Tales of Old Janitors – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

18 Nov

M/5f; time: 27 minutes

An entertaining theme we’ve seen before—gentlemen of a certain age, grizzled old janitors a/k/a dirty old men, reminisce abou the days when young ladies were sent to them in the boiler room for punishment, and they could spank, each in their own way, spank and cane to the outer limits. This time we see a group of them talking at a pub, drinking beer and playing cards. At the pub, at another table, a young girl is playing hooky from school–she sits with her boyfriend watching these men, knowing their type, realizing she would be exactly the prize they would covet.

The principal flashback relates to one of the janitors, a younger one, who remembers being hired at a girls’  school, being shown the punishment room by his headmistress, where he will be required to spank students who have been sent to him. The room is a plaster/stone cavern basement sort of place, ideal for intimidation and where squeals won’t be heard.

The first spanking sequence involves three young-looking innocent girls, in simple pinafore school uniforms, who wait on hard chairs, punishment slips in their hands, for their turn with the young and hesitant janitor. The first girl is a diminuative pigtailed blonde, who looks, well, you have to be eighteen to make one of these films. She is frightened, hands him her note, is logged into the punishment book, then pulls down her own bloomer-like pants and is taken OTK. After the janitor rummages through her skirts and slips, he finds her sweet, pale small bare bottom and begins a moderate handspanking. She screams Lupus-style. The waiting girls quake on their hard seats.

The brief spanking concludes;  a second girl comes in, bares her bottom, and receives the leather belt from the janitor. He’ll get used to this.

More students in a different session: this film is meant to catalogue girls’ visits to this young janitor in his tomb-like punishment chamber. The next girl to be punished stands on a small footstool and bends over the back of a straight chair. Pants down for the belt; although the position puts her buttocks higher to view, we don’t see much in this short segment.

The next young lady’s appointment is more Lupus-like. She is defiant and suspicious of this young janitor. She is tied over a table, her bottom bared. She screams as she gets the belt. Good facial tears, and an appropriate concluding touch we wonder why we don’t see more often–she elects not to pull her tight bloomers over her sore bottom but instead pockets them.

The next girl to walk down the stone stairs to the chamber appears to be a young school staff member, wearing conventional clothes. She is tied full-length on a bench, her panties pulled down, and her bare bottom framed by a garter belt and stockings. She screams under a whip, just like a student.

The film concludes in the present. We have been watching the schoolgirl sitting in the background, apparently listening to the salty spanking tales, bawdy memories of the grizzled men. When the actress Alexandra Wolf, playing a school official, enters the pub, the girl dives under the table. We presume what went on in the basement of the school might still be possible for this girl today.

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