Sports Mistress: Rattan College #1 – MOONGLOW

20 Nov

MF/2f; year: 1996; time: 48 minutes

Listed in Moonglow’s ‘classics’ catalogue–how old we get and how fast! What does age have to do with a good spanking? Wouldn’t we like to watch Cleopatra spanking a servant if she was good at and it were on film? Thanks to Moonglow for preserving their oldies and to archivists for providing simple inexpensive access.

Simple plot with rousing results. Two familiar actresses, both loaded with the assets we are most interested in. One appears to be Amber Scott, before her blond phase. A tawny blond actress plays Miss Grant, a ‘sports mistress.’ Amber plays Mary, a student who has been caught drunk when she should be staying fit for athletics.

No more counseling, Mary is getting the cane, now. She kneels on a straight chair, leans over onto another, her tight short shorts are pulled down, and she receives a brief caning on a bottom which shortens your breath. The gap between her thighs is such that her jewels are fully on display.

Following the caning, the girls chat at a table, about spanking, triggering a series of reminiscence flashbacks. Mary recalls being caned at a previous school for smoking. “It was harder, very hard.”

Flashback: cute Mary in a schoolgirl uniform, over a chair for a leather sole, loose-fitting white silk pants. Hard smacks, pants down, Mary blurts out: “You bastard!” “For that, you will get the cane.” Two strokes on the pants, 4 on the bare–this posture presents another revealing look at her ladyhood.

Fade back to the sports school chat; the charming Miss Grant is warmly remembering some of her own spankings. In her first flashback, she is completely naked, being slowly spanked, caressed and being sexually teased OTK on a couch by her boyfriend. Excellent acting, very erotic, simple gestures evoke terrific intensity. Her bottom is high on one of his knees. Fully 4 minutes are taken for silent caressing, fingers exploring.

A flashback to another of Mary’s experiences–she is being spanked by a boss for misbehavior at an office party, OTK, little red thong down quickly, and a floor length mirror doubles the views, difficult to resist repeating how magnificent this actress is when she is turned upside down. After a little time with her bottom, he sends her back to the party–this is a nice little diversion for an employer of young women.

The next reminiscence concerns Miss Grant again–she is embarrassed by her boyfriend for flirting anf flashing her bottom about. It will “not be just a sexy spanking this time,” (which we have seen she likes), “but punishment with my cane.”  Full screen of Grant fully dressed–this would require some undressing if it were to happen.

“Bend over the stool.” 2 cane strokes on her skirt; she stands to ruck it up, “a beautiful bottom,” her boyfriend observes. Two more strokes on her black panties then two more on the bare. “Give me those knickers. You won’t be needing them any more. We’ll be going to bed after this.” After just six strokes, “Shall we go and make up properly?”

Back to the sports school scene, where the two girls chatter about spanking, rather too familiar. Sir Jaspar, the male school head, comes on-scene. He is unhappy with both Mary’s inadequate punishment and Miss Grant’s incompetence.

Mary is taken to the back-to-back chairs, goes over, pants down, another rousing view of her intimate places. She takes 12 sexy strokes, many while we have a full facial into the camera from actress Miss Scott, so presumably she wasn’t getting roasted on those strokes. Some actresses glance at the camera as if to check if they have forgotten something. Scott melts the lense.

Miss Grant is next for a “taste of the same.” Twenty strokes are shown on her bare bottom, also a lot of facials used to relieve the pressure on her glamorous nates. Slow-motion repeats. Just about a perfect depiction of a caning. As with Rattan College #2, highly erotic stuff for us, without damaging the goods or stuffing the scenes with sloppy settings.


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