EP Castings – ELITE PAIN

4 Nov

One would expect ‘Elite Pain’  to enter the spanking casting film arena from their extreme vantage point, and what we have seen so far does not disappoint. Sexual torture and humiliation trump actual spanking or corporal punishment. At EP, the girls face the camera for as much time as they turn their behind to it.

‘Amina’ (M/f; 13 minutes): A 23 year old brunette faces the regular master here(producer Maximilian Lomp), who stays off-screen much of the time. After he quizzes her on how sexually inquisitive she might be, we begin. “We will check you out to see how you obey orders.” Blouse off, bra off, she has spectacular high and hard breasts. She cannot hide her pride in thrusting them out for us.

The master puts office supply alligator clips on each nipple; Amina disguises her pain at first, but begins to cry when the master wobbles the clips with cane whacks. Jeans off, socks and thong off, the master orders her to masturbate with her left hand and admonishes her not to cover up as he slashes her front with the cane.

Since she can’t control the reflex to defend herself, he strings her up, leather cuffs to a chain, raised by an electric motor  so that her shoulders are pulled hard. She must be on tiptoes. One slap with a large paddle is all she can take.

Released, she kneels on a low punishment table, head low, bottom high, knees wide. Just one hard cane stroke before she climbs down and quits.

‘Barbie'(M/f; time: 20 minutes) ElitePain’s castings are more harsh than any of the competitors’ versions, because the girls get the frontal AND rear attentions.

‘Barbara’ is a rosy, round-faced 22 year old blonde, who has some idea of what goes on here at ElitePain. In her interview with Maximilian Lomp, she admits she was more or less “dragged here” by friends. She is not disturbed by the idea of CP and Max cannot get her to admit she has fantasized about it.

She begins to strip, white top and bra off. He wants her to look at the collection of spanking implements on an adjacent table. Time for her to finish–boots, pants, tights, white lacy thong off–she is shaved, very nice.

Partially naked, Max keeps up the interviewing; she likes to give blowjobs and she likes the cowgirl position for sex because “I can control it more.”

Max instructs Barbie to bend over a chair, encourages her to level her back, feet apart. He will begin with “the king of instruments,” the cane. The first seven strokes are surprising and nasty–not a surprise from Max–low, on the buttocks crease and thighs. More typical EP stuff, Barbie squats and Max straps her inner thighs. She is fighting the pain and looks on the verge of breaking.

Martinet palms; arms in a ‘V,’ flogs boobs and pussy. Paper clamps on her nipples. She’s OK with this.

Diaper position, thighs flogged. We see the caning has ripened.

At the conclusion he asks her, “How did you like it?” She answers the way we’ve heard other CP actresses respond. “I got angry.”

‘Cindy’ (M/f; 12 minutes): Cindy is a sweet, unadorned brunette, who looks very much like she walked into the studio with a copy of the Internet ad in her hand. She is interviewed by a male actor from EP, and a female assistant stands by, which would probably intensify the butterflies in any girl’s stomach.

Cindy is asked to strip and does so without hesitation–top off, no bra, very impressive boobs; slacks and thong off. The interviewer shows her his thin whip. then lashes her breasts. He is quick with his office paper clamps–onto both nipples. Cindy winces a bit but accepts the discomfort easily.

To satisfy all the fetishes, she bends over a chair, sticking her bottom out quite like this isn’t the first time for her, and takes about a dozen hard cane strokes. Stripes are countable. Onto her back onto the table, she elevates and spreads her legs for a thorough pussy flogging. EP is usually a bit harsh and mechanical for our tastes. Cindy should be hired though; she’s a gamer who can be taken a few levels higher.

‘Iris’ (M/f; 21 minutes): Iris, a pretty blond 29 year old beautician, is going to give it a try. A laundry basket of spanking  implements is put in front of her; canes are displayed in a brass nude figurine on the table. The faceless off-screen male expains the procedure. Iris’  husband spanks her–they need this money.

“Get naked.” She slowly strips and is an eyeful. When she takes her bra off, she displays her breasts with fierce pride.

Naked in a chair, she is bashful about opening her legs.

The master teases and slaps her to open her thighs with a crop, leaving marks. Iris bends over a chair–a nice display; then she grabs her ankles, “spread your legs.” The master uses a huge wide floppy strop, leaving huge square red marks. Iris can’t abide it. Hands-on-head, the master holds her steady by grabbing a bunch of pubic hair.

