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29 Nov

M/3f; year: 2006; time: 39 minutes

Actor Pavel Stastny plays a screenwriter, scrivening, smoking, and drinking in his garret to come up with a CP script which will satisfy his effete agent. Pavel’s increasingly demonic imaginings will be played out live.

Three girls are seen huddled, then strung up naked, quaking and shivering, in a dungeon-like room, panned head to foot by the camera. No producer depicts this better. The girls are young, frightened, and helpless–realistic, normal girls, not runway models or dancers. Red-masked guards enter–the girls squirm in panic.

The tallest, most buxom girl will be whipped first and is fastened to a post. She is thrashed with birch bundles taken from a brine bucket. She absolutely wails as branch-stripe patterns spread across her bottom and lower back. Little broken twigs cling to her flesh and her bottom quivers reflexively. Pavel is the guard, playing out his crafted creation.

Realistic birching scenes are rare. This one scintillates, perhaps the best ever for us.

The powdered-wig agent doesn’t like this scene. Back to the draft. A long-haired redhead beauty is next, a delectably sexy morsel, acting sweetly very frightened. She is tied in the kneeling position to another whipping post, bare knees on hard wood, in a posture similar to that seen in RIGIDEAST’s ‘Fairy Tale.’  The redhead’s wrists are tied at face level, her waist is tied to the pole, and calves and ankles are fastened down as she kneels, all in complicated erotic bondage. When her skimpy shift is ripped off by the guards, she is naked and screams through one of the most sensual whippings we can recall. Top-notch. Redheads always mark up nicely.

Pavel shows a Barbie-doll mock-up of the redhead in her kneeling position to his agent, also as seen in ‘Fairy Tale,’ but he rejects this too. We’d have to say at this point that for us Pavel has achieved a masterpiece, but if he can be encouraged to even more wicked heights, we’ll go with it.

The depiction of the third girl’s birching follows. First she is birched nude, tied lengthwise to a bench, then she is fastened to the same kneeling platform, straddling the pole, but on her back and shoulders, pulled high in the diaper position, wrists tied low, and ankles fastened high on a hook. This is an athletic posture, intimately revealing with her legs separated by the post, and one which would hurt even if a birch was not searching her most private folds. Masterfully wicked. Great birch wheals, loud crying.

The birchings are moderate but realistically stinging; the poor girls are put through their paces to achieve maximum erotic effect.

Warlock’s Revenge – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

27 Nov

3M/3f; time: 36 minutes

This production is almost as much a costume drawing-room drama as it is a spanking film. We have learned though, at LUPUS when a pretty maid bats her eyes and avoids eye contact with an authority figure, her hours are numbered and a spanking bench awaits somewhere.

A goofy king, dressed like a character in a BurgerKing commercial, his courtier, and his maiden-like daughter dine, attended by sweet pleasant maids; an experienced LUPUS viewer is eying every potential bottom on the set. They converse with a warlock, seen at his digs through a looking-glass picture frame. The setting is a fully appointed castle.


The scene cuts to a dungeon room in the castle where two naked young peasant girls are being tortured by red-hooded guards, a permitted evening diversion, we guess. They must have to rotate, how many girls are there? One naked girl  is suspended doubled-up in a small medieval cage and wears an iron mask  of infamy, meant to be and surely uncomfortable and embarrassing, a second girl is stretched nude on her back on a rack and struggles erotically as ropes are winched. She is given the water-boarding treatment; LUPUS’ detail in these scenes is superior to most corny B&D dungeon versions you might find.


The girl on the rack undergoes more humiliation–her feet are released and pulled over her head into the diaper position, then her exposed bottom is caned with a thick rattan model, over 25 slow strokes. The king, courtier, and maids can hear her screams echoing throughout the dungeon into the courtyard.

The caged maid is dragged out and put in wrist stocks, and the poor racked girl, her bottom a flaming mess at this point, is stuffed into the cage. The masked girl in stocks is brought naked into the courtyard sunlight and made to straddle an inverted ‘V’ shaped horse, where what parts of her buttocks which can be reached and her lower back are thoroughly birched, while her hands are attached to the mask she wears. The best birching we have seen to date.  She must balance precariously during the procedure, her weight resting where she would least like it to. All this is bizarre and just low enough on the cruelty scale as to be erotic. The Burger-King watches from a window.

