5 Dec

MF/f; time:  29 minutes

Lupus describes this as a transition film from RigidEast to Lupus. We had to guess at the dialogue, but it seemed that the girl Monica was calling a suicide or depression hot line rather than her analyst. We were more interested in getting to the spankings than reading the interminable website descripton.

In any case, she is certainly abused at home by her parents and guardians. During the entire film, she stands in a phone booth, makeing steam in the cold with her breath. The cut-in scenes of her treatment at home constitute a catalogue of RGE/Lupus themes. We see her she is being supervised by adults who remain off-camera; during morning PT; cowering naked in a (cold) shower; kneeling painfully on  tray of dried peas; being cropped over a trestle; having her palms cropped; polishing a pair of shoes; scrubbing the floor in her underwear; naked taking a bath; having her temperature taken rectally with an extra-large thermometer; made to sleep wrapped in mummy-like cloth; accepting an enema; and the suggestion of a suppository.

The flashback include time with a girlfriend trying on her bra, which becomes nude lesbian scenes in bed. She is caught and whipped naked with a rugbeater, developing significant blotched rosy marks.

After she concludes the phone call, she walks home, pausing and gazing over a bridge, which suggests the depression angle to us. Her ‘mother’  awaits her and screams in anger. We assume another session followed for Monica.

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