From the Headmaster: The Anarchy – LPUPUS/RIGIDEAST

5 Dec

M/2f; time: 67 minutes

What is left to write about this ‘Headmaster’ series, so much has been posted. But hell, it’s fun and we hope it is a kick to read. There are two main events in this video, a rousing caning of a naked schoolgirl over a caning bench, then an unusual birching of a second girl over that bench, making this film another keeper for us.

An early scenic moment occurs when actress ‘Miss Benesova,’ a prim schoolgirl, must undress for the headmaster before her punishment commences. The scene take a few minutes–because the unlacing or unbuttoning of each  piece of period clothing is complex, complicated by her using her free hand to cover what has been exposed. The best CP scenes contain such scenes of modesty, where a trapped girl must strip in front of authority or strangers. We always enjoy the moment when she must make the judgment to sacrifice modesty of one part of her body for another. The best actresses elect to turn their backs to us. The caning reflects what happens to girls on this bench.

‘Soaping’ scenes pop up infrequently in the CP genre. They add to the helpless innocence of  the post-adolescent spankee. Here the Headmaster does it differently and lathers a cloth and reaches inside Benesova’s mouth for an intrusive scrubbing while she remains passive and helpless. He even pinches her nose to force her to breathe in the suds. Intensively erotic without malice or brutality. It would have been better if Benesova had made facial expressions you would expect. Another soaping we enjoyed was in NUWEST’s ‘Katie Meets Meryl,’ also not completely convincing, but who can deny the eroticism of a big cake of Ivory jammed into actress Katie’s mouth, while she is both spanked and then cornered with her pants down?

The scene where Benesova sits on the spanking bench and has her bare thighs slapped with a large achitectural straight-edge: she has left her bloomers off, so the ribbed, open-slat contruction of the bench top irritates the marks and wheals on her bottom–the Head making sure her bare skin touches the slats. She is squriming even before the yard stick appears. We thought the Headmaster might hand her something heavy to hold.

Miss Smeralova’s birching: some birch bundles look like a witch’s or hearth broom; some are switches cut from trees. This bundle, soaking in a brine bucket visbile on the set from the outset, is a wild, short, bristly bunch. We read somewhere that the pain from a birching is more of an aggravating, surging, burning sensation, and therefore creating sexual excitement (for both parties). The first strokes elicit little reaction, as happened here, but the burn comes on.

The Headmaster swipes Smeralova’s immobilized bare bottom over the bench with rapid forehand and backhand swishes. The general fiery redness of her entire bottom and upper thighs, the result of thousands of little stings, would be consistent with his technique. We get our marks and wheals from other instruments. Smeralova can’t bear to pull on her bloomers. she’ll be itching a while and wishing a boyfriend were available.


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