The maiden dinner companion apparently  has been unpersuaded by this punishment and runs off through the castle, only to be apprehended and retrieved by soldiers, more erotic foreplay. She is stripped naked and tied full-length on a bench in front of the king. Her buttocks rise invitingly, the promise of her figure in the princess-costume has been fulfilled.


A solider is enlisted to cane her, 20 strokes with one instrument and 30 with another. She quakes and wails in the best Czech  tradition. The warlock figure appears in the flesh, lays on a few cane strokes of his own, and is apparently appeased and avenged for whatever affront she caused.

Return to the dinner scene, the maiden reseated quietly, sore bottoms all around, nice day at the castle.

The Piano Lesson – OOHTEEKAY

25 Nov

F/2f; time: 54 minutes

Miss Gillian Lancer (identified in some places as actress Miss Hastings-Gore) in the ‘Uniform Discipline’  series made by this producer, this one confusing and not as imaginative as we have seen. Four very attractive women on screen from time to time helps matters greatly. Miss Gillian is tutoring uniformed schoolgirls, with her usual interest in their hindquarters. Reynolds is a cute, compact, auburn-pageboy young lady who wants some piano lessons. It is the charming actress Emma Brown.

Miss G. gives her a stern lecture and demands she return next week in the appropriate schoolgirl kit. Reynolds may only speak when her hands are submissively on her head. She does so poorly on a piano demonstration that Miss G. spanks her OTK on her lacy gray panties, certainly not schoolgirl issue. And it’s a great looking bottom. Reynolds spots the cane waiting on the piano.

‘The Following Tuesday’: Miss Gillian awaits in full riding habit–jodphur breeches, boots, very intimidating. Reynolds is going to get smacked, this is sure.  She wears a blouse, plaid skirt, knee socks, as she was required to do. Before action begins, there is a knock on the door. Reynolds is sent to admit Natterley, a tall striking blond student who calls herself a “prefect.” She is quick to tell Reynolds that Miss G.  is certainly going to give her a spanking. OTK Reynolds goes.

Miss Gillian spanks hard. Spectator Natterley loves watching it and is excited enough to offer to pull Reynolds’ panties down. Another door-knock, Reynolds is given a reprise and sent again. now with her pants at her thighs. She should be hoping it isn’t a FedEx delivery. It’s Natterley’s mother, a dramatic tall blonde. We can’t understand their Cockney chatter, but the main feature is the spanking of Reynolds. Natterley fetches the cane. “Oh, no,” Reynolds dutifully cries.

A lot of position-fussing and talk to get Reynolds over a chair and her blazer and blouse out of the way. She takes about 15 hard cane strokes on her knickers, satisfying after all these delaying tactics. The Miss Gillian character always talks too much but is a very hard spanker when the moments arrive. Both girls must undress–down to blouses and knickers, more time to chatter and delay.

Miss Gillian continues with the cane. Reynolds’ knickers come down this time, but there are no discernible marks from the first vigorous caning. 15 more strokes and it gets quiet. Closeups insufficient to display the results on Ms. Brown’s estimable bottom.

Some teasing among thr girls, but the disorganized and chaotic film ends before Netterley actually gets her due. There is a trailer, where Miss Gillian Lancer addresses us in an info-mmercial style. What is she selling?

There are two inexplicable added scenes where the tall blond lady maneuvers the two girls–Natterley and Emma in handcuffs. They’ve been shoplifitng. Maybe there is a sequel.

Sports Mistress: Rattan College #1 – MOONGLOW

20 Nov

MF/2f; year: 1996; time: 48 minutes

Listed in Moonglow’s ‘classics’ catalogue–how old we get and how fast! What does age have to do with a good spanking? Wouldn’t we like to watch Cleopatra spanking a servant if she was good at and it were on film? Thanks to Moonglow for preserving their oldies and to archivists for providing simple inexpensive access.

