Warlock’s Revenge – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

27 Nov

T3M/3f; time: 36 minutes

This production is almost as much a costume drawing-room drama as it is a spanking film. We have learned though, at LUPUS when a pretty maid bats her eyes and avoids eye contact with an authority figure, her hours are numbered and a spanking bench awaits somewhere.

A goofy king, dressed like a character in a BurgerKing commercial, his courtier, and his maiden-like daughter dine, attended by sweet pleasant maids; an experienced LUPUS viewer is eying every potential bottom on the set. They converse with a warlock, seen at his digs through a looking-glass picture frame. The setting is a fully appointed castle.


The scene cuts to a dungeon room in the castle where two naked young peasant girls are being tortured by red-hooded guards, a permitted evening diversion, we guess. They must have to rotate, how many girls are there? One naked girl  is suspended doubled-up in a small medieval cage and wears an iron mask  of infamy, meant to be and surely uncomfortable and embarrassing, a second girl is stretched nude on her back on a rack and struggles erotically as ropes are winched. She is given the water-boarding treatment; LUPUS’ detail in these scenes is superior to most corny B&D dungeon versions you might find.


The girl on the rack undergoes more humiliation–her feet are released and pulled over her head into the diaper position, then her exposed bottom is caned with a thick rattan model, over 25 slow strokes. The king, courtier, and maids can hear her screams echoing throughout the dungeon into the courtyard.


The caged maid is dragged out and put in wrist stocks, and the poor racked girl, her bottom a flaming mess at this point, is stuffed into the cage. The masked girl in stocks is brought naked into the courtyard sunlight and made to straddle an inverted ‘V’ shaped horse, where what parts of her buttocks which can be reached and her lower back are thoroughly birched, while her hands are attached to the mask she wears. The best birching we have seen to date.  She must balance precariously during the procedure, her weight resting where she would least like it to. All this is bizarre and just low enough on the cruelty scale as to be erotic. The Burger-King watches from a window.


The maiden dinner companion apparently  has been unpersuaded by this punishment and runs off through the castle, only to be apprehended and retrieved by soldiers, more erotic foreplay. She is stripped naked and tied full-length on a bench in front of the king. Her buttocks rise invitingly, the promise of her figure in the princess-costume has been fulfilled.


A solider is enlisted to cane her, 20 strokes with one instrument and 30 with another. She quakes and wails in the best Czech  tradition. The warlock figure appears in the flesh, lays on a few cane strokes of his own, and is apparently appeased and avenged for whatever affront she caused.

6b59506a-3d30-4827-8f49-303dbe4ae5d8aee9b68e-5919-4d43-a181-c54d698f4dcbReturn to the dinner scene, the maiden reseated quietly, sore bottoms all around, nice day at the castle.

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