Another bizarre position–Iris sits naked astride a spanking horse and leans back so her pussy is exposed for the crop. She keeps defending with a knee. The master takes a cane out of the table display–she stands, very reluctantly, on a stool so she is bent over the horse. Tap-tap-snap with the cane;  tears.

Off the horse, hands-on-head, “spread your legs,”  the master lashes her front as she twists to evade. And the final indignity–a paper clamp on her nipples. Tears and running makeup. One of the better EP castings for us.

‘Mirabel’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes): A shy brunette, Mirabel is pushed right to the edge in this audition. After a very hard slash with a martinet on her palm, sort of a warning shot, she takes off her shirt and bra; she is quickly very unhappy when the interviewer fastens the paper clamps to her nipples.

Pants off, thong off, the interviewer whales with a thin wood paddle with holes, the Spencer paddle. Mirabel looks rather surprised if you ask us; we enjoyed her tears and running masacara; nice glutual dimples too.

The interviewer hauls her manacled wrists overhead with a system of winches and chains. Then a wire whip on her breasts and stomach. Mirabel whimpers, almost hysterical.

She gets some hard cane strokes, for the purpose of sampling that possibility. She gets through and stands there naked, completing her audition, and getting hired.

‘Myra’ (M/f; 12 minutes): A nervous brunette hears the procedures as she gazes at the table display of spanking implements.

She undresses with a bit of theatrical experience, fondling herself as she goes. After some nude posing, time for the ‘pain test.  Hands-on-head, she does not flinch at all when the master fastens the clamps to her nipples. When he shows her a needle he wants to insert in her nipple, that’s a no-no.

On her back on a table, wiggled to the edge, she holds her own legs up in the diaper position, while the master crops what she displays.

Just a nudie shot–bend-over, feet wide apart. For a concluder, she has her palms slapped. This segment is mostly a celebration of her body.

‘Sandy’ (M/f; 14 minutes): A lovely redhead stands in front of a St. Andrews cross, telling us she is 18 years old. For this model, it is not a bad idea to plant that in the script.

The purpose of the cane is explained–she understands. She is asked to strip naked–a very sweet Irish look. She bites her lip in shy anxiety. Palm smacking with a crop. On a stool she is asked to spread her knees wide, which she is a bit shy about, for some shots from the crop. Some martinet on her naked front, then a clamp on one nipple–she definitely doesn’t like this.

Next comes the string-up; leather cuffs, he slowly winches her up. If  you like armpits, pause here. She is flogged in front with a martinet and dog whip and rotates to avoid the strikes, looking very much afraid. Strap to her bottom–tears.

To conclude, she allows the interviewer to drive a needle through her nipple. Her sexy, anxious, fearful glances make the film. Hired.

‘Sophia’ (M/f; 15 minutes) A tall 23 year old blonde who caught our fancy; as she takes home clothes off, she is interviewed by Maximilian and talks about her sex life. When she is naked, she (and we) are quite ready for her whipping, which is a typical frontal job a la Mr. Lomp.

‘Stronza’ (M/f; 15 minutes); The male interviewer wants to know what kind of name this is–Italian. When the spanking implements on the adjacent table are pointed out, she is not too keen to look.

‘Stronza’ is a model found in many other films, a/k/a redhead ‘Livia. She is a gamer, but judging from her complexion here, she is pushed to her limit.

Time for the Italian blonde to undress–top and skirt off to display matching dark brown flower-print bra and panties, unusual undies for this genre.

Bra off, the guy wants her to demonstrate the kneeling position for a blowjob. she kneels and he whips both breasts with a matinet and then puts clamps on both nipples.

She stands, drops her panties, spreads her thighs and takes the crop on her thighs and between her legs. He teases and twists the clamps, which brings tears. He acquiesces when she begs him to remove them.

With wrist cuffs she is fastened to a pole, bottom facing us. She takes only three shots with a leather strap and a very large paddle. EP Castings doesn’t do much spanking. She is turned to face us and tries to dodge the leather strap and crop.

The guy clamps her open pussy lips and beats the clamp with a martinet. Stronza appears dazed at this point. At the conclusion she is asked to show which implement was worst–she selects the clamps and the big square paddle.

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