Simple plot with rousing results. Two familiar actresses, both loaded with the assets we are most interested in. One appears to be Amber Scott, before her blond phase. A tawny blond actress plays Miss Grant, a ‘sports mistress.’ Amber plays Mary, a student who has been caught drunk when she should be staying fit for athletics.

No more counseling, Mary is getting the cane, now. She kneels on a straight chair, leans over onto another, her tight short shorts are pulled down, and she receives a brief caning on a bottom which shortens your breath. The gap between her thighs is such that her jewels are fully on display.

Following the caning, the girls chat at a table, about spanking, triggering a series of reminiscence flashbacks. Mary recalls being caned at a previous school for smoking. “It was harder, very hard.”

Flashback: cute Mary in a schoolgirl uniform, over a chair for a leather sole, loose-fitting white silk pants. Hard smacks, pants down, Mary blurts out: “You bastard!” “For that, you will get the cane.” Two strokes on the pants, 4 on the bare–this posture presents another revealing look at her ladyhood.

Fade back to the sports school chat; the charming Miss Grant is warmly remembering some of her own spankings. In her first flashback, she is completely naked, being slowly spanked, caressed and being sexually teased OTK on a couch by her boyfriend. Excellent acting, very erotic, simple gestures evoke terrific intensity. Her bottom is high on one of his knees. Fully 4 minutes are taken for silent caressing, fingers exploring.

A flashback to another of Mary’s experiences–she is being spanked by a boss for misbehavior at an office party, OTK, little red thong down quickly, and a floor length mirror doubles the views, difficult to resist repeating how magnificent this actress is when she is turned upside down. After a little time with her bottom, he sends her back to the party–this is a nice little diversion for an employer of young women.

The next reminiscence concerns Miss Grant again–she is embarrassed by her boyfriend for flirting anf flashing her bottom about. It will “not be just a sexy spanking this time,” (which we have seen she likes), “but punishment with my cane.”  Full screen of Grant fully dressed–this would require some undressing if it were to happen.

“Bend over the stool.” 2 cane strokes on her skirt; she stands to ruck it up, “a beautiful bottom,” her boyfriend observes. Two more strokes on her black panties then two more on the bare. “Give me those knickers. You won’t be needing them any more. We’ll be going to bed after this.” After just six strokes, “Shall we go and make up properly?”

Back to the sports school scene, where the two girls chatter about spanking, rather too familiar. Sir Jaspar, the male school head, comes on-scene. He is unhappy with both Mary’s inadequate punishment and Miss Grant’s incompetence.

Mary is taken to the back-to-back chairs, goes over, pants down, another rousing view of her intimate places. She takes 12 sexy strokes, many while we have a full facial into the camera from actress Miss Scott, so presumably she wasn’t getting roasted on those strokes. Some actresses glance at the camera as if to check if they have forgotten something. Scott melts the lense.

Miss Grant is next for a “taste of the same.” Twenty strokes are shown on her bare bottom, also a lot of facials used to relieve the pressure on her glamorous nates. Slow-motion repeats. Just about a perfect depiction of a caning. As with Rattan College #2, highly erotic stuff for us, without damaging the goods or stuffing the scenes with sloppy settings.


The Reformatory – CALSTAR

19 Nov

M/4f; year: 1998; time: 58 minutes

We re-visit this all-time favorite of ours, now over 25 years old, bearing the Tallion logo. More recent production companies do a better job at depicting reform school/institutional settings; production values and budgets have improved; and most certainly the intensity and eroticism of punishment techniques  have exploded. Here we have old-fashioned bottom-smacking and an early career appearance of a stunning model and adult actress, identified in several places as South African Minnie Champ.

CALSTAR uses one of its classroom sets; four inmate girls, dressed plausibly in bulky overalls and blouses, are confronted by a male overseer (a familiar early CALSTAR veteran), for various rebellious infractions. Spanking is the punishment.

