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The Reformation – CALSTAR

31 Dec

M/f; year: 1992; time: 32 minutes

A naughty mix of the Catholic Church and the bare bottom. An oldie, spanking aficionado John North plays a frocked priest Father Preston on the prowl in his ‘parish.’  The production logo SfF appearing at the end sets the era of the film. The Father barges in on ‘Donna,’ an operating call girl we see concluding a transaction and accepting payment from a John, completing his visit. There are spanking implements in view.

The Father rants about the “forces of Satan” extant in his parish. The pale-eyed brunette  actress cannot keep a straight face during his raving diatribe. He grabs her money, she flashes her breasts at him in jest, and looks at the camera to see if we too are as amused at North’s antics as she is. He sees her stack of “instruments,” spanking tools. “You let your clients do this?” “No, I   do it to them.”

Donna is exhorted to pray for redemption. Father grabs her and takes her OTK. “Lord, assist me.” Skirt up, black panties on display. Donna calls Father a “pervert.” “It’s time to bare your flesh to the Lord.” Panties down, handspanking,  plenty of fondling. He uses the palmprint crop.

“I want to see you naked…strip off!” When he sees her breasts, he invokes the Trinity. Donna notes “your perverted mind.” Clothes off, he begins anointing her breasts, thighs, and bottom with oil. “You don’t seem much of a priest to me.”

Naked, she is taken to the mantelpiece of her apartment. If there is a mantelpiece, it should be visited during a spanking. Frontals, a bend-over, she kisses the crop, followed by a good hard session with it. Good side views of all her charms. North has taken the spanking up a few notches, so there is less chatter.

More oiling and a blessing from Father. Donna must mend her ways, withdraw her advertising and start attending choir practice; she completes her stripping by removing her garter belt and stockings. Father has her put on a white teddy he just happens to have on his person. “I will never sin again.” Donna had better slip off quickly out of the church after the next choir practice.

College Classics #2 – CALSTAR

29 Dec

M/f; F/f;  time: 54 minutes

We continue our review of thousands of vintage spanking films; we do not intend value judgment and admit we have spent less effort on the current producers. We like the Oldies.

Two separate schoolgirl spanking stories, as are most of the ‘College Classics’ series. We have always enjoyed them, so we tend to expound. Good CP and an actual storyline. In the first segment, actor Martin Sykes (the mad tinkering pervert inventor in ‘The Caning Machine’ and other early films) plays a headmaster who accepts a visit by former student ‘Elizabeth Jenkins,’ who seeks to prevent her sister Sarah from being expelled for drug use.

“There must be some way around this, sir.” “I have no alternative. Drugs are drugs.” Elizabeth reminds him of when she was spanked in this very room for smoking, and “the little use of this desk arrangement here.”  Alas, times have changed. The Head recalls the “artifacts of yesteryear…did the trick.” They agree Elizabeth will take a spanking, mind you strictly on the QT, in order to pardon Sarah. Wonderful full-face closeups of the tawny haired beautiful Elizabeth as she intellectually accepts her fate.

The Head steps out. Elizabeth puts on her old school uniform. When he returns, he sees her; if he is working on an erection, this should do the trick. She bends over the table/desk, “right down,” they always like to say. Skirt thrown up, loose white panties, he bunches the knickers and starts a firm, no-nonsense handspanking. She yelps immediately. Sykes does spank harder with the bare hand than we usually see.

Elizabeth struggles. “Down..stay down! This is just the first phase. ” He puffs his pipe while she is given respite to rub. She is guided to bend over a straight chair, he flicks up her skirt and carefully lowers her knickers again. He attacks again wirh a large embossed leather paddle. “Stop whimpering.” She grabs her panties and tries to get up. “I’ve had enough.”

The Head wrestles her back into position–these tussles add significantly to the erotic tension. “Legs together…bottom up!”

She is cornered with skirt and pants back in place while he puts on his mortarboard for the official and final ritual. He wooshes his cane and Elizabeth cringes. She touches toes, again he does the honors and bares her bottom. She counts out and thanks him for 12 hard, whippy, full-armed strokes. she jumps up several times before she can settle back.

