Bare Bottom Brits #9 – XEROTICS

2 Dec

3 segments; 39 minutes

Biblical Thrashings‘ (F/f; 10 minutes): Actress’ Heather Stanton’ flips through a folio-sized Bible, bored on a movie set. An older female expresses displeasure with how she handles this expensive movie prop and will spank her now. Heather must bend over a table, the woman drops her warmup pants and panties, and delivers a slow handspanking. Hands on the Bible. The tawse next, she yells louder. And last, she kneels on the Bible, elbows on  the table, to keep her bottom bare and to contemplate.

Knickers and the Rod‘ (F/f; 13 minutes): Actress Heather descends metal stairs, wearing a school uniform and carrying a cane. ‘Girls Boarding School’ uses these scenes of girls reluctantly descending to an institutional setting to report to their spanking, carrying implements. Heather tentatively rubs her bottom and adjusts her high-cut white panties.

The same older woman from the segment above takes her OTK in an open cellar-storage type room. The woman does the honors with the knickers and delivers a slow handspanking. Closeups of all of Heather. Hands-on-stool for the cane. 10 strokes. Closeups show white marks ripening. Heather has to face the wall and earns more smacks when she turns around.

‘Slipper and Buttocks’ (F/2f; 17 minutes): Two blondes discuss spankings. ‘Heather’  and a short-haired Irish girl. They are waiting to be seen by the same older woman.

The woman takes the girls OTK in turn. White shorts down. Bottoms side by side, hands-on-head, cute. The woman uses a ‘Slipper,’  a new boat shoe, not the dog-chewed, mangled variety seen in most of the traditional CP films.

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