Two blondes are sent out; two girls remain, a black girl and a blonde (Minnie Champ). The black girl will be dealt with first. She is statuesque and quietly sophisticated, having the biggest hair in our record book. She stands before the overseer, removes her overalls, bends over his table, and presents a thin, athletic bottom adorned by only a thong. She is handspanked and gets a “premliminary three” from a tawse–realistic painful cries and tears.

Minnie, as Hobson, is next in front of the desk. Overalls off, she slips down gauzy bikini panties. The overseer makes her lean lengthwise over another table. “Put your arms in front of you.” When she locks her elegant legs straight and stretches forward, her bottom is cocked high off the table, peeking out from under her blouse, in one of the most gloriously memorable poses in our collection. And why? We’ve seen a lot of beautiful bottoms positioned for action. It is because she is reluctant but compliant, shy but seductive–conflicting signals together, in effect, an Actress.

She is handspanked and tawsed in this position, her hands clench in pain, her brown-eyed glances burn through the lense. There is casual conversation, almost inaudible. In each of her films, we’ve found all five listed for her, ‘A Mutual Agreement,’ ‘College Classics #4,’ ‘Paddling Classified,’ and ‘Tales From the Rod 3,’ she rarely projects well enough to be distinctly understood, except of course, for her anquished cries. Her body speaks and the directors exploit it.

The black girl gets more tawsing–she is wonderfully unhappy. Both girls are ordered to strip to just their bras. There are tantalizing covert frontal glimpses as they move about the set. Minnie returns to her table posture and must hand over her bra. Nude, a stunning figure, she looks at us with pride and contempt, knowing what is coming. Over the table, perfect breasts, compact muscled feminine bottom, and an upper torso so thin and fit her ribs show. Her beauty and reluctant submission make this one of the most memorable moments in vintage CP for us.

The overseer begins caning her in this fascinating posture, about 10 strokes, her glamorous legs locked cock her bottom and put her buttocks out into play for the cane. To double this eyefyul of eroticism, Minnie must lie lengthwise on top of the conference table–she has one of those bottoms which rises like foothills. Closeups show hair wisps. Brief caning.

The black girl, who has been watching, is next to lie on the table for 10 cane strokes. She is not so tough as Minnie and cannot stay still. Minnie’s bare bottom seen standing at the side, her hands on her heads, is in some shots.

The remaining two rebellious inmates, blond Smith and shaggy blond Johnson are called in, interrogated, lectured, and then their fun begins. Smith goes first–dungarees off, top off, she is not wearing a bra and only the tiniest G-string. Over the table handspanks first and then the tawse. Johnson is told to take her clothes off while this punishment occurs.

The straps cracks in the loud room, full swings. Up on the table, intimate closeups.

Naked Johnson’s turn on the table–20 with the tawse, counted by Smith. the overseer picks up the cane. Smith over a table, seven strokes, the string-like G-string comes off. Smith jumps up on the seventh cane stroke. Something must have happened because the overseer switches back to the tawse for almost 20 strokes. Toward the end, Smith jumps up again. “You’re going too fast.”

Consistent throughout this marvelous film–four stunning bottoms; hard spanking, strapping and caning with no punches pulled; and inventive positioning outside the touch-toes norm. The long table itself deserves an award.

Johnson’s turn–“right over” a table. A dozen with the strap and a half-dozen with the cane. He taps her breasts with the cane tip. “Put these on the table.” More tawsing and handspanking.

The girls are switched around–more caning for Smith. Full-screen bottom shots, too much good stuff to list. Four well-spanked inmates, and kudos to the director who knows what we like.

Over The Knee – CALSTAR

18 Nov

F/f; year: early 1990’s; time: 26 minutes

An unimpressive collection of American actors; a pretty blonde (Kiri Kelly, an attentive reader advises us) is on the phone, discussing with a friend how she is going to spank the young lady she is babysitting when she shows up. Carrie, a darker blonde and loud, returns late with weak excuses.

“I’m going to take you over my knee…get over my knee if you want to go to that party tonight.”