The second story is even more entertaining. A frizzy, well-built blonde, who pops up from time to time in the CALSTAR catalogue, plays ‘Jane,’ a schoolgirl gamboling on the school playing fields and then reporting to the infirmary with an injured leg. The sexy school nurse, with more than a professional gleam in her eye for this blond morsel: “I think you are trying to pull a fast one on me…I’m going to give you a thorough examination. Take your clothes off.”

Jane strips off her two-piece gymslip to expose comical non-regulation zebra-striped panties and halter. Not naked yet, she lies flat on the bed, for a pulse check and a temperature reading–under her tongue, we are disappointed to report. All seems normal. “Take off that rubbish…we’ll get you some proper school underwear.” Jane lies flat of the bed, on her back, stark naked,  we contemplate her charms leisurely while the randy nurse scolds her. This actress held her cool while the camera drooled all over her.

“This is my punishment room also…punishment on your bottom…over my knee for a jolly good spanking.” Not only is this nurse/matron correctly and convincingly dressed, rather than the Vaudvillian nurse outfits, she specializes in the cue language of CP, which she continues to utter throughout.

Jane, naked, oh so naked, stands and bends over the nure’s lap as she is seated on the edge of the bed. The nurse spanks very hard, a good sign for later, and Jane slips off. The nurse then puts her on the bed, face down, pillows under her bottom, one of the great postures in CP for us, for more handspanking. Her legs kick—aah, dirty bare feet. Jane snitches on the other girls who  smoke. They’re each going to get “a taste of the strap across their buttocks…it’s called the tawse.” After a last six with the tawse, another meaner strap, “which makes beautiful marks across your buttocks.”

Jane rolls and wriggles, a hot pile of sexy femininity surging on the bed. The matron paddles Jane’s thighs, so exposed is this position.

Then another titillating pose–Jane kneels on the bed and hangs onto the headboard bars, bent forward, boobs hanging. “Stick your bottom out.” The nurse uses a thicker cane than we usually see. Five very hard strokes make Jane jump on each one and sob so that she can’t speak. It would appear this caning was shorter than they intended. Jane leaves, naked. The nurse fondles her cane wirh a satisfied gleam, once again to a Chopin fade on the soundtrack.

Caning Competition Show – MOOD PICTURES

28 Dec

F/3f; year: 2005; time: 40 minutes

Girls betting their bare bottoms in a contest of courage; several versions of this theme are extant in the CP film genre; our favorite has always been the Sophie Fennington/Kate Westbrook face-off in CalStar’s vintage ‘The Caning Competition.’ The eastern European Mood producers have added their branded severity and intensity to the story theme here. Three girls will be caned in a contest to wine 5000 Euros, before a live audience.

The canings will be dealt in sets of 25 strokes with an “8 millimeter rattan cane,” and unlike the other spanking and caning competition stories, it will be done here on the bare bottom from the start.

Three actresses are presented and interviewed for the live audience. Erica is a punkish rocker wLth spiked hair and a chippy attitude (a good whipping might actually help her); Judy is a 35 year old brunette who looks like she stopped by after her schoolteaching job let out for the day; and the theatrical-looking brunette Laura who professes to be a porn actress, whose exotic appearance has us eagerly awaiting her turn with the cane.

The girls sit talk-show style to await their turn. Erica is called first. “Take off your trousers and panties, please.” She takes off all her clothes, even bare feet, and kneels on a chair. The caning begins. The blond female MC who does the caning is very experienced, the strokes are hard, high wristy swings, and very consistent. Erica gasps from the first, marks immediately, bloodflecks at 15, and by the 18th stroke she clearly is struggling  and quivering reflexively. She earns a round of applause at 25.

35-year old Judy is next. She strips off her clothes without direction and takes the same intensity of 25 strokes without showing any weakness. In praise of older women, she is going to be a tough contestant.

The dramatic Laura comes next. When she strips, for some reason she keeps her back to us, presenting a beautifully tanned curvy body. She has a very tough time holdng position during her caning. Subtitles indicate she said the cane is hurting much more than she thought.  Lots of facials, immediate welts on her bottom, and her spread knees afford a total view of her vagina and anus.

