29 Nov

M/3f; year: 2006; time: 39 minutes

Actor Pavel Stastny plays a screenwriter, scrivening, smoking, and drinking in his garret to come up with a CP script which will satisfy his effete agent. Pavel’s increasingly demonic imaginings will be played out live.

Three girls are seen huddled, then strung up naked, quaking and shivering, in a dungeon-like room, panned head to foot by the camera. No producer depicts this better. The girls are young, frightened, and helpless–realistic, normal girls, not runway models or dancers. Red-masked guards enter–the girls squirm in panic.

The tallest, most buxom girl will be whipped first and is fastened to a post. She is thrashed with birch bundles taken from a brine bucket. She absolutely wails as branch-stripe patterns spread across her bottom and lower back. Little broken twigs cling to her flesh and her bottom quivers reflexively. Pavel is the guard, playing out his crafted creation.

Realistic birching scenes are rare. This one scintillates.

The powdered-wig agent doesn’t like this scene. Back to the draft. A long-haired redhead beauty is next, a delectably sexy morsel, acting sweetly very frightened. She is tied in the kneeling position to another whipping post, bare knees on hard wood, in a posture similar to that seen in RigidEast’s ‘Fairy Tale.’  The redhead’s wrists are tied at face level, her waist is tied to the pole, and calves and ankles are fastened down as she kneels, all in complicated erotic bondage. When her skimpy shift is ripped off by the guards, she is naked and screams through one of the most sensual whippings we can recall. Top-notch. Redheads always mark up nicely. 

Pavel shows a Barbie-doll mock-up of the redhead in her kneeling position to his agent, also as seen in ‘Fairy Tale,’ but he rejects this too. We’d have to say at this point that for us Pavel has achieved a masterpiece, but if he can be encouraged to even more wicked heights, we’ll go with it.

The depiction of the third girl’s birching follows. First she is birched nude, tied lengthwise to a bench, then she is fastened to the same kneeling platform, straddling the pole, but on her back and shoulders, pulled high in the diaper position, wrists tied low, and ankles fastened high on a hook. This is an athletic posture, intimately revealing with her legs separated by the post, and one which would hurt even if a birch was not searching her most private folds. Masterfully wicked. Great birch wheals, loud crying.

The birchings are moderate but realisitcally stinging; the poor girls are put through their paces to achieve maximum erotic effect.

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