The scene FADES to an OTK spanking underway. Carrie’s white panties on display. She squawks too much. She is cute, with big hair, and white go-go boots in the late 80’a fashion. Silly facials. After the spanking, she is sent to her room. “Bitch!” she calls back.

Carrie undresses slowly to white panties, no bra, a little nudie interlude typical of this film era. She drinks from a bottle of wine she keeps hidden, then puts on a slinky leopard-print dress, does her face in the mirror while the camera concentrates on her feminine hips in the tight dress, then climbs out the window to go to the party.

Her sexy caregiver finds Carrie is gone, discovers the wine bottle, locks the window, then dozes on the parlor couch, awaiting her return. Carrie sneaks in, forced to use the front door. Caught! “Oh, shit!”

So many producers could have turned this scenario into a toe-curling, rousing, roof-raising spanking, but not this time. The woman pulls up Carrie’s skimpy dress, takes her panties down, and then goes to work on her ample, feminine young bottom. Carrie struggles enticingly in a good long scene, nice closeups of her delightful tush. Carrie retires to her room in tears, rubbing and checking her bottom, more or less silly. She’s lucky this film wasn’t made in a British studio.

Tales of Old Janitors – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

18 Nov

M/5f; time: 27 minutes

An entertaining theme we’ve seen before—gentlemen of a certain age, grizzled old janitors a/k/a dirty old men, reminisce abou the days when young ladies were sent to them in the boiler room for punishment, and they could spank, each in their own way, spank and cane to the outer limits. This time we see a group of them talking at a pub, drinking beer and playing cards. At the pub, at another table, a young girl is playing hooky from school–she sits with her boyfriend watching these men, knowing their type, realizing she would be exactly the prize they would covet.

The principal flashback relates to one of the janitors, a younger one, who remembers being hired at a girls’  school, being shown the punishment room by his headmistress, where he will be required to spank students who have been sent to him. The room is a plaster/stone cavern basement sort of place, ideal for intimidation and where squeals won’t be heard.

The first spanking sequence involves three young-looking innocent girls, in simple pinafore school uniforms, who wait on hard chairs, punishment slips in their hands, for their turn with the young and hesitant janitor. The first girl is a diminuative pigtailed blonde, who looks, well, you have to be eighteen to make one of these films. She is frightened, hands him her note, is logged into the punishment book, then pulls down her own bloomer-like pants and is taken OTK. After the janitor rummages through her skirts and slips, he finds her sweet, pale small bare bottom and begins a moderate handspanking. She screams Lupus-style. The waiting girls quake on their hard seats.

The brief spanking concludes;  a second girl comes in, bares her bottom, and receives the leather belt from the janitor. He’ll get used to this.

More students in a different session: this film is meant to catalogue girls’ visits to this young janitor in his tomb-like punishment chamber. The next girl to be punished stands on a small footstool and bends over the back of a straight chair. Pants down for the belt; although the position puts her buttocks higher to view, we don’t see much in this short segment.

The next young lady’s appointment is more Lupus-like. She is defiant and suspicious of this young janitor. She is tied over a table, her bottom bared. She screams as she gets the belt. Good facial tears, and an appropriate concluding touch we wonder why we don’t see more often–she elects not to pull her tight bloomers over her sore bottom but instead pockets them.

The next girl to walk down the stone stairs to the chamber appears to be a young school staff member, wearing conventional clothes. She is tied full-length on a bench, her panties pulled down, and her bare bottom framed by a garter belt and stockings. She screams under a whip, just like a student.

The film concludes in the present. We have been watching the schoolgirl sitting in the background, apparently listening to the salty spanking tales, bawdy memories of the grizzled men. When the actress Alexandra Wolf, playing a school official, enters the pub, the girl dives under the table. We presume what went on in the basement of the school might still be possible for this girl today.

4 PM Detention – CALSTAR

16 Nov

MF/3f; year: 1992; time: 52 minutes

An old full-length CalStar, very much in our vintage interest zone. Lots of flesh in this one. The inveterate actor Michael Dawes on full prowl here, supervising after-school detention. Unimaginative story, except that one of the girls is going to have a bad afternoon, much to our satisfaction.