The introduction by the female MC had indicated a British gentleman, wearing a mask, is in attendance with his girlfriend. He is interviewed on camera and indeed wears a simple red Halloween eye-mask, worthy of a porn swordsman. He is too young–it would have been more erotic if Mood has a grizzled grayed baronial pervert-type character (with a floozy girlfriend), more in keeping with a CP patron-financier.

The second round begins.  Erica gets 25 more and begins screaming and squirming early. Big-time welts, quivering. Applause.

Judy gets through her 25 with the same stoicism. Welts and bruises about the same. But the gorgeous Laura drops out. Too bad for us. We see here, as in the CalStar classic, that ladies mark up differently.

For round #3, Erica and Judy are directed to cane each other. They give each other 3 sets of 5 strokes each. Erica canes hard and eagerly, while Judy seems unaccustomed, embarrassed, amused, and tentative about having to whip a rattan cane across Erica’s bottom.

The blond female MC retakes the cane and gives Erica 5 more, accentuating the ferocious contrast in styles. Judy drops out at this point. The naked girls hug. Erica is applauded as the winner and accepts a cardboard mock-up of the money prize, quiz show style.

We admit we prefer the CalStar technique of gradual undressing, the rubbing interludes, the lesser intensity, and the salacious intimidation by the caner. This Mood performance is a close second.

The Art of Spanking – SHADOWLANE

28 Dec

M/f; year: 2004; time: 30 minutes

Two CP stars, Brian Tarsis and Samantha Woodley, in a simple instructional spanking romp typical of ShadowLane, no boobs, no extraneous nudity, one memorable tush. Ms. Woodley, an attractive brunette who seems to signal she expects to be spanked, plays an art student receiving private art tutoring on Saturdays from Brian Tarsis. She wears a conventional sweater, skirt, and heels.

Brian gives her a small statue to replicate in a sketch. She turns it into a cartoon, intending to infuriate him. He gives her a second try. “Draw that rock.” Another farce, so OTK she goes. “You’re trying to provoke me.” Samantha coyly resists when Brian rucks up her skirt; he compliments her lacy white panties. “You like them?” She smiles as she kicks her feet.

White garter belt, nude stockings; panties down (“Oh, no!”); the actress’s beautiful bottom will all its screen credits. More spanking, he pins her wiggly legs between his. After this brief spanking, he sits her on his lap. She teases: “I went on your website, Mr. Tarsis, I saw your pictures….I thought they were very….cheeky.”

He has figured out her boldness. “You signed up for my art class because you know I  am Brian Tarsis…now it’s my job to give you more than you bargained for.”

New scene in another room. Matters escalate. Samantha is down to just bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and shoes. Hands-on-couch, Samantha is clearly excited when Brian shows his doubled leather strap. Panties down–you’ll never tire of this view of Ms. Woodley. Handspanking, mild strap, a small broom-like switch. she kneels on the couch–a nice touch, her neat hair is coming loose.

A spatula paddle, a foot-long thin stiff leather strap; OTK, her bottom soars on his lap. A small hairbrush. A lot of small talk dialogue fails to disguise two aroused participants. She parks her red bottom on his lap again. She chuckles when he says, “Never again practice art in the name of discipline.”






Severity School – MOONGLOW

27 Dec

M/3f; time: 60 minutes

MOONGLOW  runs a ‘last-chance’ school for girls, where spankings are earned for almost anything. An oddly repetitive and unimaginative film where low-budget gaffs and surprises make the entertainment. Here, three girls are going to be turned upside down for the pleasure of the gathering of the board of directors after a week of misbehavior.

The goofy headmaster, John Kirwood,  stands in front of the governors to describe his week with the girls. The scene is the oak-paneled faux classroom Moonglow used repeatedly in this era. Each day of the week got progressively worse. In flashbacks, we see  events leading to panties-down for all of them when the governors attend.

