4 PM Detention – CALSTAR

16 Nov

MF/3f; year: 1992; time: 52 minutes

An old full-length CalStar, very much in our vintage interest zone. Lots of flesh in this one. The inveterate actor Michael Dawes on full prowl here, supervising after-school detention. Unimaginative story, except that one of the girls is going to have a bad afternoon, much to our satisfaction.

A short-haired, stocky, athletic blonde dawdles at her desk in detention, loathe to write the repetitive lines assigned to her. Supervising teacher Michael hovers. The girl’s mother comes looking for her, is angered that she has done something to deserve detention, and impatiently takes over for Michael. “I’ll show you how to deal with her.” She first puts the girl over a desk, pulls up her skirt, and spanks her surprisingly hard on blue school knickers–high, long, firm strokes which echo in the open room, and which surely set the little blond actress to thinking why in the world she took this assignement. No patty-cake here. Michael goes to his office to retrieve the cane, a birch bundle, and several paddles. He is always equipped and has quite an agenda today.

While the mother spanks away, Michael goes upstairs, where he discovers two other blond students in the ladies’ room smoking and trespassing from another school, and confronts them with his sheath of implements. They are ordered to park their bottoms on plastic chairs and await his return. He is surely drawn to the sound of slaps and cries downstairs.

The little blonde has been taken OTK and her pants worked down for the mother’s continued colorful handspanking, a nice closeup as masterful as we will see, despite the age of the film. Finally, the girl is cornered,  pants where they should be, to await the next development.

Michael is back with the two trespassers, flies caught in his spider web, who have decided that to be be spanked here is better than being reported back to their school; each is spanked OTK, with their pants worked down in a loving way this actor specializes in. He gets in his fondles and feels and his salacious smirks. Each girl is then tawsed with a palm-sized thick implement, which brings color and bruises unusually quickly. Each girl then gets six with the bundle of birches. the first girl screeches and jumps forward when she gets hers, a reaction to birches you would expect, to Michael’s wicked delight. Several closup inspections and characteristic “Let’s have a look at your bottom,” sequences. Both girls are shown the cane, then slapped on their palms with a ruler, then made to strip nude and wait facing the wall. Michael: “Wait. I have another appointment.” Naked girls in one room or another, like a doctor’s office.

The spanking mother decides to turn her daughter back over to Michael. We’re certainly appreciative, but you have to question her judgment. “What do you think about the cane?” Mother answers: “If she needs it, you use it.” The daughter eyes Michael’s cane and we enjoy her realization of what is about to happen. Michael, who has always been a firm proponent of keeping the bottom warmed-up, first takes her OTK for more handspanking, and some hard ones  with his sneaker-sole. Finally, the young lady is directed to strip for the real business of the afternoon. Reluctantly, off comes each garment, laid on the desk. Sexy pleading eyes.

Mother hangs around, directs her daughter to bend over the desk when she’s naked, and ceremoniously hands the cane to Michael, who begins the obligatory stroke measuring and cane flexing. He lays on about 24 strokes. The naked daughter is brave and quiet, which always angers the actor Michael. At the 13th stroke, he raises his intensity to elicit some reaction and indeed the blonde begins to gasp and twitch. She’s laying flat enough on the table to allow the cane to essentially nick her bottom and glance off. Looks even more painful than the full blow and exquisite to watch. We watch the wheals rise on each buttock and upper thighs. When she is finished, she painfully dresses as mother watches.

With undisguised glee, Michael takes his cane upstairs, where he knows two naked students await him, noses to the wall. He makes them bend over side by side and begins caning. Only two cuts each, and we end. These actresses had a different contract than the athletic blonde, who took an effective and most enteetaining spanking, and who won’t be making any of these films for a few weeks. For some reason, the sound was ruined by high, echoing ceilings, so the usual unscripted CalStar banter was mostly unintelligible, but the sound of flesh, leather, and reed on skin was lovely.

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