A short-haired, stocky, athletic blonde dawdles at her desk in detention, loathe to write the repetitive lines assigned to her. Supervising teacher Michael hovers. The girl’s mother comes looking for her, is angered that she has done something to deserve detention, and impatiently takes over for Michael. “I’ll show you how to deal with her.” She first puts the girl over a desk, pulls up her skirt, and spanks her surprisingly hard on blue school knickers–high, long, firm strokes which echo in the open room, and which surely set the little blond actress to thinking why in the world she took this assignement. No patty-cake here. Michael goes to his office to retrieve the cane, a birch bundle, and several paddles. He is always equipped and has quite an agenda today.

While the mother spanks away, Michael goes upstairs, where he discovers two other blond students in the ladies’ room smoking and trespassing from another school, and confronts them with his sheath of implements. They are ordered to park their bottoms on plastic chairs and await his return. He is surely drawn to the sound of slaps and cries downstairs.

The little blonde has been taken OTK and her pants worked down for the mother’s continued colorful handspanking, a nice closeup as masterful as we will see, despite the age of the film. Finally, the girl is cornered,  pants where they should be, to await the next development.

Michael is back with the two trespassers, flies caught in his spider web, who have decided that to be be spanked here is better than being reported back to their school; each is spanked OTK, with their pants worked down in a loving way this actor specializes in. He gets in his fondles and feels and his salacious smirks. Each girl is then tawsed with a palm-sized thick implement, which brings color and bruises unusually quickly. Each girl then gets six with the bundle of birches. the first girl screeches and jumps forward when she gets hers, a reaction to birches you would expect, to Michael’s wicked delight. Several closup inspections and characteristic “Let’s have a look at your bottom,” sequences. Both girls are shown the cane, then slapped on their palms with a ruler, then made to strip nude and wait facing the wall. Michael: “Wait. I have another appointment.” Naked girls in one room or another, like a doctor’s office.

The spanking mother decides to turn her daughter back over to Michael. We’re certainly appreciative, but you have to question her judgment. “What do you think about the cane?” Mother answers: “If she needs it, you use it.” The daughter eyes Michael’s cane and we enjoy her realization of what is about to happen. Michael, who has always been a firm proponent of keeping the bottom warmed-up, first takes her OTK for more handspanking, and some hard ones  with his sneaker-sole. Finally, the young lady is directed to strip for the real business of the afternoon. Reluctantly, off comes each garment, laid on the desk. Sexy pleading eyes.

Mother hangs around, directs her daughter to bend over the desk when she’s naked, and ceremoniously hands the cane to Michael, who begins the obligatory stroke measuring and cane flexing. He lays on about 24 strokes. The naked daughter is brave and quiet, which always angers the actor Michael. At the 13th stroke, he raises his intensity to elicit some reaction and indeed the blonde begins to gasp and twitch. She’s laying flat enough on the table to allow the cane to essentially nick her bottom and glance off. Looks even more painful than the full blow and exquisite to watch. We watch the wheals rise on each buttock and upper thighs. When she is finished, she painfully dresses as mother watches.

With undisguised glee, Michael takes his cane upstairs, where he knows two naked students await him, noses to the wall. He makes them bend over side by side and begins caning. Only two cuts each, and we end. These actresses had a different contract than the athletic blonde, who took an effective and most enteetaining spanking, and who won’t be making any of these films for a few weeks. For some reason, the sound was ruined by high, echoing ceilings, so the usual unscripted CalStar banter was mostly unintelligible, but the sound of flesh, leather, and reed on skin was lovely.

EP Castings – ELITE PAIN

4 Nov

One would expect ‘Elite Pain’  to enter the spanking casting film arena from their extreme vantage point, and what we have seen so far does not disappoint. Sexual torture and humiliation trump actual spanking or corporal punishment. At EP, the girls face the camera for as much time as they turn their behind to it.

‘Amina’ (M/f; 13 minutes): A 23 year old brunette faces the regular master here(producer Maximilian Lomp), who stays off-screen much of the time. After he quizzes her on how sexually inquisitive she might be, we begin. “We will check you out to see how you obey orders.” Blouse off, bra off, she has spectacular high and hard breasts. She cannot hide her pride in thrusting them out for us.

