Bare Bottom Brits #8 – XEROTICS

2 Dec

5  segments; 59 minutes

‘Caned on Arrival’ (M/f; 15 minutes): Actress Elizabeth Simpson entertains us in some of the segments of this issue of the XEROTICS series. ‘Elizabeth’  supervises students and has failed to “pull rank” and control the other girls. A  good spanking show illustrate to her what is expected. A young male teacher gets Elizabeth OTK and works down her black panty hose but leaves her black panties in place.

After a brief spanking he gathers his canes and offers her a choice we’re pretty sure we have NEVER heard before: “Would you like to touch your toes or grip the chair?” Having plenty of personal experience, this actress selects the chair, and gets about a dozen stingy snaps on the bare. Conventional spanking, received by one of the most experienced and well-rounded actresses.

Jodie’s Bad Start’ (F/f; 7 minutes): Ms. Elizabeth Simpson as the domme this time, challenges one of her students for getting tattoos. ‘Jodie’ is the sultry frosted blonde seen throughout this series. She usually says little; we suspect she doesn’t speak much English, but we understand “ouch,’ “yeoww,” and “aah.”

Jodie goes OTK,  exposing her tramp stamp tattoo, and regulation knickers, which come down for a conventional handspanking.

‘Jodie’s Big Bottom’ (F/f; 10 minutes): Elizabeth has schoolgirl-clad blond actress Jodie standing on a stool for body measurements–breast, waist, and–of course, hips, ‘Vital Statistics’  my generation called these numbers.

“Blimey, your bottom has gotten really big. What are you eating?” Jodie feigns guilt. “Let’s have a look at this bottom.” Skirt up. Elizabeth tugs down Jodie’s maroon knickers as she stands there, model at a fitting, in reverse. Tush full-screen, looks pretty good to us.

Elizabeth decides to give Jodie a precautionary spanking;  there are traces of red from  previous filming. Standing on the stool–handsmacking and some strap. Very nice.

Scruffy Schoolgirl‘ (F/f;’ 8 minutes): a familiar older woman from this series will discipline a short-haired blonde in this same set, painted block walls and minimal furniture. She takes the cute blonde OTK , hastens down her white boyshorts for a short spanking, followed by a slippering, hands on the stool.

‘Thrashing Carnell’(F/f; 18 minutes): Per the title, this segment features ‘Jodie’ (Carnell, and spelled ‘Carmel’ elsewhere) again and Elizabeth Simpson. Jodie wears a gray skirt and cartigan. She stands beside a table of spanking implements. Teaachers are complaining about her. This is not good. Elizbeth acts as her advisor–puts her to work, then spanks her.

Skirt up, blue knickers down, then a surprise–Elizabeth has her take off all her clothes. She has a smashing figure, which has often been hidden in other segments. The hands-on-the-chair position exploits her marvelous pointed breasts.

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