MONDAY: The girls were caught off-campus in jeans. Not a big deal, but this is Severity School. They report, the camera pans their jeaned bottoms, and the HM goes directly for the cane. Blond actress Elena takes 10 on her jeans, then another blonde gets 15, and the last prefect, actress ‘Sandra,’ takes 35 on denim. Filming from vantage points and repeats are so inconsisent that the counts are inexplicable. Nobody the worse for wear this day.

TUESDAY: The girls are caught off-campus using a shortcut not permitted, the cane is the solution again; the blondes are wearing spiffy black shorts and the headgirl camouflaged shorts . They take strokes on cloth again, and again this time the headgirl is filmed getting twice as many. Other than the clothes getting tighter, no changes are occurring.

WEDNESDAY: The girls skipped out on compulsory cold showers following PT; although most of us could have scripted an entertaining punishment for this transgression, the girls get the cane again, kneeling on two back-to-back straight chairs, on their form-fitting leotards. low floor angles for the filming relieve the tedium.

LAST DAY: Finally, the girls, in full schoolgirl kit, are marched in front of the governors, whose presence we only sense and whose shoes and lower legs make the film twice. The girls will take a “double-dose” in front of the group. The HM is dressed formally in his cap and gown. A  spanking trestle has been seen on the set since the beginning. The short-haired blonde takes 15 on her panties; Elena’s turn is almost 20 on her dark blue knickers; and, consistent, the headgirl gets 30 on her blue pants. These strokes are getting harder.

We were expecting: “double-dose” means bare bottom at the Severity School. The promise of the short-haired blonde’s tight bottom is fulfilled. Almost 30 strokes are shown, a lot of repeats, the last segment slow-motion. Lengthy closeups, very suitable for this actress. Blond Elena takes her knickers off and hands them over for the same regimen. The whippy cane is wrapping on her flank. and the headgirl is over the trestle for 40 filmed. The governors got their fun.

Modesty retained; minimal nudity; anonymous characters just off-screen; the three girls were certainlhy compliant, knowing their options at this school

Tanya Fox Meets Julia Jameson – NUWEST FCV-024

26 Dec

F/f; 28 minutes

The actress/Jameson cousins both had cracks at adult star Tanya Fox in the NU-WEST studios, using some of the filmmaker’s great inventions. This film is a companion piece to the similar ‘Joanne Jameson’ production, although both girls spank Tanya in different ways. Here, Julia wears a white cotton body suit and heels. Tanya wears a simple  breezy flower print dress and heels. The porn stars can’t disguise their fun.

The scene opens with a conventional OTK spanking underway in the barren blue studio. Julia is whaling away on Tanya, who kicks up her pretty heels and tosses her black pageboy in faux distress, while the girls keep up a playful banter. Julia spanks with high, hard, formal strokes in furious flurries, which allows space for us to catch their conversations. Dress up, to display white lace panties, garter belt, and stockings.


“Get your hand down. Don’t interfere with my work!” Julia carefully rolls Tanya panties down over those national-treasure buttocks, which we observe from an oblique facial–the full bottom shot comes in a minute. Julia strokes and kneads this extrordinary tush.

Now NU-WEST creates a series of short scenes, which permits them to roll out some of their equipment from storage. First, Tanya is totally naked, strapped down on the inverted ‘V’ padded trestle, her bottom at its apex. We have seen this device used in several films. The display of Ms. Fox will exceed any expectation. The statuesque domme Julia circles the device, slashing at the bare bottom on the pinnacle with a short whip, from a variety of angles. Tanya is loosely strapped in place, permitting her to kick her feet and roll her head and shoulders–most provocative.


The next scene employs the waist-high tilted padded block on its little legs, the shape of a small refrigerator or safe, placing Tanya’s asset in the most tantalizing position. As always, there is a lot of talk, and interrupted spanking.


Now a sequence of Tanya standing at a shoulder-high frame, slightly bent forward, back to us of course, another breathtaking sight, the best of all of them, and no finer illustration of Ms. Fox, except maybe in Shadowlane’s “Taming of Veronica Allen.’ Julia used a long thin stiff strap to snap at Tanya’s bottom, which has now developed its studio tan.