The master puts office supply alligator clips on each nipple; Amina disguises her pain at first, but begins to cry when the master wobbles the clips with cane whacks. Jeans off, socks and thong off, the master orders her to masturbate with her left hand and admonishes her not to cover up as he slashes her front with the cane.

Since she can’t control the reflex to defend herself, he strings her up, leather cuffs to a chain, raised by an electric motor  so that her shoulders are pulled hard. She must be on tiptoes. One slap with a large paddle is all she can take.

Released, she kneels on a low punishment table, head low, bottom high, knees wide. Just one hard cane stroke before she climbs down and quits.

‘Barbie'(M/f; time: 20 minutes) ElitePain’s castings are more harsh than any of the competitors’ versions, because the girls get the frontal AND rear attentions.

‘Barbara’ is a rosy, round-faced 22 year old blonde, who has some idea of what goes on here at ElitePain. In her interview with Maximilian Lomp, she admits she was more or less “dragged here” by friends. She is not disturbed by the idea of CP and Max cannot get her to admit she has fantasized about it.

She begins to strip, white top and bra off. He wants her to look at the collection of spanking implements on an adjacent table. Time for her to finish–boots, pants, tights, white lacy thong off–she is shaved, very nice.

Partially naked, Max keeps up the interviewing; she likes to give blowjobs and she likes the cowgirl position for sex because “I can control it more.”

Max instructs Barbie to bend over a chair, encourages her to level her back, feet apart. He will begin with “the king of instruments,” the cane. The first seven strokes are surprising and nasty–not a surprise from Max–low, on the buttocks crease and thighs. More typical EP stuff, Barbie squats and Max straps her inner thighs. She is fighting the pain and looks on the verge of breaking.

Martinet palms; arms in a ‘V,’ flogs boobs and pussy. Paper clamps on her nipples. She’s OK with this.

Diaper position, thighs flogged. We see the caning has ripened.

At the conclusion he asks her, “How did you like it?” She answers the way we’ve heard other CP actresses respond. “I got angry.”

‘Cindy’ (M/f; 12 minutes): Cindy is a sweet, unadorned brunette, who looks very much like she walked into the studio with a copy of the Internet ad in her hand. She is interviewed by a male actor from EP, and a female assistant stands by, which would probably intensify the butterflies in any girl’s stomach.

Cindy is asked to strip and does so without hesitation–top off, no bra, very impressive boobs; slacks and thong off. The interviewer shows her his thin whip. then lashes her breasts. He is quick with his office paper clamps–onto both nipples. Cindy winces a bit but accepts the discomfort easily.

To satisfy all the fetishes, she bends over a chair, sticking her bottom out quite like this isn’t the first time for her, and takes about a dozen hard cane strokes. Stripes are countable. Onto her back onto the table, she elevates and spreads her legs for a thorough pussy flogging. EP is usually a bit harsh and mechanical for our tastes. Cindy should be hired though; she’s a gamer who can be taken a few levels higher.

‘Iris’ (M/f; 21 minutes): Iris, a pretty blond 29 year old beautician, is going to give it a try. A laundry basket of spanking  implements is put in front of her; canes are displayed in a brass nude figurine on the table. The faceless off-screen male expains the procedure. Iris’  husband spanks her–they need this money.

“Get naked.” She slowly strips and is an eyeful. When she takes her bra off, she displays her breasts with fierce pride.

Naked in a chair, she is bashful about opening her legs.

The master teases and slaps her to open her thighs with a crop, leaving marks. Iris bends over a chair–a nice display; then she grabs her ankles, “spread your legs.” The master uses a huge wide floppy strop, leaving huge square red marks. Iris can’t abide it. Hands-on-head, the master holds her steady by grabbing a bunch of pubic hair.

