Slaves of Rome – MOOD PICTURES

22 Oct

MF/7f; time: 39 minutes

A dynamic and exploitative film if you like naked slave girls like we do. A  traveling slave broker shows seven “new girls from Hispania” to nobleman Marcus, displaying them, like carpet samples, in hopes of a sale.

The broker strings up the seven girls, cuts away scraps of their burlap covering to display their bodies, and manhandles them like a horse auction. All the men in the room agree that one redhead is “born to be fucked.” The broker chooses the seventh, a blonde–“my favorite one,” he says, to be whipped. He bares her back and lays on 50 strokes, reducing her to convulsive tears. He also reduces her sale value, we thought.

The nobleman picks three girls and the deal is done. At his home, ‘Mercedes’ plays his wife and questions why he needs three Hispania girls. Not that it answers the question, but he got three for the price of two. He isn’t the first man to bring home more melons from the market than they need.

Mercedes inspects the girls, is very curious which of them will be providing sex to her husband. To houseman/privileged slave Titus, “Take them out to the stable, tie them up and wait for me.” She arrives with the cane, very activated. “Which one of you has my husband picked out?”

The first girl is chained in the diaper position, ankles fastened over her head, legs pulled wide, showing us stuff her mooma never saw. Mercedes lays on 50 cane strokes. The girl is desperate after a half-dozen. To prove her heritage, Mercedes demands she count the strokes in Latin. She is turned to toasted cheese. She won’t be fucking Marcus for a while.

The remaining two girls are given severe canings also, actually worse. As Titus handles them and gets them naked in turn, it is clear he has some privileges coming his way in this house.

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