And last, Tanya is strung up by the wrists in the center of the blue room, still naked, and loosely enough that she can twist and spin to try to keep the circling Julia and her whip in sight. This gives us 360 degrees of Tanya, include her proud smallish natural breasts and a carefully trimmed beaver. 074fd00e-4889-40e4-ba44-d1808d1d400d43261d08-2913-408f-a3ae-b962d0fbbcb7

To complete this lesbian play, Julia walks onto the set, flourishing a huge strap-on dildo, very much impressed with herself. After slackening Tanya’s rope, Tanya sucks the dildo then jumps aboard Julia to straddle her for a ride-fuck, followed by some back-door attention. As simple as this film was, it remains one of our Nu West favorites.


Mood Castings #3 – MOOD PICTURES

25 Dec

More no-nonsense spanking and whipping auditions from Mood; some odd spellings of common names by the translators.

‘Helen Noris’ (F/f; 12 minutes): An exotic brunette who likes being on stage. Helen will get her chance here. When she pulls her dress over her head, the interviewer speaks our mind: “You have gorgeous boobs!” Helen is positioned kneeling naked on the sectional couch.

She will take the full fifty the auditon calls for; mean marks right away, and halfway through she is gasping and it looks like her bottom won’t hold out. She is yelling up a storm at 35, somethng Mood encourages as therapeutic.  It is a relentless caning and she passes.

‘Holly Turner’ (F/’f; 12 minutes) Staffer Kyra interviews Holly, a 21 year old blonde, in a low cut blouse and suntan, who is quite eager to discuss spankings she has had and where she has provided blowjobs for her boyfriends.

We move quickly to the action. Clothes 0ff–pink top, black slacks, white bra and panties. A  few tattoos. Holly kneels on the couch and the caning begins. She gets through all required 50 strokes, and maybe a little assist from the makeup department. She is screaming at 35, and per usual, Kyra seems to get more excited when her victim looks like she will hold up until the conclusion. The last few strokes curl toes.

‘Kitty Candy’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Kyra’ will audition a smoky, exotic  22 year old brunette for some of the more severe spanking films MOOD is making. After the usual discussion of her sexual proclivities and willingness to strip naked in front of a crew, it becomes time for the undressing. Black top, shorts, bra, and thong. Nice tan. white bottom. She kneels for the cane, knees wide. Despite her experience, Kyra canes rather wildly, and Kitty is soon quivering. Wicked welts, Kyra really puts her back into it without and discernible moderation. You really wonder how they can do this. Kitty seems amused at the conclusion, despite this being one of the nastiest canings we can recall in a while.

‘Lara Jones’ (F/f; 11 minutes): A 25 year old brunette hairdreesser from Budapest in a little blue dress with lots of cleavage will test her courage at Mood.

After the conventional discussion about boyfriends and sexual tastes, she strips naked to begin the test.  She kneels on a chair and takes her caning in stride for a bit, needing a rest at 27 and another rest at 34. She marks immediately;  no cosmetics here. At 40 though, she breaks down n tears. The female caner was still impressed. “You did a good job, 40 strokes!”

‘Lilly Bugs’ (F’/f; 15 minutes): Kyra meets a tall brunette, with a helmet of hair and wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress more fit for a cocktail party than a caning audition. Lilly plays as sweetly self-conscious and maybe not so experienced at having her butt whipped.

She quicly undresses–there is little under the dress, and she kneels on the couch, presenting a full feminine bottom perfect for our purposes here. She has difficulty from the beginning; noticeable marks at 5, she is begging for  a rest at 8. Kyra encourages her to cry out–that helps. Several pauses and some whining, but she quits at just 27.

‘Nina Mayers’ (F/f; 11 minutes): A solidly built short-haired brunette wearing glasses. She likes mild bondage and is not a stranger to spanking. She has had the misfortune of drawing Kyra as her Mood interviewer.

Clothes off–no bra, denim skirt, full panties. On the couch for the cane, knees wide, she jumps up at 23. Kyra settles her back into position. “Dish your back,” she says, pushing down to force her buttocks out even more. But after another rest at 35, Nina quits at 38.