Another bizarre position–Iris sits naked astride a spanking horse and leans back so her pussy is exposed for the crop. She keeps defending with a knee. The master takes a cane out of the table display–she stands, very reluctantly, on a stool so she is bent over the horse. Tap-tap-snap with the cane;  tears.

Off the horse, hands-on-head, “spread your legs,”  the master lashes her front as she twists to evade. And the final indignity–a paper clamp on her nipples. Tears and running makeup. One of the better EP castings for us.

‘Mirabel’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes): A shy brunette, Mirabel is pushed right to the edge in this audition. After a very hard slash with a martinet on her palm, sort of a warning shot, she takes off her shirt and bra; she is quickly very unhappy when the interviewer fastens the paper clamps to her nipples.

Pants off, thong off, the interviewer whales with a thin wood paddle with holes, the Spencer paddle. Mirabel looks rather surprised if you ask us; we enjoyed her tears and running masacara; nice glutual dimples too.

The interviewer hauls her manacled wrists overhead with a system of winches and chains. Then a wire whip on her breasts and stomach. Mirabel whimpers, almost hysterical.

She gets some hard cane strokes, for the purpose of sampling that possibility. She gets through and stands there naked, completing her audition, and getting hired.

‘Myra’ (M/f; 12 minutes): A nervous brunette hears the procedures as she gazes at the table display of spanking implements.

She undresses with a bit of theatrical experience, fondling herself as she goes. After some nude posing, time for the ‘pain test.  Hands-on-head, she does not flinch at all when the master fastens the clamps to her nipples. When he shows her a needle he wants to insert in her nipple, that’s a no-no.

On her back on a table, wiggled to the edge, she holds her own legs up in the diaper position, while the master crops what she displays.

Just a nudie shot–bend-over, feet wide apart. For a concluder, she has her palms slapped. This segment is mostly a celebration of her body.

‘Sandy’ (M/f; 14 minutes): A lovely redhead stands in front of a St. Andrews cross, telling us she is 18 years old. For this model, it is not a bad idea to plant that in the script.

The purpose of the cane is explained–she understands. She is asked to strip naked–a very sweet Irish look. She bites her lip in shy anxiety. Palm smacking with a crop. On a stool she is asked to spread her knees wide, which she is a bit shy about, for some shots from the crop. Some martinet on her naked front, then a clamp on one nipple–she definitely doesn’t like this.

Next comes the string-up; leather cuffs, he slowly winches her up. If  you like armpits, pause here. She is flogged in front with a martinet and dog whip and rotates to avoid the strikes, looking very much afraid. Strap to her bottom–tears.

To conclude, she allows the interviewer to drive a needle through her nipple. Her sexy, anxious, fearful glances make the film. Hired.

‘Sophia’ (M/f; 15 minutes) A tall 23 year old blonde who caught our fancy; as she takes home clothes off, she is interviewed by Maximilian and talks about her sex life. When she is naked, she (and we) are quite ready for her whipping, which is a typical frontal job a la Mr. Lomp.

‘Stronza’ (M/f; 15 minutes); The male interviewer wants to know what kind of name this is–Italian. When the spanking implements on the adjacent table are pointed out, she is not too keen to look.

‘Stronza’ is a model found in many other films, a/k/a redhead ‘Livia. She is a gamer, but judging from her complexion here, she is pushed to her limit.

Time for the Italian blonde to undress–top and skirt off to display matching dark brown flower-print bra and panties, unusual undies for this genre.

Bra off, the guy wants her to demonstrate the kneeling position for a blowjob. she kneels and he whips both breasts with a matinet and then puts clamps on both nipples.

She stands, drops her panties, spreads her thighs and takes the crop on her thighs and between her legs. He teases and twists the clamps, which brings tears. He acquiesces when she begs him to remove them.

With wrist cuffs she is fastened to a pole, bottom facing us. She takes only three shots with a leather strap and a very large paddle. EP Castings doesn’t do much spanking. She is turned to face us and tries to dodge the leather strap and crop.

The guy clamps her open pussy lips and beats the clamp with a martinet. Stronza appears dazed at this point. At the conclusion she is asked to show which implement was worst–she selects the clamps and the big square paddle.