The Reformatory – CALSTAR

19 Nov

M/4f; year: 1998; time: 58 minutes

We re-visit this all-time favorite of ours, now over 25 years old, bearing the Tallion logo. More recent production companies do a better job at depicting reform school/institutional settings; production values and budgets have improved; and most certainly the intensity and eroticism of punishment techniques  have exploded. Here we have old-fashioned bottom-smacking and an early career appearance of a stunning model and adult actress, identified in several places as South African Minnie Champ.

CALSTAR uses one of its classroom sets; four inmate girls, dressed plausibly in bulky overalls and blouses, are confronted by a male overseer (a familiar early CALSTAR veteran), for various rebellious infractions. Spanking is the punishment.

Two blondes are sent out; two girls remain, a black girl and a blonde (Minnie Champ). The black girl will be dealt with first. She is statuesque and quietly sophisticated, having the biggest hair in our record book. She stands before the overseer, removes her overalls, bends over his table, and presents a thin, athletic bottom adorned by only a thong. She is handspanked and gets a “premliminary three” from a tawse–realistic painful cries and tears.

Minnie, as Hobson, is next in front of the desk. Overalls off, she slips down gauzy bikini panties. The overseer makes her lean lengthwise over another table. “Put your arms in front of you.” When she locks her elegant legs straight and stretches forward, her bottom is cocked high off the table, peeking out from under her blouse, in one of the most gloriously memorable poses in our collection. And why? We’ve seen a lot of beautiful bottoms positioned for action. It is because she is reluctant but compliant, shy but seductive–conflicting signals together, in effect, an Actress.

She is handspanked and tawsed in this position, her hands clench in pain, her brown-eyed glances burn through the lense. There is casual conversation, almost inaudible. In each of her films, we’ve found all five listed for her, ‘A Mutual Agreement,’ ‘College Classics #4,’ ‘Paddling Classified,’ and ‘Tales From the Rod 3,’ she rarely projects well enough to be distinctly understood, except of course, for her anquished cries. Her body speaks and the directors exploit it.

The black girl gets more tawsing–she is wonderfully unhappy. Both girls are ordered to strip to just their bras. There are tantalizing covert frontal glimpses as they move about the set. Minnie returns to her table posture and must hand over her bra. Nude, a stunning figure, she looks at us with pride and contempt, knowing what is coming. Over the table, perfect breasts, compact muscled feminine bottom, and an upper torso so thin and fit her ribs show. Her beauty and reluctant submission make this one of the most memorable moments in vintage CP for us.

The overseer begins caning her in this fascinating posture, about 10 strokes, her glamorous legs locked cock her bottom and put her buttocks out into play for the cane. To double this eyefyul of eroticism, Minnie must lie lengthwise on top of the conference table–she has one of those bottoms which rises like foothills. Closeups show hair wisps. Brief caning.

The black girl, who has been watching, is next to lie on the table for 10 cane strokes. She is not so tough as Minnie and cannot stay still. Minnie’s bare bottom seen standing at the side, her hands on her heads, is in some shots.

The remaining two rebellious inmates, blond Smith and shaggy blond Johnson are called in, interrogated, lectured, and then their fun begins. Smith goes first–dungarees off, top off, she is not wearing a bra and only the tiniest G-string. Over the table handspanks first and then the tawse. Johnson is told to take her clothes off while this punishment occurs.

The straps cracks in the loud room, full swings. Up on the table, intimate closeups.

Naked Johnson’s turn on the table–20 with the tawse, counted by Smith. the overseer picks up the cane. Smith over a table, seven strokes, the string-like G-string comes off. Smith jumps up on the seventh cane stroke. Something must have happened because the overseer switches back to the tawse for almost 20 strokes. Toward the end, Smith jumps up again. “You’re going too fast.”

Consistent throughout this marvelous film–four stunning bottoms; hard spanking, strapping and caning with no punches pulled; and inventive positioning outside the touch-toes norm. The long table itself deserves an award.

Johnson’s turn–“right over” a table. A dozen with the strap and a half-dozen with the cane. He taps her breasts with the cane tip. “Put these on the table.” More tawsing and handspanking.

The girls are switched around–more caning for Smith. Full-screen bottom shots, too much good stuff to list. Four well-spanked inmates, and kudos to the director who knows what we like.

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