plays a realtor showing client Amelia some office space. They argue–it seems Ms. Rutherford is just impossible. Chelsea will spank her right here in the empty space–this may not earn her a commission but it is fun.

A lot of yelling and struggling, “Oh how could you?” etc. but Amelia’s white lace panties find their way to the floor. Long handspanking, glimpses of Amelia Jane’s trimmed mohawk, and somebody had a hairbrush, which comes in handy. Wall mirrors help with Amelia’s striking face.

‘Indecorous Behavior’ (CHELSEA PFEIFFER ENTERTAINMENT;F/f; 10 minutes): We thought the selection of this title befit Mis. Rutherford’s classiness. Same office setting as above. Chelsea and Amelia argue over some business issue. Chelsea gets Amelia over a table, handspanks her on black panties, then sits on her, straddling her back, bottom bare, for a round with her belt. cute and pro-forma.

‘Bare Ass Paddling’ (FirmHand; M/f; year: 2008): Miss Rutherford has flooded the yard with a hose from the pool; and she must pay for it in the way she is best at. She will get that bikini’d bottom spanked. It is already red, understandable if you look at her 2008 credits, much of which we have been able to cover. Over a bar in the pool cabana for the wood paddle; repeats from different angles. “That definitely made me cry.”

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