‘Prison Canings’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Different format from other ‘castings.’ This is set in a prison. A matron drags a small brunette out of a cell. She is ordered to drop her pants and is handcuffed to the cell bars. Good little struggle, thong pulled down, shirt pulled up to bare her back.

Another woman canes her. loud echoing cries in the open room. A hot brief caning. Zoom on marks. She is put back in her cell without pants.

‘Rita’ (F/f; 13 minutes) Rita is a thin brunette; a long interview–she is 21, sexually adventurous, and has some rudimentary spanking experience. MOOD’s Kyra seems quite interested.

Rita strips naked and takes the prescribed 50 wicked cane strokes kneeling up on a couch, a posture which tightens the buttocks and must make the punishment all the more painful. She is wailing quickly, but she gets through it. The cane tip frays.

‘Roberta Miranda’ (F/f; 11 minutes): An exotic 25 year old, short-haired brunette, one of the prettiest we have seen in this series, will face Kyra.

She is free with her sexual fantasies and can deal with the B&D. Clothes off, big black heels, a very appealing bottom presented, hands flat on couch.

She will take all 50 strokes, quite impressing Kyra. She does wiggle though–“Try to stay still, lower your back.” White stripes, bottom gradually pink, great facials, no tears.

‘Reese Flawer’ (F/f; 9 minutes): Mood’s Kyra interviews blond Reese. They have the normal chat about her sex life and the process of this audition.

When she undresses, she proudly presents hugeboobs and is a delkightful sight when her thong is off and she assumes position, hands-on-chair.

She will take the full 50 cane strokes, quite brave; she starts to moan at 15; as Kyra often does, she begins to cane even harder when her subject does not show signs of breaking. Blood flecks develop about halfway through, and Reese begins the reflexive quiver at about 35. Kyra canes so hard that she follows-through with the stroke off Reese’s bottom, rather than stunts the stroke. She breaks two canes during the 50.

‘Victoria Sunset’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A stunning redhead from Australia. She is comfortable with all kinds of sex. She’ll get a 50-stroke casting. Clothes off–red top, bra, short shorts, and a G-string off. Just wonderful!

Bend over the desk, legs spread, the usual hard caning, gasping from the beginning. We’ll have to search for a harder caning than this at MOOD. The far buttock takes the greatest beating, as usual. This film makes our ‘favorites’ list.

A Bad Example – REDSTRIPE

24 Dec

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 42 minutes

A Catherine Corbett schoolgirl performance–she puts her brave bare bottom on the line again, a dozen years ago at this writing. A ‘Miss Parker’ domme has two girls ready for spankings. In the standard fully equipped RedStripe classroom set, “You know why you are here, don’t you?”

Emma (Corbett) goes OTK first, handspanking, full white panties down quickly. “You know the routine by now.” Redhead Samantha next, dark knickers. Both girls, hands-on-head, face the wall. Parker tucks up their skirts to display their buttocks.

Parker moves to phase two: Emma again, handspanked standing, then touch-toes, and last, palm slaps with a belt. Same for Samantha. Both girls are sent to change into more degrading Sixth Form ‘junior’  uniforms.

A vaulting platform is positioned. The two bend over it, pull down their own knickers, and each receives a few dozen from a short strap and more palm slaps.

Samantha is cornered, on display. Emma gets the cane first–almost 20 impressive wrist snaps from Parker. She knows from the first this is serious business, and when she begs at the end, she gets six more. As in most of her films, Ms. Corbett seems to get more punishment. Samantha bends over the trestle–vaulting box next, her 20 stingers conclude the film.

Bed and Board – FIRMHAND

24 Dec

F2M/2f; time: 29 minutes

Spanking used to keep girls in line in the workplace. FirmHand usually features simple punishment scenarios, but here we have a stucture of a a storyline with crisp spankings, authentic in appearance, with appealing girls making us eager to get to the action.

At a posh hotel, two girls work at the front desk. Miss Watts expresses dissatisfaction with Helen’s work. “I guess I’m going to have to give you a spanking.” Helen: “Aah, I’ve heard about your bare bottom spankings.” So Helen agrees, rather than be reported to the Manager.

