Bare Bottom Brits #14 – XEROTICS

1 Dec

4 segments; 37 minutes

‘Heather’s Workout’ (M/f; 9 minutes): Actress ‘Heather Stanton,’  here a brunette, narrates for the camera that today she is getting a “special workout…for my bottom.” Sounds good to us–two seats on the aisle please. She stands in just black bra and black boyshorts in the spare cinder block general purpose room Xerotics used in this series.

Her male antagonist works down her shorts; closeups rear and front; vaginal jewelry. He gets her bra off so she is naked, this is the kind of industrial room where nudity is humiliating. He makes her do nude PT–star jumps, touch-toes and hold, ensuring her back is to us for part of it. The short segment concludes with a mild paddling, accent on her facial expressions.

(untitled) (15 minutes): ‘Justine,’ a very Irish-looking redhead with strawberry-pale skin where you could leave a mark with a thumbprint, is making a spanking film, possibly the aftermath of the segment called ‘Modelling Bell’ described next.  A set of “nasty steps ” are seen, which will be put to use  below. They discuss the actress ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’ She shows her bottom with fading red marks and the actor cools her bottom with a cold water bottle, which makes her blush, more or less all over.

“Modelling Bell’ (M/f; 14 minutes): Pretty redhead ‘Justine’ endures a tortorous little drill we’d like to see exploited. She must step up and down on an aerobic platform so smoothly that she does not cause a bell that she holds to ring. If she stumbles, she hands over an item of clothing and gets spanked. We’d pay to see this wrinkle added to those early morning exercise shows.

Justine is quickly in trouble, almost naked, and getting a red bottom. After her last hope, her thong, is gone, she bends over a bench, obligingly spreading her legs 3′ wide, for handspanking. She kneels on this bench and bends forward so her head is low and her hands on the floor, presenting all-bottom and puss for the paddle, and left left to hold and struggle in this uncomfortable position.

‘Stanton OTK’ (M/f; 9 minutes): Blond Heather again, in school uniform, lowers her red panties herself. A  familiar actor gives her a conventional handspanking. He has her stand so he can carefully tease down and take off her knickers. Is that a tampax string between her legs?

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