Barn Whippings – NUWEST FCV-105

4 Dec

M/4f; 44 minutes

Straight-up  whippings from Ed Lee in a full-length feature, by Nu West standards. Girls are sent to a barn at Debra’s Riding Academy for sessions from Lee’s bullwhip. It is not clear how he can get the girls to give it up, but they do and they pay the price.

Cowpoke Lee walks down the road carryng his coiled bullwhip to a modern metal barn. Inside, two girls are already strung up, stark naked, left to wait for him. Both are hefty of figure and normal walking-around women, not the runway models Lee usually employs. Your first fantasy is–two women from your office have been tapped on the shoulder and told to report to the barn.

They stand center-screen, stretched tightly, facing each other. He begins whipping, bare back and bottom, and moves from one girl to the other, so that the back back of the girl being whipped is in the foreground and the second girl is strung up facing us in the background. The girls screech and jump realistically, uttering occasional curses and obscenities, which seems perfectly normal considering what is happening to them. They shuffle their bare feet, which have become dirty on the barn floor. Birds chirp undisturbed. Stripes develop on their back and bottoms. Either one of these girls could keep you busy for an afternoon.

“A little more on your ass, then some on your front,” Lee mutters ineloquently. He whips their stomachs and their breasts–the girls throw up a huge squawk. He concludes with the blonde–who has done the most cussing  (“Oh shit, oh God”) with a fast 14-stroke  “whip-in” on her front. Whatever convincing these women needed, it has been achieved.

Now halfway through; Nu West model Debra brings on two girls, young, thin, and attractive–waifs in comparison. Lee reminds  them they are “here to be whipped” and is angry that they are late and directs that they be taken directly to the barn. Debra instructs them to take off their clothes–we watch with anticipation through a doorway. Two lovely little modern figures. Lee knows how preparatory these scenes are–item by item placed on the table until they are naked. Can this be possible, for these lovely girls, what we saw happen in that barn?

Sure enough, they walk naked–little bare feet–into the barn, sweet to watch. Debra fastens each girl by handcuffs high to the stall bars, so they are partly on tiptoe. Lee will walk between the two girls, their bare bodies strecthed and thrashing against the bars, presenting decorative tableaux. Pretty tight pale figures, nice little unblemished bottoms waiting. They scream and leap at the first crack of the whip. The demon Lee explains he is going to whip them from the backs of their knees to the top of their shoulder blades. We know beyond doubt he will.

Back and forth, from bottom to bottom. The girls have been cuffed so their faces can be also filmed through the stall bar openings–so we are treated to agonized faces as the whip falls.The girls seem realistically miserable and Lee moves from body to body, working up and down with the whip. Numerous shots of direct hits on buttocks.

There are many strokes, surely some repeats given the face and rear shots and camera angles from either side of each girl. Some lashes miss and the pretty bottoms lurch reflexively  as the girls twist at the ends of their chains. It is an intense and erotic experience, with top-notch production values from Nu West. On a second viewing, we counted an incredible 125 strokes for the dark blonde and about 115 for the light blonde, the latter including a final rapid 43 uninterrupted. This was all too entertaining to postualte as to authenticity. Who care, it was great. High theatre–Lee gets another golden satute from us.

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