Later, Helen reports to Miss Watts’ quarters. “I’m here for my spanking, Miss Watts.” This is erotic anticipation. Helen has probably heard other things about Miss Watts.

“Remove your jacket and pants….right here, over the knee.” Helen is down to just a black thong below the waist; big tramp stamp. We thought it would have been sexy for the girls to pause for a preparatory drink here, Helen getting naked and about to sit on the griddle. Top off, bra off, great boobs, over a soft desk chair. This is becoming lesbian play. Lean on the desk, knees locked, then touch toes, a leather embossed paddle produces moderate results.

In a new scene, Helen calls ‘Dave,’ the Manager. “Fran [Watts] is up to her old tricks….I got a spanking…you’ll take care of it?” Dave calls Fran and it appears she will be getting her own spanking.

Dave calls on Fran and suggests they have coffee. But Fran, used to this,  has more urgent needs. “No, I  want the paddle.” OTK, jeans down–Fran was prepared and wore no panties. Top and bra off, huge boobs, unusual in CP films. Hands on ankles for the paddle.

In a new scene, Fran Watts meets Helen out of the hotel, in a park. A ‘client’ (we guess she must pimp also at the hotel) wants to spank Helen and she must be tested by a ‘Mr. Hamilton’ first. Helen meets Hamilton at Fran’s apartment. “Take off your pants.” Helen gets quite a session–the lunge position, the diaper posture, hands-on-head, blouse open. Hamilton approves and so do we.

Both Fran and Helen go to meet the ‘client,’ probably the same faceless actor as Hamilton. The girls horse each other and do simple bend-overs while the m,an straps them. The girls go to dinner then return to face one of the largest paddles we have seen, but it is used in moderation.


Resolved By Corporal Punishment #7 – RAVENHILL

22 Dec


Another girl accepts a long spanking in lieu of a court appearance; producer Tierre Ainese on the prowl again. “Whenever ther’s a girl in troulbe, we [Raven Hill Manor] steps in.”  They will propose to spank that girl on film, settle her financial problem, and resolve the legal charge against her. Amber, a short, dark, curly-haired bundle, with a compact figure which usuallybodes well for the bottom department, has defaulted on rent-to-own furniture. The actresses in this series are plausible, non-theatrical girls who we could quite imagine finding themselves in these dilemmas.

There is a 12-minute discussion–she hears the punishment, signs a waiver, and awaits nervously while producer/actor/Richard Lewis positions a chair. He explains the “spanking timer,” a bizarre single 2′ long clock hand which moves through a five-minute period to ring a bell. As this ‘Resolved’ series evolved, the spanking-segment timing devices changed as did the furniture, comical and inventive paraphernalia which did not challenge the production budget.

“Take your pants and panties down.” They love to say this line at Raven Hill, and part of the humilation theme here is for the girl to drop her own drawers and assume the position. Amber goes OTK, quite relaxed, not embarrassed. The first segment is a slow five-minute spanking, not hard, but it is the full five minutes, shown realtime. “I imagine you are quite ready to hear that bell ring.”

At the conclusion of this session he bends her over the desk, “for the audience to take a look” at her red bottom. Zoom-in closeups.

Prior to the next paddle segment, she has rushed her thong back on, a futile gesture. “We’ll have to slip these down.” The paddle is a large spatula-shaped affair, which covers most of her tight little buttocks. The paddling seems mild, but tears start, thong at her ankles. The camera finds her abandoned shoes. Once again, a full five minutes is a long time when your being actively spanked. over the desk again for a bottom check. Streaked mascara.

The caning segment could be difficult for Amber, she is so stressed by the preceding five-minute segments. Lewis sets up a padded table and a wood block for a short girl to step up on. Amber climbs up and wiggles her bottom into the center of the pad without hesitation, grasping the lower legs of the table for support. She pulls that thong down again. The caning is not timed; it is limited to 25 moderate strokes-she must count and request each one. Tear, facial closeups, shots between her legs, handgrips graspng and struggling.

Part of the humilaition is a tearful post-spanking display of her bottom, an interview, apologies, and promises.